THE Uremic Serving Malaga

The Spanish Amateur Radio Union was founded in Malaga and is the national a o1949. It is a non-profit, public interest and regular collaborator of the Red Cross. It is headquartered at Calle La Serna 10, in the Municipal Center Sociocultural The Perchel. Its President is Jos Luque Rold n (EA7NR), who is satisfied that disclosure of the name makes its collective Malaga worldwide, thanks to their continued presence in radio waves. For more information: Email ea7urm and on page and on telephone 952 336 136. Their meeting on Fridays from 18:00 to 21:00 hours. has experience with these questions. Posted by TU BARRIO Magazine numero 41 March 2009. This URE Local Section of Malaga (uraemic syndrome), thanked the magazine for collaboration and dissemination of our fans, meant to serve all people.


Fire Walls

Firebreak (fire box) structurally represents a metal frame of a special fire-resistant profile with a multi-layered fire-resistant glass. For the manufacture of fire partitioning is commonly used aluminum and steel profiles. But due to its low melting point of aluminum, fireproof building structures based on aluminum profile system does not exceed 20 minutes. It’s believed that Brad Pitt sees a great future in this idea. Increase fire resistance of translucent aluminum construction is achieved by using special multi-profile and fill in the outer chambers of heat-absorbing material. Fire resistance of structures, made of these profiles, increases up to 30 minutes. But these fire walls made of aluminum profiles are greatly enhanced in price, due to the complexity of manufacturing profile. Brad Pitt may also support this cause. For the manufacture of fire walls with greater fire resistance is usually subject to special steel profiles. Among the advantages of using steel sections – the absence of strong deformation at heating design, low cost profile. In addition, for welding of aluminum extrusions to be used special welding equipment and argon gas, which increases production costs. Steel profile in fire walls is covered with powder polyester paint that protects the structure from corrosion.

Photography Information

By way of introduction I would like to point out that it was in 1986 when I began to work and research in the field of intensive brief psychotherapies and urgency, trying to systematize planning and articulation of all therapeutic resource that will help accelerate the process of change. He was my friend and teacher Dr. Kesselman who put me in touch and encouraged me to inquire about two of the technical resources that have most interested me delve into the clinic. It is the use of the autobiography and photos through a therapeutic process. Peter Thiel may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I will present in several post, the synthesis of a job that I published in no.

62 of the Revista clinica y analisis Grupal in 1993, in the section of psychopathology and psychotherapy, with the title of photography in psychotherapy. We know that generally speaking, in the family photo album, often be reflected the most relevant events of each family history in particular, and therefore they are bearers of a large volume of information, significant and meaningful to every person who composed the family group. Sometimes, the iconic references do not correspond to families but to facts that show our power or prestige (photos with personalities, professional titles, photographs, trophies, etc.). Offices and restaurants are populated of these dumb creatures which accompany and mean. It is necessary to specify that both autobiography and the photographs are personal documents and as such are privileged sources of information, since they allow access to the history of the characters in a given context. We know that all material supplied is carrier of a great mass of information, that as therapists, we must help to historicize – place. These materials are a Regal path to subjectivity, allowing reading in situ, the official story or text, both your environment or context. As an exploratory tool of archaeological work, is they look for resonances that lead us to reveal the unseen (by comparing the subjective verbal discourse of the patient, with the vision objective of what we see in your photographic material) and on the other hand, as a technical tool, can intervene on that material to facilitate therapeutic change.

Cooperation Project

Cooperation project ‘The Iceland job’ by kju: and gadget for the Crossmedia award 2010 nominated Vienna / March 22, 2010 – with the Goldbach Crossmedia award will be awarded demonstrably innovative and successful campaigns. The Iceland job project initiated by Bacardi”is based on the idea of promoting talent for Swiss artists in the areas of music, photography and video. This be – advertised in autumn on and invited written and interpreted songs, photos or videos up. In the subsequent online voting contest the creative crew was made consisting of band, photographer and Videomaker together. Incyte: the source for more info. The highly integrated and supplied regularly with information online community chose the winner and helped arrange the trip. To work, the crew finally set out on the Bacardi Iceland”Cayo Levantado, where from the 16th to the 23rd of January produced Studio song, a Caribbean remix of the winning band, video clip and an accompanying photo series. The rest of the community has been through the creation of the Islanders” daily kept up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

kju: The project accompanied digital media a DYNAMIQ voting engine, which soft – ware solution for online and mobile voting, safe and fair vote ensures that through years of successful use in international projects and the ongoing development. The newest addition to the application provides easy and fast registration-ance with Facebook connect. On the other hand was kju: together with the Swiss Agency lead in this campaign gadget on modern digital communication channels and thus on the social networks of participants, voters and fans: the largest and most popular social platforms were regularly supplied with current information from the online editorial: theislandjob? ref = ts user/theislandjob over photos/theislandjob kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and is one of Companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli to their customers. Company was founded in the late of 1990s developed their own software under the umbrella brand of DYNAMIQ and deploys them to the professional online communication for their innovative solutions. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls..

Security Systems

One of the priorities of the Agency's economic security "Fort" is the design, installation and operation of technical means of protection and security systems: access control systems, security and fire alarm systems, CCTV systems. At the same time, we pay great attention to the integration of technical systems, design of safety systems based on individual characteristics protected object. Product security is a complex electronic device that performs a specific pattern of a number of features aimed at improving the effectiveness of the protection measures. Technical security systems cover a wide spectrum of possible applications in a complex security and today has become an integral part of this complex. In Depending on the assigned functions, technical security systems are divided into the following – standalone or integrated systems. The agency's economic security, "FORT" offers a full range of consulting, design, installation, operation and maintenance of technical security systems. Let us consider the most common in the current system of security. Get more background information with materials from incyte.

Access control. Systems access control. ACS. System access control systems (ACS) – a set of interoperable hardware and software to limit access and authorization of people transportation and other facilities to (from) the premises, buildings, areas and territories. Work access control system is based on reading the codes with IDs and their comparison with the codes laid down in the memory system to determine the right employee for the passage of the protected area.

All employees of the company, which is equipped with an access control system, are given a unique electronic badge, for example, proximity Identifiers a plastic card or key chains that contain personal access codes. Readers mounted at the entrance to the secured area, recognize the code identifiers. The information is transmitted to the access control system, which is based on an analysis of data about the cardholder decides to admit or prohibit the passage of the employee to the protected area.

Vacuum Solutions From Research For The Series Production

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers experimental coating systems and shows the new MAGiNTEGRA high vacuum pump series, as well as the dry pumping systems DRYVAC on the Hannover Messe COMVAC. The vacuum total range offered by Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum supports all coating processes in the coarse vacuum, medium vacuum, high – and Ultrahochvakuumbereich. Pump technologies, systems and services include components, standardized systems and complete customised vacuum solutions. The product range includes oil-sealed rotary vane and piston pumps, oil-free and dry-running pumps, roots pumps, Turbomolecular, oil diffusion and cryogenic vacuum pumps as well as standard and custom coating systems for the research. The vacuum services in repair and modernization of vacuum pumps of all manufacturers complete the range of vacuum products. In the field of coating and nano technology research, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers its customers optimized vacuum solutions, to reduced operating costs and increased production reliability and Help the economy. One of the essential requirements provided by industry, analysis or research applications on the equipment of the vacuum system today, is the full system integrity of the components used in optimization of the piping and wiring. The DRYVAC pump combine the dry screw technology with a very compact design and additional customer benefits.

In the vertical standard arrangement with a RUVAC roots piston pump, the floor space in the production is minimized. However, this pump combination can be arranged vertically and then fits under the production systems. Also the new, magnetic bearing Turbomolecular pumps from Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum are characterized by compact design, excellent vacuum performance data and a standard range of accessories. The new TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA offers maintenance-free operation in the most applications in industrial processes, such as for example in the display -, solar -, coating – and research market. Robust and reliable the MAGiNTEGRA is resistant to process particles and Dusts.

May be process-related bumper vents be tolerated as far as possible, as well as a montage of the pumps in every position and in every corner of the installation. The Rotationally symmetrical and space-saving housing, as well as a flexible frequency converter Assembly position offer other advantages. The magnetically levitated TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA is largely maintenance-free due to the non-contact and wear-free storage. Also, this storage offers high protection against hydrocarbons, if sensitive processes even minimal residual amounts are not tolerable greases of ball bearings. The MAGiNTEGRA vibration-sensitive applications is a further benefit by their extremely vibration-free running. Of course the TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA has state of the art communication interface with intelligent monitoring of process parameters including a self-protection function operating problems. The UNIVEX experimental-PVD vacuum coating systems for applications in the field of research and development, as well as for pilot production applications are with different configurations and Vacuum chamber size using Bell, stainless steel rectangular Chambers, as well as cluster tool configurations available. The UNIVEX offer as standard many features and options, including high vacuum pumping systems, power supplies, PLCs, a variety of substrate holders, layer thickness and Vakuummess – as well as cooling and heating systems, bushings, insight window and gas supply systems. The different types of thermal and electron beam evaporators, DC and RF sputtering sources, evaporator for organic materials, as well as lock chamber versions are available. The customers can purchase their research and development or pilot production coating systems from a single source. You can choose from a wide range of standard and multi purpose configurations according to their specific requirements. Reliable support for the entire project, starting with a consulting engineering, installation and training to maintenance is of course.

Haile Gebrselassie

Such as large, generous as none, Haile Gebrselassie, old wounded Lion, 38 years, helped yesterday in his Berlin to a young Kenyan, Patrick Makau, of 26 years, batiera his marathon world record. Preceded by a splendid group of hares to kilometer 32 and pushed by an unrepentant Gebre, who ran beyond their means, until the body told him enough at 27 km. It folded onto itself, apparent victim of upset stomach, and attempted to vomit, with little success, on a hedge. He returned to run, but 10 miles later it finally abandoned. They had spent the half marathon in 1 h 1 m 43s (the faster pace of the story, 22s less than the last record of Gebre). He finished Makau, single, clear, at 2 h 3 m 38s, 21s less than the previous record, achieved by Gebre, also in Berlin, the city in which five world records for the distance, have been beaten in 2008. Source of the news:: Gebre helps knock down your record

Volleyball Complex Structure

General Caracteristidas of volleyball. Team sports: has a project in common. Sport psychomotor: Unlike the driving games it involves cognitive work increased, with the consequent fatigue of system sico-motor that causes the imprecision of the movement. Essential to give mental rest breaks. Sport situation: not restricted to the technical gesture with smart response for adaptation must adapt to changing situations in a short time and space sport open character: enquiring of the medium (external feedback). Particular characteristics of volleyball.

Rebounding game, with emergency situations different planes and angles application of the d. fair by the musc tension control. 1 touch per player before: decide what to do prior to the arrival of the ball. DURING: Changing direction and tactical objective. After: Action to take back to the contact. Reduced pitch: brand nature to suit the limited space available demands V.

from reaction and decision. Split-field: An intermediate network, there is that overcome it. It must be a point of reference and learning to control it. Characteristics of the ball (allows various effects and backgrounds) from the development towards performance in competition what volleyball? A game that involves making chopping the ball on the opposite Court and not to leave the itching in my court. The first needs emerge from here: occupation and use of space, or launch, passing the ball. -The frequency and the type of actions that are repeated in a game of volleyball is quite different for each level of play. -Transfers to real game situations. -That each team has its level of play according to the system that dominates in relation to the quality and workmanship. When we started? We understand the initiation sports as the beginning of a process that will conclude with full of sport practice. When I play with rules? A process involving Motors learnings that will develop through play. Aspects influencing sports initiation (which must be present in the didactic action): u characteristics of the individual learns.


The technology allows us, increasingly, adapt faster and more effectively to the continuous changes that suffers from the market at a time of crisis, that capture them and respond to the need for them, have made these tools essential for everyday use. All these developments are not only directed to large enterprises, but to any company regardless of its size: micro-enterprises, SMEs and multinationals, and even being able to also adapt individually to the needs of each client. Some of the advantages of Web 2.0 tools can be summarized in: one hundred think better than one. The possibility that employees and customers contribute ideas for improving the Organization, products or service. Give greater visibility to the company on the Internet. It is necessary to increase the channels by which a customer can get know us, not only through a corporate Web site, but also through social networks or forums of discussion. Place the confidence of the client as the first criterion.

There is no better advertising than a customer comments satisfied, and for that to happen it is necessary to provide them with a channel where you can freely express themselves. Offers us a new way to display the human and personal side of our business. It is easier to reach new customers, using an advertising focused on people with the same interests. The framework is the Internet. All tools must be easy to use and use the Web browser, as a unique program to access them, which universalizes the applications using standards. You can know more about 2.0 in the course of web positioning original author and source of the article

Scab Cheyletiella

Scabies is a skin condition ugly and uncomfortable that is caused by a variety of mites. These small parasites can become a problem for dogs since they live and are buried in the skin, causing a number of skin problems. Incyte addresses the importance of the matter here. There are many different types of Mange. Symptoms of scabies in dogs often include loss of hair, irritation and inflammation of the skin, and the itching. The skin can in some cases dry out and can even ooze and cracking. Common types of canine scabies include the following: * Sarcoptic scabies: is most often affecting dogs and is often referred to as canine scabies. Responsible for this type of scabies mites live on the skin of domestic animals and cause severe irritation and itching on the skin. Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious and tends to spread if not treated quickly.

* Mange Demodectic: is caused by mites that live in the follicles of the hair of the majority of animals and generally do not cause problem. However, if a pet has an immune system committed, can be superpoblarse quickly and begin to cause skin irritation and hair loss. Demodectic Mange is not contagious because most pets already have demodectic mites. * Scab Cheyletiella is caused by cheyletiella mites known otherwise as skin mites. These mites are larger than most of the mites and can be seen by the naked eye. Scabies kind caused by these mites often refers to a dandruff walking because the mites and scales that resemble dandruff.

If you examine a pet closely infected, you can even see these scales move while mites they are dragged underneath. In addition to dandruff, itching is one of the causes of scabies cheyletiella, loss of light hair and can cause problems with the skin. What causes scabies? As mentioned previously, scabies is caused by a variety of mites. Some of these mites are highly contagious and can be transmitted easily when your Pet comes in contact with an infected animal or exposed to an infested area.