With High Customer Confidence

The Rothenburger picture frame shop integrated eKomi customer reviews into its business processes with the customer assessment tool eKomi provides now for more transparency in the picture frame purchase in the online store. Customer confidence is the basis of success that applies especially in online shopping. For 10 years, frame buyers rely on, which has set new standards with its shipment of frames by brand-name manufacturers as well as accessories from our own production. Picture frames shipping is in addition to the strict certification by the European Trade Institute EHI, that shall be entitled to complete the euro label now also on the constant review by its customers in cooperation with eKomi. The EHI retail Institute and eKomi cooperate since 2009.

For the management of, it was there on hand to integrate also the independent assessment tool for real customer opinions in addition to the annual certification in business processes. With the euro label and eKomi organized now a comprehensive quality assurance management, that also with feedback of the customer stands on a continuous improvement of business processes. The company eKomi is a leading provider of independent customer reviews in Europe. Intuitive eKomi, who often just new customers and are now addressed by customers who have already purchased goods in the, questions. Such customer questions concern the seriousness of the online provider, and whether it delivers what it promises. What concerns the picture frame shop: he keeps as 300 positive reviews in the first few weeks. The ten years of experience in the online store of frames of the provider, as well as the excellent contacts to the market leaders in the industry, beyond the annual testing and certification by the European Trade Institute EHI, are important success criteria for In addition the eKomi assessment tool ensures now transparency and confidence because continuously real customer opinions of frame shoppers will be published. With sets now in the tenth year of its existence the independent assessment tool of eKomi an important basis for further success in the now heavily advertised online segment of the frame.

System Integrator

Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as GFT inboxx GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, which integrate not only systems, but also allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information are the starting point. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. About Diomex software since the Diomex Software GmbH & co. KG Foundation, in mid-2003, has mainly focused on two core areas: one on the development of new, innovative and sustainable solutions for the exchange of master data and transaction data for highly diverse articles and on the other hand on the sustainable modernization of host applications, has for many companies special importance and high topicality.

The company’s philosophy focuses on highest possible user – and user friendliness and uncompromising stability. Software should significantly facilitate work. She should be so operated, as it comes the human intuition to the next: simply, “human logic” next and human Fehleranfalligkeiten antizipierend. This basic way of thinking is reflected in all products of Diomex software. Is above all the best, error-free software implementation, and the most effective and preferred marketing flows from the echo of our customers. Diomex software is preferred hard work of with full-bodied promises.

Diomex software Solutions use often very sensitive and mission-critical areas. The responsibility resulting from Diomex software with his good name is available. More information under about CAB + S the CAB + S GmbH is a software company from St. Georgen in the black forest. For more than 20 years, the entire furniture industry, from the manufacturer to the Association to the trade, supports CAB + S successfully in the daily work around the topic of price list spreadsheet. With the leading spreadsheet program ScanPrix CAB + S is the first address in the furniture industry! The proximity to the customer is important and allows to implement new requirements under realistic conditions. These are always carefully weighed and incorporated into ScanPrix. Thus arose a highly efficient tool tailored to the needs of the furniture industry over many years. Now work all purchasing associations and a large part of the furniture maker with ScanPrix and the price lists the trade in the respective intranet to download available. They will be with ScanPrix as calculated in the blink of an eye, neutralized and individually designed. The enormous saving is only one of many benefits that are achieved with ScanPrix time and costs. For more information, Hans Kemeny bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg

OTRS Training

Fast lane and it-novum bring common training approach on the market of Hamburg/Berlin, December 08, 2008 from January 2009 the IT-training specialist bring GmbH fast lane and the IT consulting and services company it-novum training concept encompassing the Nagios open source solution on the market. The jointly developed program consists of three courses that best prepare the users usage, operation and extension of Nagios environments. The topics span by installing and configuring the task automation and ITIL compliant integration of OTRS up to the remote monitoring. New in the fast lane offering the courses are Nagios Administration (NAG1), Nagios Advanced Administration (NAG2) and Nagios expert training (NAGE). The participants three days of basic knowledge about Nagios, open source, system – and Applikationsmonitoring, as well as corresponding concepts learn Nagios Administration (NAG1) training NAG1.

The monitoring capabilities are among other things pointed out thereby introduced in the basic installation of Nagios and the plugins. More Course sequences deal with within the file structures of Nagios. Focuses on objects, such as permissions, devices, services, contacts are also. Another component is the creation of basic services and the start of Nagios. The training also brings the Web interface (reporting, service details, hosts, etc.) more closely and monitoring via SNMP, as well as the operating system picks up base monitoring (Windows/Linux). Nagios advanced enables Administration (NAG2) of the two-day course NAG2 in the first step of Nagios knowledge of already existing refreshing.

In addition, an insight into a database (NDO installation and possible) for Nagios is given. Furthermore, passive monitoring among other things via wget and NSCA on the plan. More content are advanced active plugins (log files, databases, check_multi) as well as the visualization, documentation and recording of performance data. Nagios expert training (NAGE) of the two-day course NAGE begins with a warm-up of NAGIOS. In the further course of event handlers and writing are focuses on your own plugins.

Weighing System

Digitization is revolutionizing marketing process is in the retail fund balance to the multimedia tool Balingen without use of IT long time ago nothing more in retail. Intelligent solutions for the optimization of processes at the point of sale (PoS) and sales support multimedia tools have begun to. Staff and technical equipment present it as an everyday Assistant. Weighing technology is to the shopper. State-of-the-art IT systems support retailers increasingly in process optimization, expansion and customer loyalty. Customers are looking for proximity and intimacy”, says Matthias Harsch, a member of the technology specialists Bizerba business management headquartered in Balingen. The digitalisation will revolutionize the marketing process, as well as hitherto undreamed-of possibilities offer the suppliers and buyers. The CE checkout scales systems by Bizerba customer display shows the name of the seller and purchase offers.

But this is just the beginning: as recommended for each product also nutritional values, additives and allergens, as well as information on origin and the Storage are stored, can inform the seller sovereign also or print additional information. The balance is to the event screen, “Harsch says. In addition to static images in the future more and more dynamic variations of picture and video messages sent over the scale, which offer the customer a variety of suggestions to try new. You can increase the incentive to buy, by depending on the purchased product different coupons are printed from, offered more products at reduced prices to the customers. The innovative information systems in the trading hour has struck. Software and hardware solutions that allow you to add additional functionality and cost effectively replace individual components are called today”, so the market experience of Harsch. Another plus: so far mostly a whole work day was needed for the training of new sales staff.

Reasoning security came only after weeks or months. This effort is now considerably reduced, because after a few days each new sales force is fully in the picture”, Harsch explains the advantages of technology. Also the cash balance could be adjusted according to by Bizerba, matching other products appear to the purchased goods. Also gives the system whole recipe suggestions for a product and immediately provides the necessary ingredients on a printed shopping list, also recorded harmony which wine particularly well to the rump. The software breaks up the client’s head, answers questions, which have not yet been. Speaks harshly of a paradigm shift in the trade: Apple is with his stores, where the journey is headed. Shopping needs good feel worlds and authenticity. Cross selling, Visual Merchandising and sales training for the staff are only the main features of a new generation of load balance.” Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn (see profile)


If he follows the methods verified to create his business of marketing online, you can be successful easily. You will need to apply these strategies of marketing of consistent way, focusing and dedicating themselves to let grow his business. If he wants that its business of marketing in Internet is successful, it must have traffic in his Web site. More traffic means more sales. If its Web site does not have traffic, then it will not be successful. The fundamental strategies that it can use to take to traffic to his Web site are the following: 1.

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