With The IPL Technology For Better Aesthetics In The Cosmetic Treatment

In the Hamburg practice Dr. Meier is the PhotoNova IPL system used a technology, not only in the short term hair superficially eliminated, but permanently with a depth effect practice Dr. Meier located in the Hamburg IPL system used with the PhotoNova a technology, which eliminates hair surface not only in the short term, but the IPL technology for permanent hair removal is comparatively young away permanently with depth, the results can be but compared to conventional methods of hair removal definitely. The practice of Dr. Meier in Hamburg operates the photo-epilation with the new photo Nova PLS3 with a specially trained team. Ms. Dr.

Meier is active and has an extensive range of services as a doctor for General and internal medicine (treatment of metabolic disorders, kidney disease, infectious diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure problems, heart disease, congestive heart failure, lung disease, smoking cessation), it focuses on the aesthetic cosmetic Medicine. The permanent hair removal by photoepilation is a central theme, however, the scope of the practice is extensive. To offer in the area which include aesthetic cosmetic medicine: permanent hair removal – IPL technology pigment treatment – IPL technology Besenreiser(Krampfadern) – desertification/IPL technology skin rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation) on face/neck/neckline – IPL / RF technology botulinum toxin Ultrasound (cavitation) before of any aesthetic cosmetic treatment is the diagnosis with a precise analysis of the skin area to be treated or of hair and a detailed personal advice to the to define expected treatment success. Private practice Dr. Meier wife Dr. med. Susanna Meier Winterhuder way 142 22085 Hamburg Tel: + 49 4018 98 87 55 fax: + 49 4018 98 87 54 E-mail Internet

Thomas Kaiser Monk

Trend-highlight mountain monk of the downhill scooters – now at Alpintech the mountain monk is one of the most innovative new products, which has to offer in 2010 for mountain fans. Awarded the BrandNew Award in the category of summer hardware at ispo 2009 is the resonance among experts consistently positive. Because the Bergmonch is a successful combination of backpack and downhill scooters. True to the motto of hiking uphill – downhill wheeling”the roller is carried up the mountain comfortably with integrated backpack and then offers a rapid downhill pleasure on the way down. Rene Stich, CEO of Alpintech.at, is convinced: a sports equipment on the market comes with the mountain monk represents is a solution for many customers. “Not only get passionate hikers with knee problems the opportunity on the way down the knee to save, the mountain monk opened also athletes who are uphill interested above all in the training, a fun promising quick alternative for the descent.” But not only hikers are Target group for the mountain monk. Also mountain bikers looking for a racy departure Variant or nature lovers with a sense of adventure come fully at their own expense.

For the functionality of the mountain monk from Thomas Kaiser and Christian Wassermann developed in collaboration with the University of Kempten and the SportKreativWerkstatt Munich Koga and VAUDE Know-How have incorporated. With just a few hand movements, a 9 pound Downhillroller is in your backpack with 18 + 5 litres capacity. The backrest serves as a knee pad in the roller position, so that the mountain monk standing or kneeling can be reached depending on the terrain. Fork, case tires and hydraulic disc brakes provide a safe and carefree downhill pleasure. Weight: 8.9 kg and 1.5 kg backpack storage space: 18 + 5 litre high quality, ergonomic carry system by VAUDE integrated network of helmet in the backpack fixing eyelets for walking sticks rain cover for backpack or rucksack backrest foldable parallelogram suspension fork telescoping main frame Lowerable arm construction with don’t roll lock hydraulic disc brake chunky, wide tyres (front 20 “, rear 24” SCHWALBE) oversize headset 1 1/2 “price: 1,499,-now is the mountain monk in the online shop to order or can be taken in the camp in Fulpmes at any time inspect and thoroughly tested. (ode)

BOWTECH For Athletes

Before and after competitions it helps to relax and regeneration / BOWTECH helps healing sports injuries if it comes, symptom-free to complete a marathon or to relax muscles and psyche before a competition: more and more recreational and professional athletes take advantage of, the them the original Bowen technique (short: BOWTECH) brings. This includes the support in the preparation of the competition as well as the recovery phase after a strenuous competition or training and the accompaniment after a sports injury. BOWTECH is a stand-alone, dynamic system of a holistic and gentle muscle – and connective tissue application and complex. The method works on the nervous system structural and muscular level and addresses the whole person. Targeted handles activates the body’s own powers, relax the muscles and the nervous system is balanced. In Australia, the native land of BOWTECH, many dedicated sportsmen and athletes are looking for help and support will naturally at trained BOWTECH users. Robyn wood, senior trainer from Australia, has maintained since many years athletes from endurance sport (Marathon, swim, bike, run) as well as golf and tennis players.

It propagates worldwide their knowledge and their experience in specialized seminars to the BOWTECH practitioner, which are recognised by the Bowen Academy of Australia. So she conducted a two-day seminar this year at three locations in Germany with a focus on BOWTECH for athletes”. In the practice-oriented seminar interested BOWTECH practitioner can form more topic-specific. Focuses mainly on training: the physical requirements for athletes, the electrolyte balance, sports injuries, Trainingsbesonder units, stretching exercises and balance sport; but it also specific BOWTECH handle episodes appear, which are helpful for athletes of the individual disciplines. The course is a special focus on the athletes, in particular their support before the competition. BOWTECH relaxed here not only the important “Muscles and ensures a balanced body, but helps in a very special way that can relax the athletes mentally and minimize fear of competition before the start”, BOWTECH Practitionerin and seminar participant Regina Fischer stressed.

Nash Technologies

“Also, he does not see the many expected new applications that promise a profitable marketing of high network speeds,: LTE are less peak bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps per second downlink to a few customers in the focus, but nationwide mobile Internet access with downstream rates from three to six Mbps per second and short latency times for many customers in the foreground.” “Set against the backdrop of this timeline and the at the same time increasing volumes of data through the further growth of mobile data and Internet services in the existing networks, Markus Ermer, Director of R & D at Nash Technologies, on a sophisticated network monitoring: each network operator know that the networks need constant monitoring in terms of performance.” For him, it is essential to invest in the existing networks UMTS-based capabilities and functionality, response times and throughput to improve. So we lay the foundations only for the development of innovative applications, which can then make LTE a success”, so Ermer in Dusseldorf. That multiple technologies will coexist GSM, UMTS, LTE over a certain period of time, is for him no question. It was even more important to guarantee the transparency and the coexistence. To the relief of existing mobile networks, Ermer presented among other things a femtocell. The idea is that a spatially limited cell combines a mobile phone via UMTS across standard IP network.” So, normal Mobilfunkendgerate could use an existing Internet connection, for example over a DSL line. Software support up to 32 simultaneous connections and current broadband technologies, which make attractive their use in the business segment. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:


The Nuremberg manufacturers responding to the increasing demand for automation solutions in building technology and expands its portfolio to the KINASREG series. Nuremberg, November 15, 2010: The S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH has its product range to drives and extended drive solutions. Thus, the Nuremberg manufacturer expands its extensive range of measurement and control technology for building automation. Flexible drive solutions that are geared to specific applications require increasing automation in the building technology and the demand for increased automation in the actuation of valves and fittings. In building automation, it is air -, water -, gas – and security applications, which provide safe and reliable control and without manual, human impact. With the development and production of the series KINASREG S + S REGELTECHNIK, succeeded to offer the entire range of technical measurement and control products, the smooth and secure automated Processes in buildings allows. Because only the automation of tasks to the control of temperature, humidity, light, and pressure in large and small buildings is an indoor climate in Vista, which provides highly functional and at the same time energy-saving way for stability and security, which can be achieved manually is difficult. The KINASREG series consist of various Rotary and actuators, which are available in special motor, electronics and gearbox configurations.

You have mechanical and electrical interfaces, as well as optional variants of construction group special. This enables a flexible integration into the system solution. With the KINASREG actuators can be realized on simple way a wide range of structures: form or positive, with load moment stop and linear. The series of damper actuators is designed for systems of ventilation and offers optimal conditions as linear drives or spring return actuators for use in ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, as well as in the Fire and smoke protection. The modular product and manufacturing concept minimises the time and hence the cost of the installation. Regardless of whether it is an air -, water – or security application. Detailed information about the drive solutions is available at Produkte/8(Antriebe):de data: functional areas 24 V AC or 230 V AC or 24 V AC/DC or 100-250 V AC cable or Terminal rotation angle limitation and rotation direction switch modular design, synchronous, BLDC, DC motors, push button for gear disengagement life minimum 60,000 full cycles, torques from 5-15 nm housing ultrasonic welded, with moisture membrane, impact-resistant plastic in protection class IP 65 drive version with cable or terminal adapter, Inserts and connection pieces for ball valves, butterfly valves, valves and mixer and fire / smoke protection and smoke vent flaps with load moment stop special adapters and actuators for special applications, such as linear actuators for rack and pinion lifting special versions according to Customer specification (t. Schulze, S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH)