Perhaps you do not know it, the infinites are almost equal, your you are sun and DAS life, I am moon and give Romance, my sparrows are brown, the yours grays, but perhaps, is not sparrows. – I am the melancholy of behind schedule of rain, your you are the sluggish fog of the autumn, your you are noise of cars in the avenue, I I am the echo of passages in the solitary street, but perhaps, .no we are city. – Your you are the gem of a jewel, I I am stone that rolls in the hill, but perhaps, . .no we are hard. – We are so different and so equal, that your you are sea and I am I laugh, but perhaps, we are not water.

– You speak like the wild hurricane, and slow I like the breeze, but perhaps, . .no we are wind. – Perhaps We are connected bodies, tell me, we are not the love. –