The decision seems to have stirred up to the least another nation to follow example, therefore India also announced for briefing the construction of a ship to take members of the crew, possibly carrying through its first flight before 2020 (BROWN, 2008). However, nor everything is reason for commemorations. The frequency of space flights manned by Chinese ships is baixssima, of the order of one to each two years on average. An interesting particularitity is the similarity enters the manned space program of the China and of Russia, over all at the time communist of this. As the Soviets, the Chinese look for to prepare themselves in secret, only divulging information to the world when the fact is crowned of smashing success.

On the other hand, they look for to hide information when the activity results in failure and, eventually, deaths. He has also a clamorous similarity enters the ship used for China to send its men to the space and the ship used for Russia, as well as the space suits of its members of the crew. He can be the impression of that the Chinese triplado space program is only one copy of little brightness of the triumphant Russian space program. OBJECTIVES? To examine the importance of the Chinese space program in the scope of the Astronautics and the form as this contributes for the form as the history of the space exploration is molded; To analyze of that it forms the Chinese space program has contributed so that the Astronautics if develops; To describe the differences and similarities between the incipient program of space flights manned Chinese and of other nations; To analyze the future of the space program of China, as is for proper them divulged and as probably it will develop itself. MATERIALS AND METHODS? Accomplishment of debates on history, development and importance of the Astronautics in activities of the GEDAL (Group of Studies and Spreading of Astronomy of Native of London); Accomplishment of consultations the books published for specialists on Astronautics or that they have chapters approaching the subject.