The Instrument

There is models with the ability to focus light (for example, over the stove) or its scattering. You can change the light intensity. Some hoods, thanks to a motion sensor, begin to shine brighter when the user approaches. Unlike light, sound, drawing at work should be as small as possible. The instrument must not rattle like the AN-24 aircraft before takeoff. It is bad if the noise generated during the stretch of over 60 dB. To be clear, let us explain – this is roughly equivalent to the noise level of normal conversation, if you listen to it at a distance of 1 m. The noise at 90 dB can be compared with a shout, and lawn mower noise at 100 dB.

A variety of hoods are different: hinged, built-in "Domino" and the island. Belong to the first model, constructed with so-called "umbrella", he also vozbuhozabornik, which must be above the cooking surface. This part of the drawing may be straight or curved, metal or glass – depending on model and design refinements. Fasteners such devices be made directly to the wall, next to the stove is located. Other view of kitchen vozduhootchistiteley – recessed. They are usually mounted to a designated wall cabinet above the stove, do not take up much space. Outside air intake panel is that in many models at work pushed forward to cover a large area above the stove. Some extracts embedded front panel angle goes up instead nominated. At the same time over the stove turns something like a dome.