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Euclidean Subjects

In unit 8 we find one brief citation of as Archimedes obtained to make with that the troops of its city won the Romans by means of mirrors and finally in unit 10 we find the history of the mathematics applied to the trigonometrical relations with the Greeks to decide problems of Astronomy and of the Navigation. 2.2 – Collection B New collection suggested for our person who orientates. The book of the sixth year is very well illustrated with figures of places and objects that serve to illustrate the respective subjects of each chapter, also the history of the mathematics is very property in possession at the beginning of the book, in the two first chapters can only see the mathematics not being used to give introduction of the subjects, but during the presentation of the subjects. Where we can find with more frequency the history of the mathematics is before the end of the chapters in Exploring the subject. ' ' Exploring tema' ' it is a topic created by authors to help the reader to better understand the respect on what he is boarded during the chapter or to give considered tips important, using history of the mathematics, curiosidades and orientaes that can very be useful for the reader, mainly the pupils. Penalty that nor all the chapters it is present, moreover, nor all use history of the mathematics. In the first chapter in ' ' exploring tema' ' we have a text speaking on Escher, a mathematician who uses some geometric forms in the art, and that with its drawings he inhaled in not Euclidean geometry to explore the approach to the infinite. In as the chapter, that speaks on the numbers, we see the history of the used mathematics to show the necessity of the sprouting of the numbers, also we find on the system of Egyptian numeration and the Roman system of numeration; in as the chapter we do not have ' ' exploring tema' ' , also the history did not have necessity therefore in this chapter of mathematics well is used for presentation of the subjects.