Weighing System

Digitization is revolutionizing marketing process is in the retail fund balance to the multimedia tool Balingen without use of IT long time ago nothing more in retail. Intelligent solutions for the optimization of processes at the point of sale (PoS) and sales support multimedia tools have begun to. Staff and technical equipment present it as an everyday Assistant. Weighing technology is to the shopper. State-of-the-art IT systems support retailers increasingly in process optimization, expansion and customer loyalty. Customers are looking for proximity and intimacy”, says Matthias Harsch, a member of the technology specialists Bizerba business management headquartered in Balingen. The digitalisation will revolutionize the marketing process, as well as hitherto undreamed-of possibilities offer the suppliers and buyers. The CE checkout scales systems by Bizerba customer display shows the name of the seller and purchase offers.

But this is just the beginning: as recommended for each product also nutritional values, additives and allergens, as well as information on origin and the Storage are stored, can inform the seller sovereign also or print additional information. The balance is to the event screen, “Harsch says. In addition to static images in the future more and more dynamic variations of picture and video messages sent over the scale, which offer the customer a variety of suggestions to try new. You can increase the incentive to buy, by depending on the purchased product different coupons are printed from, offered more products at reduced prices to the customers. The innovative information systems in the trading hour has struck. Software and hardware solutions that allow you to add additional functionality and cost effectively replace individual components are called today”, so the market experience of Harsch. Another plus: so far mostly a whole work day was needed for the training of new sales staff.

Reasoning security came only after weeks or months. This effort is now considerably reduced, because after a few days each new sales force is fully in the picture”, Harsch explains the advantages of technology. Also the cash balance could be adjusted according to by Bizerba, matching other products appear to the purchased goods. Also gives the system whole recipe suggestions for a product and immediately provides the necessary ingredients on a printed shopping list, also recorded harmony which wine particularly well to the rump. The software breaks up the client’s head, answers questions, which have not yet been. Speaks harshly of a paradigm shift in the trade: Apple is with his stores, where the journey is headed. Shopping needs good feel worlds and authenticity. Cross selling, Visual Merchandising and sales training for the staff are only the main features of a new generation of load balance.” Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn (see profile)