Social Networks

A real social network, which is socially doesn’t deserve the attribute of about this shoot “social” network as mushrooming of Web 2.0. Too many people want to cut off a piece to the cake “social networks”. The members of this “social networks” used as pure advertisers and for pro membership as a cashcow. An automatic money-printing machine spits out the operator’s licenses around the clock thousands euro / dollar. The members and users can see nothing of this windfall.

That there is another way, you can see the example of a real social network that was going on a few days at the start. This network is also ad-supported, the operator distributes over 90% of the revenue to the active members of the network. The operator ensures complete transparency of income and expenditure to members. In a sign of the economic crisis, this is a post for the help to help themselves. The idea… The idea or the business model of a social network is inherently easy and just so awesome.

How many ingenious ideas and A social network is used as a printing press business models. Advertising is shown millions members. The advertising companies are willing to pay a lot of money for advertising. Only a very small part of the revenue must be spent on the infrastructure. Traffic, disk space, hardware and software prices have fallen dramatically. This may be the reason that time and again a new social network goes online. Who doesn’t like to mention his own his own printing press? The principal end of a hype of social networks is exactly the same as when the action platforms such as E-Bay, Ricardo, onetwosold, just a few to name a few. Why, for heaven’s sake, nor a social network set up the? An imitation? Yes and no! Yes, because the function and the principal use is same. Win very many members, allow members just like all other social networks with each other in many ways to communicate, to exchange ideas, and so on no! Soziales-Netzwerk.NET is It’s different! We throw out at least 90% revenue from advertising and commissions from the purchases of our advertising customers to our members. We measure the activity of our members to create an activity index will be paid according to the. Active members receive less money, less active, inactive will be asked to work actively, to earn money, too. If no activity used, the deletion of inactive members. We see this as a real help for self-help for people who have an Internet connection and is at the same time want to create income or need to live better. The members of our network get the best tips when, how and where it advertises. We offer online training in which we answer the questions of our members and provide further guidance. On the members page, you can see top videos that give you insight into the world of money. Very particularly with regard to the current economic crisis and the impending crash! We try to give you tips how to at least a floats, if already not a lifeboat can create for, before beating the waves of the crashes on us all.

German Industry Foundation Platform

The platform of ‘KASconnect’ was launched at the annual meetings of the old fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 2009 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the social software specialists of IntrWorlds. The old fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have a new network platform! In the framework of its annual meeting 2009 last weekend in Stuttgart, Germany for KASconnect was launched. With the platform, networking the Alumni should be improved with each other and with the Foundation. It was developed by the social software specialists of IntrWorlds. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Sankt Augustin awards since 1965 it frame its gifted education scholarships. The number of old fellows is now almost 10,000, organized in 46 regional groups.

Stronger together to network, is”the primary goal of KASconnect. The new online platform was presented on May 21, 2009 in Stuttgart by the Chairman of the KAS, Prime Minister a. D. Professor Dr. Bernhard Vogel, and the host of the annual meeting, Minister President Gunther Oettinger. Without volunteering would be the project was not feasible: A good year for a ten-person project team of the old Fellows worked on the organizational, substantive, legal and technical implementation. Register now as many old fellows in KASconnect should be in the next weeks and months”to fill the portal with life.

It can be found old friends again and new contacts, organizes events of regional groups and votes conducted. The existing structures and working methods of the old fellows were depicted by IntrWorlds in the new platform. Our Munich-based company is one of the leading providers of social communities. In addition to the old fellow of KAS, also many other well-known foundations and educational institutions are customers by IntrWorlds, for example, the sdw-alumni e.V. (the German Industry Foundation), the Association of fellows and old scholarship of the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung e.V. and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich or the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. Total round 90 set Customers in Germany and in other European countries a Web-based software by IntrWorlds better exchange and networking among its members.

Dispachter CAT

Real-time monitoring CAT-1 is the basis for optimised network management without any risk for the security of supply of Hannover, April 20, 2009 many transmission network operators face the problem that formerly sufficiently dimensioned overhead lines become potential bottlenecks due to growing electricity consumption or the increased supply of wind power. Because heating of the conductor increases with increasing current flow, the material expands more and deeper SAG the conductors. The minimum distance of the cables to each other or to the ground setting limits the permissible current loads. To avoid investments in additional capacity, the existing lines to be exploited as best as possible. This helps CAT 1 by Nexans, a real-time monitoring system for transmission lines.

It increases network security and the annual average usable capacity with new routes. Complete data acquisition and information processing for Dispachter CAT-1 captures the mechanical this with solar-powered and akkugepufferten instruments Head tension, ambient and solar temperature and optional wind data. The SAG of the cables can be at any time exactly calculate the most important variable for the safe operation of overhead lines. The measuring stations via radio to data collector, which in turn communicate via SCADA Protocol over the network and the network control centre to transmit the data. So the current excess capacity and the cable slack at the dispatching headquarters are known thanks to CAT-1. This allows it to operate lines under favorable weather conditions over the original design border.

So that always a safe operation is not ensured, CAT-1 approach to defined limits raises an alarm. The operator personnel can react quickly and avoid serious damage or blackouts. Double advantage over the traditional network management real-time monitoring has to operate according to data sheet\”two great advantages: on the one the alarm function focused readings, not an imaginary worst-case scenario. That includes Risks in the operation, which may arise through extreme weather condition about on sunny, windless high summer day.

Ways To Protect Your Web Site

The relative ease of publishing information in the vast Web, supported by examples to follow, sooner or later turns out to many visitors to the web temptation to have your own webpage. If the site owner has a certain tenacity, literacy and good taste, and he definitely has something to say or to show the world and role models originally chosen wisely, the light may well come a worthy and worthwhile web project. A regularly updated site has original content copyright is a good chance of eventually becoming a very popular and bring some fame to its creator. True, this is not always the most often are born too hastily concocted pages, uninformative and poorly decorated. Nevertheless, even the potential authors of quality content that can be interest to a broad audience, not the polls geeks, that quite naturally gives rise to certain difficulties when trying to publish their own materials on the web. Often this is because many people do not think about the external design or compliance with technical requirements. The first question that most acutely concerned about those who first created his life: where to place the site, what hosting to choose? Question, certainly important. But first you need to design a website, at least in general terms.

It is important to remember that everything – and the structure of the menu navigation, and appearance of pages, and finally, the choice of hosting – should be subject to specific content, the content of the site. It is important to properly define and design the future of the site and choose, for example, an advanced web hosting with support for a wide range of technology for a tiny site, it is not justified. Even if no content as such, is vitally important to outline some basic idea of the content itself, the meaning of the site, and ideally – a rough plan for future maintenance.


Polyethylene under the influence of open fire is lit bluish flame without smoke, with lights ignited too slowly. Polypropylene has a high melting point, than polyethylene, and therefore a higher temperature of decomposition. Maximum operating temperature of polypropylene 120 – 140 C, operating pressure at 20 C at 20 bar at 65 C – 10bar. Excelling in heat resistance of polyethylene, polypropylene is inferior to him in frost. Its fragility temperature (frost) ranged from -5 to -15 C.

Depending on the installation of polypropylene used the following types: Expandable, sewn, reinforced with middle layer of fiberglass, laminated, with the inner layer of stainless steel. Specifications of polyethylene pressure pipes pipes are made of high density polyethylene and polyethylene low density. Produce the following data types of tubes: A light – a maximum operating pressure of 2.5 kgf/cm2, srednelegkogo ca – 4 kgf/cm2; middle C – at 6 kgf/cm2; Heavy T – 10 kgf/cm2. Working pressure specified in the Transportation of water 20 C. Tubes of pvp and the tng with a diameter of 20 mm or more are delivered in lengths 6, 8, 10 and 12 m. Delivery of pipes up 5.5 and 11.5 m and in coils (tubes of diameter pvp 40 mm and the diameter of the pnp to 63 mm inclusive), with outer diameter of the bay must not exceed 3 m.

Pipes normalized by od. When you change the wall thickness depending on the operating pressure is changing the inner diameter. This allows us to unify the connection parts for pipelines. Specifications of polyethylene non-pressure (sewer) pipes Free-flow (sewer) pipes are manufactured by injection molding. Polyethylene non-pressure pipes manufactured from 32mm diameter up to 1200mm. in two flavors: free-flow smooth and non-pressure plastic pipe corrugated pipe. Installation of non-pressure sewer systems is carried out if there is no pumping station or installation is not possible, and sewage water drains without the use of additional equipment. As a rule, non-pressure system is used when installing drainage, and stormwater. Technical characteristics of polyethylene pressure pipes is produced the following data types of pipes: pressure-free corrugated pipes – PE-COR, PP-COR, Korsis, K2-Kan; corrugated tube non-pressure polyethylene (PE-100) and polypropylene (PP) diameter (DN) 100 – 1600 mm; non-pressurized pipe system Krah – non-pressurized pipes made of polyethylene (PE-100) produced by technology Krah, diameter (DN) 300 – 3600 mm, pvc pipes free-flow system Ribloc, Spirapipe – non-pressure pipes of polyvinyl chloride produced by technology Ribloc, diameter (DN) 100 – 3600 mm. Specifications of polypropylene pipes: polypropylene pipes pilsa – made by Turkish and German standards, the diameter (DN) 16-165 mm. Maximum load is determined by the diameter polypropylene tubes: pn 2,5 – 0,25 (2,5) MPa (Kgf/cm2) pn 4 – 0,4 (4) MPa (kgf/cm2) pn 6 – 0.6 (6) MPa (kgf/cm2) pn 10 – 1,0 (10) MPa (kgf/cm2) pn 16 – 1,6 (16) MPa (kgf/cm2) pn 20 – 2,0 (20) MPa (kgf/cm2) pn 25 – 2,5 (25) MPa (kgf/cm2).

Winterizing Windows

Many experts say that the best way of getting rid of drafts and the freezing timber windows in the winter is to install plastic windows. However, few can afford it. Installation of plastic windows – pleasure is quite expensive, and not all residents of urban apartments tend to replace conventional wood windows on the fashionable PVC. Wooden windows also have a huge advantage – they "breathe" without requiring constant ventilation and creating a feeling of stuffiness in the room. So you've decided to leave everything as it was the first autumn frosts and already "knocking" at your windows. What should I do? – It is necessary to prepare for the cold weather and thoroughly insulate windows.

There are several ways warming wooden windows. But before you choose one of them, define the reason why the windows let the cold air. Usually, the reason for this is the ability of the tree crack and buckle under the weather, which leads subsequently to the formation of cracks and gaps between the frame and the frame and between glass and frame. So, if the reason for this gap between the glass and frame, you rassteklit need to strengthen the frame and glass silicone sealant, and then fix it bead. If the cause of drafts – curvature of the frame, you will need to strengthen the corners of the frame with metal corners. Thereafter begin to address the second reason – to get rid of gaps between the frame and window box. Just do not forget to prepare a window frame: free of debris, clean and degrease the end of the frame (If required for attaching the seal). Thus, the frame is ready, now get down to the choice of insulation options window. One of the fastest, but a relatively inefficient way of warming the window – sealing the windows scotch tape (clear or simple a paint) or conventional plaster.


Sawn timber – it's all sorts of products, from wood, which is widely used in modern construction and repair. Lumber made from various wood species using specialized equipment (four-sided machines, Planers, Grinders, wood drying chambers, cutters, Planers) and are thus an important quality as environmental friendliness. Use timber does not have harmful effects on humans and the environment, so the timber is widely used at sites as industrial and civil use. Lumber is classified by several parameters: the cross-sectional 1.Po parameters are the following lumber – boards, beams and bars. Most often, these standard-size lumber. 2.Po forest type from which the building is made materials, timber is divided into coniferous, deciduous and valuable timber trees. The most common form of lumber – boards and blocks are classified into five quality classes.

Boards are divided by thick – thick – more than 32 mm, and thin – less than 32 mm. These are timber edging and cuticles pushed. The most common type of lumber on the market – this board unedged. The ends of the planks sawdust or sawdust is partially at all. These boards are often used to install flooring or upholstery, that is, in cases where it is hidden under the outer coating, and its appearance is not the principal. Lumber made from hardwoods woods: birch, oak, ash, aspen, maple, have on the structure of high strength, but the weight of such timber is much greater than the mass of lumber from coniferous trees.

However, such timber provide an excellent environment and pleasant aesthetic perception. Softwood lumber are not a lot of weight, but are highly durable and moisture resistant. The most popular softwood lumber – spruce, and it pine. Softwood lumber in the form of bars have 4 varieties. Wooden beams – a log hewn on all four sides, dried in a ventilated area for a long time, the thickness of which exceeds 100 mm. Dry beam is practically not affected by shrinkage, and is suitable for the construction of almost any object. Building a dry timber is the basis for all other types of timber: planed beams, laminated veneer lumber, shaped beam. Glued timber – this timber, which is made by gluing dried and boards. Planed timber – it is modern and practical timber, which is a solid, sawn from logs and timber vystroganny. Shaped beam-beam is strictly defined shape of the section (profile) and the presence of auxiliary elements, optimizing the assembly.