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More recently, in the 'Infomania' on channel STS was a story about that with age the mental power of man, contrary to earlier notions prevailed, only increases – this conclusion was reached by American scientists, studied this problem for half a century. For more on this -. What this means in terms of mastering a foreign language? And this means, in my opinion, is that with age the opportunity to learn new languages is not reduced, and rather the contrary. The older the person, the more sensible motivation for him to master languages, and so productively may be his work with the annex effort required. What I would advise people aged for more effective language acquisition: active, use the Internet with its free resources for language acquisition. The Internet gives us the opportunity to communicate with the world through icq, and skype – learn them is not difficult, but the effect is simply great! Spend more time working with texts and memorizing new words – this job is very develops and trains the brain, and without it is unthinkable normal language acquisition. In the first stage of language acquisition to give increased attention to working out the pronunciation of a foreign language – the study of language from scratch at the age of people is particularly difficult ottrenirovat pronunciation, but systematic work in this direction will help you overcome the challenges barriers in front of you. To do this, I advise listening to it more than the carrier of a foreign language (radio, TV, videos) through the Internet.

And most importantly – believe in yourself, be engaged foreign language systematically, and you are out, I'm sure! My course is' Generic methods improved foreign languages! " focuses on the systematic testing of the above skills – provides specific methods of development of new words, with Text mining and listening comprehension. I will be glad to help you learn a foreign language, no matter how complex it is to you at first glance may seem. Road by walking! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign Languages: – resource, which presents lessons, including audio and video, from 119 languages. Lessons, tests, language communities, dictionaries, phrasebooks, and lots and lots of other useful information. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! " – Master the language independently and effectively

The Instrument

There is models with the ability to focus light (for example, over the stove) or its scattering. You can change the light intensity. Some hoods, thanks to a motion sensor, begin to shine brighter when the user approaches. Unlike light, sound, drawing at work should be as small as possible. The instrument must not rattle like the AN-24 aircraft before takeoff. It is bad if the noise generated during the stretch of over 60 dB. To be clear, let us explain – this is roughly equivalent to the noise level of normal conversation, if you listen to it at a distance of 1 m. The noise at 90 dB can be compared with a shout, and lawn mower noise at 100 dB.

A variety of hoods are different: hinged, built-in "Domino" and the island. Belong to the first model, constructed with so-called "umbrella", he also vozbuhozabornik, which must be above the cooking surface. This part of the drawing may be straight or curved, metal or glass – depending on model and design refinements. Fasteners such devices be made directly to the wall, next to the stove is located. Other view of kitchen vozduhootchistiteley – recessed. They are usually mounted to a designated wall cabinet above the stove, do not take up much space. Outside air intake panel is that in many models at work pushed forward to cover a large area above the stove. Some extracts embedded front panel angle goes up instead nominated. At the same time over the stove turns something like a dome.