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To be indexed in Google, you really should not do anything. Google is a search engine that comes in under the category of robots or crawlers, that is, will crawl the entire network and automatically indexes all the sites it finds, starting with the index page of each of them and following their link structure . However, it is necessary to "please" Google to index our site without problems. For this, it recommended to be indexed to success is: 1 – Sets a title in each of the documents that make up our website. The title should be short and to define the contents of the document, using at most a couple of criteria by which we think should be found that page in the browser. 2 – Use the metatags. Although Google ignores them, or so it seems it's always better to have them not have them. In my opinion the only one that seems useful to google is "meta name description." 3 – Try a clean HTML code that conforms to the standards.

Forget the Front Page and pages models with Microsoft Word and exported to HTML. 4 – The Flash. Google apparently indexes and sites developed entirely in flash, Aasta now use Flash and the promotion of a page in terms seemed to be two conflicting interests. Google was unable to extract information and follow the links embedded within a file. Swf, so much the content of this page and the links to others were not explored by Googlebot and consequently ignored completely.

However, there are many questions about the process of indexing these files are (or sites) in relation to web sites in HTML, if google considers as "important" or not. We recommend, if your intention is to make a strong promotion on your website or try to position it, not develop it all in flash, if you do not use flash in parts of your documents if you need to do is give something striking or dynamism. 5 – Do not try to fool Google with old tricks (that no longer work) as hidden text (text the same color as the background of page) or similar resources. 6 – Try to make your pages contain text, and that the text should include the criteria by which you want to be found on Google. Google will display the pages according to the information you can extract from them, especially in the title and text content. 7 – Increase your pagerank. This seeks to achieve links from other websites to yours, for example, through an exchange with sites similar or complementary theme. In addition, certain that if the contents of your website are interesting, more than one site will contain a link to yours without you even have to ask. 8 – Try not to use the frames on your page index. Google to index a page pulls information from it, if your index page consists of frames, in fact, the contents of that page are just the frameset, ie the few lines of code establish the framework for the page. 9 – If your site is dynamic (asp, php …) try to at least the index page is not, is more easy for Google to index a static to a dynamic page. 10 – Domain and hosting fee at first appears to facilitate the indexing of the sites, if you're not supposed economic crisis, try to register your own domain and host it on a hosting fee and avoid free accommodation without domain.

Mr Rodriguez Zapatero

Hopefully come a day when there are no more congresses of victims of terrorism because this is something as remote and as exotic as the biological species of Pleistocene. But I am afraid that it will not be so. In recent decades, terrorism has been endemic in the wide world: from Spain to Colombia, from Russia to Afghanistan. It has become, in addition, a random and unpredictable phenomenon to which nobody is alien and of which no one can escape, by many security measures to be adopted. Finally, the technology put at the service of terror has done more massive and more deadly: where a century ago there were only isolated assassinations, today cause hundreds of innocent and anonymous, dead victims simply because they were there.

The other aspect of the current terror is his character of show that reaches our homes through the TV, so banalizando the human suffering to do something comparable to any fiction dramatized by means of communication of masses. For all these reasons, we should not forget the terrorism nor trivialize it. Therefore, we must remember the victims and their pain as if it were our own, since all of us have been attacked in those killed or maimed in the name of all. We must not lose, thus the sensitivity to terrorism nor compassion solidarity with its victims. It should not make it any good citizen and even less those whom we elected to represent us: I am referring to the President of the Government, Mr Rodriguez Zapatero. Congress being held these days in Salamanca is not one minor or frivolous event, isn’t a fair agricultural machinery or a championship of marching bands that allow the delegate institutional presence in any person.

The fight against terrorism, its repudiation and the homage to its victims is something inherent to the democratic system. Democracy is precisely the absence of violence in ideological and political confrontation. Therefore, the defection today of the President of the Government is something absolutely unjustifiable.

Stay Relegated

After reading the title, perhaps something enigmatic, this article may have a question mark and arising out of the two questions that go through your head at this time and that led you to enter to see what it was. These two questions may be: 1) to which deals exactly with this assertion? (2) it is not a phrase somewhat exaggerated? The second question I answer that: is never exaggerated the mention, because the technology has been responsible, in this case Internet, set a limit point, which determined a marked and significant difference between companies, businesses, professionals, or people who use this technology, and which not. This new technology have come not only to stay, but to perpetuate itself, and to change our habits, customs and habits, well you can not take them into account, ignoring them or also judge that they are here but dispense with them, anything is possible; But what can not is avoid its clear, remarkable, outstanding and increasingly more continuous presence. So, responding to the first question, the title of this article is nothing more and nothing less than a tangible and consistent reality and who does not reach to understand him, unfortunately, will be relegated, or to not be so alarming, will have fewer tools or possibilities that who has at his disposal the network of networks to communicate with the world, and this last isn’t an exaggeration. There is a saying out there that the train passes just once, I don’t think it is as well, but aside from this, what I think, is that in the train of the internet we must raise us all, and if you’ve not yet done so I have a question for you what are you waiting for?. If you look at some little kid, children, grandchildren, nephews or similar, that you see near you, you’ll be watching a person who will be in constant contact with others in the very near future, naturally interacting with peers in a daily, constant practice, and for them, normal.

Que Business

It has shown that only a significant role can play those companies that are prepared to compete and have paid the necessary attention to technological development in its operation, participation in the markets to conquer, venture. the technology was understood as a commodity, always available in the market, which was acquired incorporated both in machinery and equipment, and miscellaneous support services. In other words, was seen as a participant express its views, as an input that could be bought for the purpose of being able to produce a given product and for whose selection, acquisition and use did not require a level of training particularly height. Having technological capacity is, then, to have knowledge and information through which the company can make optimal use of its production capacity, as well as transform it and replace it. On the basis of this distinction, it can be said that, generally speaking, Venezuelan companies acquired production capacity, but no technological capacity. THE technological VARIABLE a company’s competitiveness depends fundamentally on the productivity with which I managed their technological resources, material and financial, as well as of the efficiency of their processes (i.e. their level of quality, its production speed and flexibility or adaptability to changes in the environment). For this reasons it is determined that the efficient use of technology makes it a competitive business advantage, provided that knows it the human talent assimilate and use.

But technology alone does not develop or take advantage, it is necessary to schedule it, identifying and evaluating the opportunities and threats, as plans are designed strategic enterprises. When this does not occur, the consequences tend to be very serious. The impact of technology goes beyond of the companies, although aunque algunas some appear to be insensitive to it in terms of markets and products. Do companies that have identified the need to analyze their technological environment, have departed from the identification of a problem by asking some questions as: O what technologies the company has and in which processes are involved?Or which technologies are critical in the business of the company?Or which technologies are available for the business of the company in the external environment?Or what will be the evolution of the technologies involved in the company in the future?Or which has been investing in technology products and business processes?Or substitute technologies for the business of the company in the future which are and will be the access to them?Does o Que technology investments must do the company and how it will be your transfer and assimilation? Companies raised the previous questions are looking for specialists who advise them and provide them services of management of technology, with the aim of developing competitive advantages, since this aspect.