Traffic Limit

It’s been almost 3 years that the UMTS successor to LTE in Germany in operation went. With significantly increased bandwidth, mobile communications technology should change the existing market and set new standards in the use of mobile. Although the technology certainly represents progress, the breakthrough was largely. Little added value for consumers, the main reason may be the low-LTE coverage, because away from the big cities, there are unlikely to be able to take advantage of the promised potential actually. For consumers, however, the LTE technology is availability with additional costs without a significant added value is given. In addition to more expensive contracts, a modern device which is able to take advantage of the new standard is required. And even, if all costs are covered, there is little difference to the older UMTS reflected in practice.

No wonder because the operators act on the market so useful supply of agglomerations from an economic perspective may also look, speaks to the reality another language. Thanks to almost hardly a demand nationwide supply through Wi-Fi hotspots in major cities, especially as the technology lags so far behind the expectations. As already in UMTS, the available bandwidth is divided among all users, so under real-world conditions, the speed drops below the level of its predecessor. A question of policy represents the crazy Tarifpolitk of the mobile service provider another problem, which increasingly includes a clause of the throttle at high speed access. In practice, this means that the user can use the paid speed only up to a limit set by the provider and then is further linked to worse conditions. These limits are often so low, that is the practical benefit – a problem that was already creating the predecessor to UMTS.

Theoretically, LTE would have the potential to persuade through higher bandwidth and to develop applications that could be realized only with fast DSL connections. It would be however the outdated structures necessary to drop and to remodel existing tariffs. A traffic limit cripples the user and obscures the benefits of development. Currently, it gives the impression as if the industry were in an endless cycle, repeated the mistakes of the past to the new. Although a coverage for households in the countryside without DSL connection could provide wireless technologies, the metropolitan areas are supplied with regard to the potentially larger number of customers. The bandwidth is suffering again and with it consumer. Once in a few years eliminated the most serious problems and the supply is ensured as far as possible, the next standard appears and the development starts from scratch.


The decision seems to have stirred up to the least another nation to follow example, therefore India also announced for briefing the construction of a ship to take members of the crew, possibly carrying through its first flight before 2020 (BROWN, 2008). However, nor everything is reason for commemorations. The frequency of space flights manned by Chinese ships is baixssima, of the order of one to each two years on average. An interesting particularitity is the similarity enters the manned space program of the China and of Russia, over all at the time communist of this. As the Soviets, the Chinese look for to prepare themselves in secret, only divulging information to the world when the fact is crowned of smashing success.

On the other hand, they look for to hide information when the activity results in failure and, eventually, deaths. He has also a clamorous similarity enters the ship used for China to send its men to the space and the ship used for Russia, as well as the space suits of its members of the crew. He can be the impression of that the Chinese triplado space program is only one copy of little brightness of the triumphant Russian space program. OBJECTIVES? To examine the importance of the Chinese space program in the scope of the Astronautics and the form as this contributes for the form as the history of the space exploration is molded; To analyze of that it forms the Chinese space program has contributed so that the Astronautics if develops; To describe the differences and similarities between the incipient program of space flights manned Chinese and of other nations; To analyze the future of the space program of China, as is for proper them divulged and as probably it will develop itself. MATERIALS AND METHODS? Accomplishment of debates on history, development and importance of the Astronautics in activities of the GEDAL (Group of Studies and Spreading of Astronomy of Native of London); Accomplishment of consultations the books published for specialists on Astronautics or that they have chapters approaching the subject.

Intelligent Key Management

The new Keymanagement software Traka.WEB the new Keymanagement software provides a portable key management on the World Wide Web Traka.WEB offers a portable key management on the World Wide Web and can integrate the Traka-touch the intelligent key cabinets series without any hardware changes in existing LAN and WAN structures. Traka.WEB is compatible browserbasierend and with all current Browservarianten Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari. About the Web login Traka.WEB is hardware independent, i.e. user medium all smartphones, can be used as iPADs, Netbooks, laptops and PCs, whose operating system offers one of the browsers above as a Web interface. Traka.WEB supports all Traka-touch systems that are hardware already prepared on the web-based network communication.

The key cabinets and specialized equipment are connected directly with the Traka.WEB server via a standard network cable, a wireless LAN module or a GSM/GPRS modem. Traka.WEB can either on an internal Network server or installed externally in the Traka.CLOUD when installing external programs in a corporate network is not permitted. The 3-layer architecture of Traka.WEB, consisting of data, application and presentation layer, allows a very efficient and scalable use of WEB resources. Traka.WEB has a scalability of 2000 electronic key cabinets and/or specialized equipment per database server, managed a ring memory of 250,000 events per key cabinet, so that in an emergency, a very long independent recording time is guaranteed, and enables the management of 25,000 users per key cabinet or specialized equipment. With this performance, extremely rich applications can easily be realised.

Also with regard to data, communication and Web login security works Traka.WEB at the highest level. The encryption of sensitive data is done using a MD5 + AES256 combination. In addition, the Web portal over SSL can be secured. Supports all the business engine by Traka.WEB commercially available database structures such as E.g. Microsoft SQL 2005 (or higher), MySQL, Oracle etc. Securing the Web logins in following ways: simple authentication over encrypted login information, session time out, Active Directory authentication and optional SSL authentication. Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS version 6 or higher must be installed on the following OS/HW: Windows Server 2003 with IIS6(3GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS7 +(3GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows 7 with IIS7 +(3GHz i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows 8 with IIS7 +(3GHz i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) 32 or 64-bit support physical or virtual machine support Traka.WEB is a multilingual application, i.e. relative to the corresponding user login the application automatically switches to the desired language. As already the previous software Traka32, also Traka.WEB has a real-time graphical interface. It shows the instantaneous representation of the key Cabinet including all events at a glance and provides In addition, the ability to remotely control the cabinets and specialist equipment with a mouse click, regardless of the installation locations of the systems. More technical details on the associated key cabinets the Traka-touch series online shelter available.

Emotional Technology And Urban Habitats

Under the motto, build, market, manage the real estate industry in flux”a wide range of future-oriented industry issues will be highlighted. Intelligent building system technology is only one of the subjects informed of the property tag of the Hanseatic City of Rostock, which the 12 April 2011 19:00 at the silo 4 and on Wednesday, the 13th of April from 08:30 to 16:00 at the Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock (Lange str. 40, 18055 Rostock) takes place on Tuesday, the 9th. Due to the positive response of last year, the event will be opened this year by night receiving silo 4 for networking in a relaxed atmosphere. This year’s event, the title build, market, manage the real estate industry in flux bears, deals with trendsetting industry subjects, like for example the real estate marketing, the CREM & FM. as well as the development of the retail trade.

National speakers of including the company Benteler distribution Germany GmbH & co. KG and Jones Lang LSalle as well as the Immobilien Scout GmbH are expected. “The current project developments in the Hanseatic City of Rostock, as E.g. resettlement of the hotel chain Motel one or the Rostock city of Sciences” complete the extensive program. “In a panel discussion, the topic of urban district development is 2030: residential, retail, commercial – what is possible, what is necessary?” Where are the opportunities but also the challenges for the future neighbourhood developments in the Hanseatic City of Rostock? Guests of the real estate day can get involved actively with their questions to the debaters.

In the parallel House fair, following exhibitors will present to the visitors: BRINKMANN & partners attorneys at law / accountants / auditors Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Nord mbH Gira Giersiepen GmbH & co. KG Hermann Stitz & ROSTOCK co. invest in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH KALORIMETA AG & CO. KG Baltic Sea Sparkasse Rostock penny Markt GmbH Rostock society for urban renewal, urban development and housing mbH STRABAG property and facility services GmbH Tattersall-Lorenz real estate administration and Management GmbH.

LUXeXceL Technology Center

With this symbolic act, she officially opened the new printing platform in the LUXeXceL Technology Center in goes. The first series of LED lens is in the MERA “series of fittings the company RCB used lamps in Bamberg. “This series of elegant LED reading lights was recently for their special lighting design with the red dot design award” award. LUXeXceL recently, succeeded the Printoptical technology”for the market to make available. Now it is possible to produce three-dimensional optics with a digital printing process.

Thus including lenses and light distribution structures can be produced customer-specific. With the introduction of this innovative manufacturing process are the LED lighting industry from now new Growth opportunities available. I am pleased that our team has managed to develop that it is suitable for the LED lighting market this breakthrough technology. “Current problem areas that the successful introduction of high-quality LED lighting in the market now block the development of lenses, can in this way simply and easily out of the way given are”, says Richard van de Vrie, CEO of the LUXeXceL group. Also RZB CEO Reiner Jurgens is reflected by the development thrilled: the manufacture of Optics is now more accessible than ever before. Eliminating annoying obstacles in the areas of design, development and fabrication of optics, new global opportunities provided the lighting industry.

“” We announce with joyful surprise, that the first series of lenses for our Mera “available.” New energy-efficient LED fixtures can be placed from now more flexible, faster and more cheaply on the market. In addition to considerable time savings makes the new Technology a sustainable contribution to the energy friendly led lighting revolution. In addition, these digital printing technology offers new Produktdesignmoglichkeiten the (O) LED lighting manufacturer. It is only a matter of graphic design to insert logos, technical data and design elements in one and the same manufacturing process. In addition, optical or rapid adjustments in the manufacturing process can be made simply and easily. About LUXeXceL the innovative LUXeXceL Group B.V.., developer of the ‘Printoptical ‘technology, makes changes, developed and manufactures optical products through the use of digital 3D-Druckprozessen and offers complementary software and hardware for many different areas. A brand new technology is born from the use of (day) light and a unique combination of techniques from the digital printing, optics and lighting technology. The Printoptical technology”opens the door to new optical structures, light distribution motifs, to develop lenses and prisms and on different media to print. Act LUXeXceL is a leader in the research and development of environmentally-friendly, easy to-use and affordable applications and as a game-changer”for traditional optical products and production methods. In all these aspects, the company unceasingly aims the reduction of energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and eliminate the use of hazardous materials. LUXeXceL has its main location in goes, Netherlands, and also locations in Germany and in the United States.

18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology supports 18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology of the University Center information technology on May 17, 2011 is it so far. The University Center Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg commits his 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology and the community supported The participants and interested parties of this day get an exciting program here. Mr. Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor of the Institute of Informatics and Mr. Dr.

Jurgen Andrick Halle-Dessau Chamber of Commerce will accompany moderating them through this day. Open Informatics, Mr. Prof. Dr. Matthias Muller Hannemann is this day the Executive Director of the University Center. An interesting briefing to the areas around IT, software, technologies, and much more is available to all participants. In addition to the contributions is also a small break for initial discussions, the networking and the hungry after the first half in between.

After you go well strengthened into the second round of this day join renowned companies of the region of central Germany, such as the University of first holding GmbH, Q-cells SE, FERNBACH-Software GmbH and also the AG. Let this day with a snack and interesting conversations. Look forward to an informative day with Central University computer science. “” “” Date: May 17, 2011 time: 14:00 19:00 place: Institute for computer science, von Seckendorff Platz 1, 06120 Hall, room 509 short program views: you’ll find the following topics: 14:00: opening of the 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology 14:10 Uhr: open service process platform “14:40 Uhr: big world – small world, a network view” 15:10 Uhr: not afraid of the parallelization of software for multicore architectures “15:40: text mining with probabilistic models of subject” 16:10 Uhr””: Break – small strengthening discussion 17 h 00: Semantic Web technologies and their future relevance of Internet companies “17:30: customized apparel as a service” (CAaS) 18:00: apps4fin -. “Desktop-based applications for banks and financial institutions” 18:30: IT architecture management merits of a long-term platform strategy “19:00: invitation to the snack bar and talks more information can be found under: hocke/UZI/Programm18IT.pdf registration at: the community and the Institute of Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor, cooperate and pursue the common goal to tie good specialists and executives in our region and to point out perspectives.

Impregnation Tree

Thoroughly dry the structure, its vent, cover the impregnation – and re-examination will only need a 4 or 8 years (depending on when the deadline guarantees an antiseptic). More serious disease – ‘wet’ rot, damage wood by fungi, mold or bacteria. It not only spoils the appearance, but also destroys the fiber softens the wood. You click on a board with your finger, and it fails. In this case, you must remove the damaged area, cut out all the rot to solid wood, handle the rest of the old wood and make insertion of a new, and then cover all quality antiseptic.

The worst damage wooden structures causing white mushroom house (‘dry’ rot). It affects not only the tree, but even the brickwork, oak floor and chetyrehsantimetrovy it can destroy a month. In this case without a thorough ‘surgical’ intervention is necessary. Only after you have completely cut out all bionarost have done a thorough fungicidal wash, and close up cracks and crevices non-shrink filler, Box set from a healthy tree and struck a topcoat can be considered anti-rot completed. Insects, unlike microorganisms appear regardless of operating conditions and humidity. Here is a list key pests (furniture or house), barbel, bark and drevogryz.

And dangerous, not only bugs, but their larvae. Discover voracious insect is easy: they leave a small hole – ‘moves’. It is easy and will destroy pests: it is necessary to process each hole a special antiseptic solution and then cover the surface layer protects the new. Struggling with the enemies of the tree, do not forget: the most effective protection – completely prevent the defeat of wood. Experts believe that this is only possible in a systems approach: on the prepared surface treatment is applied, then the substrate that provides good traction primer and topcoat, and finally the very finish. Upon expiration of the protective layer of antiseptics should be updated. The only way you can permanently save the tree that brings so much joy and warmth to your house.

Smoke Detector Day

Continue to safety gap between the provinces regarding smoke detectors mandatory Dusseldorf, June 12th, 2008 it is the most beautiful but also most dangerous home. A glance on the fire statistics: most fire victims die mostly at night in the home. The installation of smoke detectors demonstrably contributes to the protection of human life. Nevertheless, there is no uniform fire safety regulations for domestic use in Germany. The smoke detector manufacturer EI Electronics is a member of the campaign smoke detectors save lives and hence initiators of Friday, June 13, held smoke alarm tags. The company is committed in this context for the awareness of the population regarding the necessity of function-ready smoke detectors. Despite smoke detector introduction duty within the next 3-6 have years in seven federal States one third of German households today smoke detectors only installed.

This number is in international comparison far behind other industrialized nations as Germany United Kingdom (80 per cent) or the United States (93 per cent in 40 States). The effectiveness of the small life rescuer evident in the example of Norway (90 per cent coverage)\”: since 1990, they are there duty, causing about 70 lives per year. Although smoke detectors be used since the 1970s, the spread in many neighbouring countries of Germany like France, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium is also still very low. The chance of survival in a fire with functional detectors is three times higher than without. Currently is a safety gap between the 16 federal States in Germany, since only seven countries consider this issue in their building codes. Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Hesse, and since 2008, regulations for the installation of smoke detectors in new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings have already prompted also Thuringia. Thus but less than a quarter of the total population are affected. The population raise awareness of private housing is due to the many flammable plastics in furnishings brand at risk.