OTRS Training

Fast lane and it-novum bring common training approach on the market of Hamburg/Berlin, December 08, 2008 from January 2009 the IT-training specialist bring GmbH fast lane and the IT consulting and services company it-novum training concept encompassing the Nagios open source solution on the market. The jointly developed program consists of three courses that best prepare the users usage, operation and extension of Nagios environments. The topics span by installing and configuring the task automation and ITIL compliant integration of OTRS up to the remote monitoring. New in the fast lane offering the courses are Nagios Administration (NAG1), Nagios Advanced Administration (NAG2) and Nagios expert training (NAGE). The participants three days of basic knowledge about Nagios, open source, system – and Applikationsmonitoring, as well as corresponding concepts learn Nagios Administration (NAG1) training NAG1.

The monitoring capabilities are among other things pointed out thereby introduced in the basic installation of Nagios and the plugins. More Course sequences deal with within the file structures of Nagios. Focuses on objects, such as permissions, devices, services, contacts are also. Another component is the creation of basic services and the start of Nagios. The training also brings the Web interface (reporting, service details, hosts, etc.) more closely and monitoring via SNMP, as well as the operating system picks up base monitoring (Windows/Linux). Nagios advanced enables Administration (NAG2) of the two-day course NAG2 in the first step of Nagios knowledge of already existing refreshing.

In addition, an insight into a database (NDO installation and possible) for Nagios is given. Furthermore, passive monitoring among other things via wget and NSCA on the plan. More content are advanced active plugins (log files, databases, check_multi) as well as the visualization, documentation and recording of performance data. Nagios expert training (NAGE) of the two-day course NAGE begins with a warm-up of NAGIOS. In the further course of event handlers and writing are focuses on your own plugins.