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In chapter two of the Ethics the Nicmaco, it says: the moral excellency is a disposal of the soul related with the choice, and the choice is the deliberated desire, is followed that, so that the choice is good, as much the reason must be true how much the desire must be correct, and this must search accurately what that one determines. (ARISTOTLE, 2001, P. 114) Therefore, in accordance with Bayle, is the convenience that makes of the man an obedient individual to the moral laws, finishing for defending, also, atesmo against accusations of Espinosa, that affirms that atesmo was an illness or a mental extravagrancy and also against Locke, that did not tolerate the atheist. FINAL CONSIDERAES With the civil tolerance, the religious freedom if become possible, however, will only have centralization of the belief in a religion, then, it will have a species of religious tyranny, with this, such freedom is predestinold to the failure, therefore, the tolerance is important, but it is not necessary if it will not have plurality religious. The religion, based on Bayle is concluded then that, although to be a sociabilizadora and moralista being, it possesss concepts that do not make responsible it as a formadora of sociability and moralismo.

From the moment that the people if to disentail of the fears and the superstition, them will become less dangerous the society, therefore, are acting in accordance with reason, thus, will make of its conscience, optimum half to act in accordance with its necessities and without infringing in the other people’s, becoming a person joust and morally correct freedom..

Latest Research Results

Berlin-based company intensified research and white biotechnology Berlin, current projects and research results will be present also this year September 28, 2010 ORGANOBALANCE an international specialist audience at the BIOTECHNICA (Hannover, Germany 05. 07.10.2010). The Berlin company explored since 2001 mostly on behalf of companies operating in the red, white and green biotechnology probiotic lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, identifies their positive properties, and makes them usable for innovative products. Recently the development was completed by pilot processes for the production of protective substances against pathogens and of cosmetic active ingredients to regulate the skin flora. Thus, ORGANOBALANCE now standardized pattern for application testing can provide customers available. ORGANOBALANCE white biotechnology uses in particular his immense experience with the Baker’s yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a production organism. The company already has many yeast strains for the sustainable and yet cost-effective industrial production various substances developed and provides another great potential in this area in the future. Our excellent know-how and our master database with more than 8000 bacterial and yeast strains are unique research base.

In your own projects, but mostly for our research partners we develop it ingredients and manufacturing processes for innovative products in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, animal nutrition and personal care. “, explains Professor Christine lang, CEO of ORGANOBALANCE. Continuous exchanges with our customers and the science is indispensable for this. The BIOTECHNICA as leading biotechnology exhibition offers us a valuable forum. “, said Prof. long continue. More information on current projects will receive visitors at the BIOTECHNICA in Hall 9, booth C26. Appointments can be made on the Internet at.

Visitors are always welcome but without prior notification. About ORGANOBALANCE that ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is a master development and microbiological screening company. ORGANOBALANCE develops the potential of positively-acting micro-organisms, so-called specific probiotic cultures to errors of micro flora in a natural way to balance and restore the microbial balance. In close cooperation with renowned industry partners, ORGANOBALANCE develops new biological products in the fields of pharmacy, preventative health care, food and cosmetics. The company is based on the proprietary master library of food suitable microorganisms, as well as the own OASSYS custom in its developments. ORGANOBALANCE was founded in 2001 and is based in Berlin. Information on the Internet at. All mentioned product – and company names are possibly protected and property of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH or other companies. More information: ORGANOBALANCE GmbH Kristin Ebert Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin Germany Tel.: + 49 30 46307-200 fax: + 49 30 46307-210 E-Mail: Internet: Press contact: COMAGO Helmut Lacey Wiesenstrasse 55 14612 Falcon Lake Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 33 22 84 06 52 fax: + 49 (0) 33 22 84 06 53 E-Mail: Internet:


Perhaps you do not know it, the infinites are almost equal, your you are sun and DAS life, I am moon and give Romance, my sparrows are brown, the yours grays, but perhaps, is not sparrows. – I am the melancholy of behind schedule of rain, your you are the sluggish fog of the autumn, your you are noise of cars in the avenue, I I am the echo of passages in the solitary street, but perhaps, .no we are city. – Your you are the gem of a jewel, I I am stone that rolls in the hill, but perhaps, . .no we are hard. – We are so different and so equal, that your you are sea and I am I laugh, but perhaps, we are not water.

– You speak like the wild hurricane, and slow I like the breeze, but perhaps, . .no we are wind. – Perhaps We are connected bodies, tell me, we are not the love. –

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The disadvantages of the first option can also be attributed the lack of further support for Web project unsatisfactory work with documents. As for freelancing, then additional support is sometimes available for a fee (it cost usually ranges from 500 to 3000 rubles per month) to work with documents in remote work naturally can not speak. Another point to be noted is the work on the principle "and Sweden and the Reaper" is one person makes a soft part of the site and dazayn and very rarely do good is both. Well, the main drawback of this option is, of course, the instability of today does freelance sites, but tomorrow he graduated from high school, changed jobs, married, divorced, in general, there are a large number of life situations in which further support to the site will transfer to another person. At first glance there's nothing complicated, but actually it is not. First, it refers to the software portion of the site, few like to understand the code written by another person. This may be an obstacle when adding new functionality or significantly slow down its development and implementation.

Secondly, if you have not provided fonts used in the logo or graphical navigation, adding new sections may also pose a serious problem, at best, will have to find the font in the worst remake the whole menu. Third, can a problem with the domain name, if God forbid, you have entrusted its registration other party. And if the parties face to register it on their own and not through the host (which happens more often in the first version), then the problem can acquire a distinct character. We now turn to the option of developing the site on their own.