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This further increases the efficiency of work processes. As a further innovation contributes to: as of version 5.09, the delivery scanning can be realized: with a Digi pen. This RETECO works together with the tcc products GmbH. The principle: The documents are filled with the digital pen. While oriented”PIN to a barely visible grid. The data is recorded, stored on the Digi pen, and from there transferred to the customer’s system.

The new technology increases the legal certainty for more ease of use and a lower cost than with a conventional scanner. Reader contact: RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-10 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 about RETECO Datentechnik GmbH: RETECO provides software for the areas of transport, logistics and freight forwarding since 1983. The core product is CARGOBASE, a comprehensive functional and at the same time flexible Software solution for freight forwarders. Due to the modular design, the system according to the customer requirements can be put together. In addition users can customize surfaces, masks, search profiles and reports. A detailed master data management including electronic file counts as to the scope of services such as a multi-level rights management and current account-enabled financial accounting, a form generator, log functions and evaluations about the whole dataset including Excel export.

Interfaces allow a deep integration into the existing IT environment. More than 150 companies any size of the Group include reference customers from RETECO up to the medium-sized forwarder. Your editorial contacts RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Michael Reimer Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-31 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 PR agency of good news! GmbH Bianka Boock of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-21 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Given Numbers

It allows them to expand beyond their existing knowledge, judge the validity of statements and mathematical methods and create mathematical representations. Knowing that the length, area and volume are preserved under certain conditions, have an appreciation of concepts such as inclusion and exclusion, generality, equal probability, representation, testing, cardinal and ordinal, mathematical relationships, place value of numbers. Ex Decide if the area of a paper is greater, equal or less after a piece of paper cut into strips Classify or group objects, shapes, numbers, words and ideas as common property, make the right decisions regarding the membership of a class, order numbers and objects by their attributes. Example: Select the triangles of a set of geometric figures of various shapes and numbers of sides. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. Represent numbers using models, data represent mathematical information in charts, tables, charts, graphs, generate equivalent representations of an entity or given mathematical relationship. Example: Shade areas of figures to represent given fractions.

Example: Mary has read 29 pages of a book. If the book has 87 pages, in the equation 87 – __ = 29, the blank contains the number of pages that are read. Invent another situation for which this equation would be better. Distinguishing questions that may arise with information given, such a data set, those that can not be raised as well. Example: Given a graph, select from a set of those questions for which answers can be obtained with the graphic. III. COMMON TROUBLESHOOTING Schoolchildren must educate them to recognize that mathematics is a great achievement of mankind and to appreciate nature.

Virtual Secretariat

It is not possible to understand the need for virtual Secretary service, without first reflecting on the economic state that we are going through. Needless to say that we are immersed in one of the worst economic crises world of the past 50 years. The side effects are noted in all aspects and much more severe form in the collective comprising SMEs and freelancers. In addition a large number of companies are being forced to close or failing to reduce their costs of human resources through settings template. In this volatile environment, we are also seeing the emergence of a new trend: self-employment. So many people dismissed recently opting to offer your services as a freelance-self-employed. The reality is that both SMEs that survive and the self-employed (in recent incorporation or not) have to survive in an environment of tremendous competition and a market downward.

This scenario is increasingly important the professionalization of services and businesses. Of this way we have the convergence of two aspects: on the one hand the need for reduciccion of costs; and on the other the need to maintain credibility and image in a highly competitive market. The remote is first and foremost, a service conceived to combine these needs. So virtual Secretary services allow the saving of costs to companies while reinforcing his image of face to customers. But must ask ourselves: what is the virtual secretariat? In this regard sometimes the terminology used for this type of services leads to error.

Many are wondering if we are facing some kind of automated computer system. It is clear that it is a service offered by natural persons. Individuals who work on behalf of your company or business even if you never have eye contact with them. There sometimes is they called virtual assistants or virtual receptionists. We can say, without fear of being mistaken, that offers a virtual Secretary service is to have an external person who remotely carries out specific tasks for the company. Each company’s Virtual Secretariat has its own portfolio of products, but among the most common can be found: the attention of calls, appointments management, localization and call forwarding services, shipping notices, etc. The company covers all of this functionality, without having to worry about selecting staff, meet the low that can cause, form them, manage holidays. And a long etcetera. All this implies an important saving in costs relating to payroll, vacation, low, you pay extra, job, resources computing and telephony, etc. Within each service we find different models of billing the companies of telesecretaria to its customers (SMEs and self-employed, mainly). But the most common is the payment per-incident call. Peter Thiel understood the implications. To this we add the cost of call forwarding, by seconds, where it is contracted. In the event case management schedule or appointments, they carry a surcharge for each point made in the agenda. It is also common to find the service of sending SMS to notify received calls, with its corresponding cost, etc. Although the billing system may seem cumbersome, we ensure, as customers, we will only pay according to our activity and therefore the use of the service. We also maintain a relationship quality price vastly more attractive than the alternative of incorporate personnel into the company. It is an emerging business that leverages the current situation very well. A good option in times of crisis.

Commercial Dsp

But of such things as properly performed electrical, cable, non-combustible, non-flammable in plastic wires, sockets and switches without direct contact with the material covering the walls, etc. – It should be mandatory. The load on the cable must be designed with a large margin. People will freeze to include additional heaters and boiling tea, load on the internal network to increase many times. This must be calculated and not to save on electrics. Durability – depending on the timing requirements of huts to apply those or other materials and technological equipment, ie that the cheapness of the acquisition were not resulted in additional costs to repair or overdelivery huts again. For example floors is an important element of the modular building. Its design is simple – cross logs, wood, metal, mixed.

Importance, affecting the rigidity of gender, has a step laying the lag, the size of timber used for the lag. The optimal distance for the office and residential space – up to 700 mm. For technical – must assume the load, but by 400 mm. Timber must be treated ognebiozaschitnoy impregnation. Its dimensions shall be not less than 150 * 50 mm. At what he "put" vertically (150 mm in height). Go to lag below attached sheet metal (black, thin metal, primed or painted).

Sometimes a manufacturer uses a metal medium thickness (1-2 mm.) Which are hermetically welded (budget module does not apply, because his (metal) at the bottom just do not – there is the bare board). At lags laid floorboards. It may not be surfaced, but without the wane (bark) and treated with a solution ognebiozaschitnym thickness from 25 to 40 mm. It fits neatly together. Above it is laid sheets DSPs (16 mm. Thick) or water-resistant plywood. Other materials (thin dsp, dsp, just plywood is cheaper, but they quickly gain moisture and become unusable). At DSPs fit linoleum. Insulation sex – thick mineral wool laid in accordance with regional estimates of 100 to 250 mm. (Usually 50 mm. Thicker walls) and has a polyethylene vapor barrier. As should be properly and securely? On every element of sex can save – place less often lags – the floor will be a little play but endure, put floor board with a gap – just okay, but it may eventually deform the dsp, or a heavy table leg will fall, for example. You can put a thin sheet of dsp – initially it will not be noticeable, but few months will be visible structure and configuration floorboard under the dsp, and it crumble. Linoleum can be set for 110 rubles – domestic, it is rubbed in places of intense cross-country for a couple of months, and can be Commercial for 290 rubles per meter. Lumber can generally not handle ognebiozaschitoy, because underneath it is not checked. All these moments can easily hide in the preparation of the offer, but I believe they need to know them and describe selectively tested. Up until the opening of sexes is in the final module. The same goes for plumbing – cheap toilets out of order after days of use. Cost and overhead costs for its repair or replacement usually exceed the cost difference when buying the original products more expensive, but the working set.

Criminalistics Basic For Students

Crime is a problem worldwide particularly in the major capitals of countries in Latin America. Lima is constantly conmcionada with the news of crimes, terrible murders, cranky as the assailant of the Taxi with screwdriver and others more. Deaths, homicides, murders, are in the news every day. Those who study Criminology have much to learn with these facts. With respect to Criminology topics I want to make a brief contribution for people who want to know basic aspects, which are very interesting. You may want to visit Peter Thiel to increase your knowledge.

Do 1.-podriasmos to say with regard to the protection of the crime scene?That the first measure to take is the protection of the place since on the stage you will find all the evidence that will allow us to reconstruct the fact to investigate as traces of footwear, stains of blood, hair, semen, hairs among other indications. Very important that at the scene of the crime is not invaded by anyone unrelated to the investigation, that alteration of evidence may not ever be rebuilt. Still the case that many times an indication that initially seemed insignificant priori served to clarify the fact. 2 – Which is known as the science of the research?The science of research was noted by don Jimenez de Asua. It is multidisciplinary, by that synthesizes the knowledge and techniques of other sciences such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, anthropology and forensic medicine specialties for its investigative objectives. Joins him such research optics, computing and all the science, discipline or technique that could serve the objectives. 3 Brief summary on Judicial photography. Photography comes within systems of identification, cited the elementary aspects of photography that have to be taken into consideration at the time of the assessment of a person detained or a corpse. By its significance, this modality should be carried out with excessive care, given the impossibility of repeating the process with the conditions in It will be visible in space and time, especially when the burial has been.