Graduate School

When you know very well that our comprehensive service at odd hours of work that can drop 12, we have always taken the truck home. However, in the Aspe ridos a Quarry I met with eight other colleagues who were in the same situation as me. They had given them a letter of dismissal compensation some money, too ridiculous. Even as the company learned that they had hired professionals and labor lawyers Graduate Social D. Jose Garcia, Elche a “this social graduate has won dozens of lawsuits against the group of companies Gaspar Serrano Aznar, and today we dare to recommend, without any subterfuge mole, Alicante working classes who are in collision with their labor rights. A day before the deadline, in order, so help me redundancy of command and control: very typical of feudalism of the past, and I rely on final judgments and overexploitation now work in various group companies of the GSA Mr Ilicitano Gaspar Serrano Aznar, known in local areas and business by the surname of the family: the mountaineers, including However, despite the public image of transparency and good-natured humility in which you would like to stay, and where has been camouflaged unfairly for years, lies a dramatic story of judicial sentencing … However, we nine, the complainants do not consider it as good natured and we feel that we have resumed the practice of professional and personal ordeal as you well know for having occupied for years as the general manager ridos a Aspe.