less for the death is a solution for everything, said to my grandmother then Recuerda that the important thing is not what " you sucede" the important thing is what you do and so Tmalo like an opportunity of being happens to you part of the solution and nonpart of the problem. Ten in account that one of the objectives of to learn and to apply the PNL are in addition to obtain one good communication To the good signallers concerns little to them the rationalizations on " why " something did not come out well. The opportune questions will orient and help to you to be a good signaller, to obtain an effective communication with same you and with the others stops to be part of the solution and not of the problem! You want to learn to enfocarte in solutions, that is to say comunicarte effectively to obtain the results that you wish? To know a little more PNL and how to use it so that it improves your life? Visit our Web site and you will be able to obtain Two E-Books FREE, with two powerful techniques of the PNL: Technique of the Anchorage and the Technique To interrupt and to eliminate annoying mental states. Visit right now: > > > > m and receives PNL books both Free! Original author and source of the article.