Town Planning

It is no secret that the approach to the assessment of property in our country and abroad is different. Outside of our vast country, the most widespread theory of land prices offered by W. Alonso, which concerns supply and demand for land located within the city. This theory is based on the economic concept of obtaining citizens or business the maximum benefit under the income they possess. W. Xiaomi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Alonso calculated and graphically depicted the curves of the solvency of families, reflecting the cost of land (including its distance from the center) that one or another family willing to pay, while maintaining the same level life. Get all the facts and insights with Source Financial Advisors, another great source of information. In the same way he analyzed the location of enterprises (factories, plants, etc.) relative to the distance from the center in accordance with the cost of land, provided they retain the maximum level of profits. This profitability is represented on the one hand, the difference between the total value of goods sold, on the other hand, costs of production and cost of land. Land bordering the urban areas, can be purchased under construction costs, only slightly above the price of the same land, if it will be used for agricultural purposes. In fact, prices in these areas many times higher than rates for agricultural land. Alonso believes that the main criterion for the assessment of land is the greatest profit, it may make. In this case, the land rent is calculated as the capitalized income by multiplying the profit for several years at the rate percent. In 70-ies. American Institute of Town Planning undertook a detailed study to determine the influence of public investment in land values in urban environments. As a result, were divided into 3 groups of factors, determining the value of the land: physical factors (location in the city plan, plot sizes, the length of the front line, geotechnical conditions), economic (the total revenue from this area plus investment), administrative (legal acts on the division of urban areas into zones that contain administrative limitations in the possibility of the location of individual objects).

French economist Dyutayn exploring The pricing mechanism is in Paris and its suburbs, has concluded that in order to buy land, its price varies between two extremes – the lowest price, which is formed on the basis of real income area, and maximum value of the price that a potential user is able to pay in accordance with the terms of construction, anticipated revenue from new buildings, excluding the costs of their construction and related expenses. According to U.S. experts, the share of direct part in the assessment of real estate is 30 – 40%. The price of land largely determines the form of its operation. Often, large areas in the centers of big cities are busy business centers, trade halls, office building of large firms. The high cost of land requires the intensification of its use, and as a result, over-population of the most valuable territories, their transport congestion. The main actors are in these areas are: government agencies, private firms, entertainment venues and culture (cinemas, concert halls, casinos, etc.), shops, universities, research institutes and hotels. property valuation, land, property, construction, economy, finance.

Radio Corporation

Popov, in 1895, in the city of Is Petersburgo, and with the accomplishment of the first transmission of signals without wire of up to 2 a thousand meters, for the Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi in the same year, and that more ahead in 2 of June of 1896, England, its patent of a system of communications without wire, used would register later to transmit and to receive signals in a 3 ray enclosing km from distance, establishing in the following year in the city of London, capital of England, the Company of Telegraph Without Wire, acronym in English Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company.Antes of this, however, in 1893, the priest and scientist gaucho Robert Landell de Moura, as precursory, had carried through> Ana, at the beginning of century XX, for equipment invented for it, as the Transmitter of Waves, and the telephone and telegraph without wire, that would be patented in Brazil in 1901 and the United States of America – U.S.A. in 1904. In 1905, on board the Brazilian battleship Equidab, it carries through diverse experiences with the telegraphy for centelhamento. But not yet a broadcasting sender existed. One gave the first steps for the future invention that would become possible the transmission of the voice human being and other signals, by means of an instrument that if would call Radio.However, she is only in the decade of 20, after 1 World-wide War that the Radio, as an instrument of cultural diffusion, becomes possible with the sprouting of the first sender the North American company Radio Corporation of> America RCA, and later for the Radios National Broadcasting Company NBC and Columbia Broadcasting System CBS, respectively established in 1926 and 1927, until today existing with highest indices of hearing. Meanwhile, they were established in the Europe the Italian Radiotelevisione (RAI), in 1924; the British British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in 1927, and the Frenchman Radio France International, all operating with great hearings and that they had exerted extraordinary services first to the cause the fascist, and the others two, of the democracy, the human values and the freedom, during 2 World-wide War, spreading out its programs its respective populations, with prominence for the BBC, never leaving of raising the moral state of the British people when the country suffered from the constant bombings of the German Air Force, the time commanded for the nazista regimen.In Brazil, the first Radio only appears in 1936, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, called of National Radio, reaching per two decades, Esso Reporter, leader program of hearing.


As the soldier Alexander during the operations in Kosovo as the marrow of the Stefan Morsch Foundation became for the life saver G. somewhere in Australia there a woman who fights for her life. The wife has leukemia. To have a chance in this fight, she needs someone who has the same genetic characteristics and is willing to help her, a totally strange woman. Among medical histories like this for the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation, Germany’s oldest Stammzellspenderdatei, everyday life, they never become routine. Has a truly global network, the Foundation gives every day Stammzell-or bone marrow donors for Leukemia patients in nearly three decades. A matching Lifesaver in the file has been found also for the sick Australian: A German soldier – currently stationed in an outdoor camp in Kosovo, a region where even the normal medical care can be problematic.

However, in cooperation with the German armed forces could also the patient on the other end of the world be helped. Read additional details here: Brad Pitt. Alexander G., whose name here is abbreviated because he is still in operations abroad, is 24 years old. The main Corp comes from a 5000-strong community in the Bavarian district Neustadt an der Waldnaab. Usually, he does his service at the Panzerbatallion 104 in the Oberpfalz barracks in Pfreimd. He did his military service in Willow 2011. Then he let typify themselves by the Stefan Morsch Foundation. Teams of the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany are traveling almost daily to win young soldiers as unrelated.

More than 3500 members of the Bundeswehr in the donor file could be recorded in the first half of 2013. People who have declared themselves ready, to donate in emergencies for a people suffering from leukemia stem cells and to give the chance of a cure so the patient. “People like Alexander G.: I thought that is a great thing.” Less than a year later he was needed.