Automobile Supplier

Future internal multilingual development documentation in the sights of Karlovy Vary exhaust Division of J. Eberspacher GmbH & co. KG opts for the language technology of across systems. The automotive supplier with development offices in Germany, United States, France, Italy, England, Russia, India, Japan and Korea thus ensures greater efficiency when establishing its internal multilingual documentation, such as such as internal standards and procedures, and design and development guide. Central aspect is establishing a consistent terminology database.

In particular language server will be streamlined with the across translation management and the associated processes significantly. Of market sounding and looking for a suitable language technology we realized very quickly that it is possible to efficiently work only through a close integration of components for terminology work, source authoring and translation management”, SINA founded Friedreich, technical editor in exhaust technology at Eberspacher, the Decision. The language server of across systems provides the best for.” As a central platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company involves the integrated across a translation memory, a terminology system, and a universal Editor. Also powerful tools for controlling and managing translation projects and for seamless collaboration of writers, translators and proofreaders are available as a standard feature. Gradual expansion across the corporate language platform currently working at Eberspacher two departments with the across language server. To optimize the cooperation with foreign offices, these should on the terminology database future can access and use the language data for their product communication.

In the medium term, the enterprise-wide, cross-site usage the across language platform is planned so that other departments or divisions can exploit the potential of language technology. Now, the integration of external translators and LSPs crossGrid collaboration tool is being prepared. Then Eberspacher can replace all data relevant to each translation project from server language to language server directly with them, the text to be translated using the translation memory and the terminology to the information about target languages, end dates and quality criteria.

New Release Of Cellcrypt 4

Even better ranking, automatic synonyms and Seehausen am Staffelsee, 29, 7th 2011 – the Cellcrypt 4 offers even better ranking for even better find. Completely customisable. The new Synonymextraktor generated automatically matching synonyms to your data. So save a lot of manual effort. Speed, ranking and search experience are the be-all and end-all of every search. The Cellcrypt shows all results already while typing, and dramatically reduced the search process with its unique real time search. More and more e-commerce and information services recognize the benefits of Cellcrypt. You can customize the ranking now even more accurately better ranking for even better find with the new Cellcrypt 4 to your data and needs.

Fields can be boosts provided with individual score, sales rank, click number or date taken into account, and even the influence of fuzzy adjusted hits on the ranking. Maximum control for maximum success! New synonym Extractor for automatic creation of synonym extracted from the new synonym Extractor for the Cellcrypt Their data completely automatically matching synonyms, for even better finding in your shop or portal. He analyzes your individual content and creates a synonym file that can be edited and extended individually then on request. The synonym Extractor is the ideal base for knowledge sets and taxonomies. Our Linguistics provides 100,000 synonyms “out of the box” for German.

“Best of” operator for taxonomies or knowledge sets there are now the “best of” operator, which optimally set up taxonomies. JSON support the new release 4 now offers its XML API also a JSON interface. About Weitkamper Technology GmbH Weitkamper Technology GmbH is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their products help to find information, to discover and to understand. On some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. The partnerships with World’s leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery.

SAP Qualified Industry Solution ORGA Professional Services

SAP all-in one solution for IT – and consulting service provider of ORGA GmbH Karlsruhe/Walldorf, January 26, 2009 with the today by SAP qualified all-in one solution ORGA professional Servicesstellt the ORGA GmbH helps a package available and the medium-sized IT consulting service provider in Karlsruhe, to manage their core business and to increase efficiency. The solution covers all business areas integrated and can be deployed within three months productive. Conclusion of Ralf Gresch, product manager of ORGA: we are even IT service provider and know how important is the daily schedule, resources, and progress control in project business. Therefore, there is the integrated skill and resource management of one of the highlights of the solution. “The ORGA is a development partner for the best practices solutions from SAP and its process have incorporated expertise of over 35 years in the development.

SAP best practices for structured implementation methodology have predefined business processes, be implemented. With today’s qualifying by SAP, the position of the ORGA was confirmed again as a competent software and implementation partner for medium-sized companies. ORGA professional qualified solution package is offered at a fixed price services of 74,000 euros. ORGA GmbH specialist for IT service and consulting the ORGA offers innovative SAP solutions and services for mid-sized companies. Objective of the ORGA is to increase the competitiveness of its customers. Therefore the cost effectiveness by systematic optimization of customer processes for all performance offers of the ORGA in the foreground stands: ORGA SAP solutions for the middle-class professional services consulting module FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, PS, ESS ORGA personnel services HCM consulting HCM BPO ORGA IT service remote system management application hosting application management business process outsourcing outsourcing the ORGA is a subsidiary of FIDUCIA IT AG, one of the largest IT service provider in the German banking sector, and can therefore on an extremely powerful and secure infrastructure access. As an SAP channel partner gold and SAP hosting partner provides the ORGA also a comprehensive range of services from consulting to licenses to customer support. More info on the Karlsruhe IT provider under Agency think tank Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

OTRS Training

Fast lane and it-novum bring common training approach on the market of Hamburg/Berlin, December 08, 2008 from January 2009 the IT-training specialist bring GmbH fast lane and the IT consulting and services company it-novum training concept encompassing the Nagios open source solution on the market. The jointly developed program consists of three courses that best prepare the users usage, operation and extension of Nagios environments. The topics span by installing and configuring the task automation and ITIL compliant integration of OTRS up to the remote monitoring. New in the fast lane offering the courses are Nagios Administration (NAG1), Nagios Advanced Administration (NAG2) and Nagios expert training (NAGE). The participants three days of basic knowledge about Nagios, open source, system – and Applikationsmonitoring, as well as corresponding concepts learn Nagios Administration (NAG1) training NAG1.

The monitoring capabilities are among other things pointed out thereby introduced in the basic installation of Nagios and the plugins. More Course sequences deal with within the file structures of Nagios. Focuses on objects, such as permissions, devices, services, contacts are also. Another component is the creation of basic services and the start of Nagios. The training also brings the Web interface (reporting, service details, hosts, etc.) more closely and monitoring via SNMP, as well as the operating system picks up base monitoring (Windows/Linux). Nagios advanced enables Administration (NAG2) of the two-day course NAG2 in the first step of Nagios knowledge of already existing refreshing.

In addition, an insight into a database (NDO installation and possible) for Nagios is given. Furthermore, passive monitoring among other things via wget and NSCA on the plan. More content are advanced active plugins (log files, databases, check_multi) as well as the visualization, documentation and recording of performance data. Nagios expert training (NAGE) of the two-day course NAGE begins with a warm-up of NAGIOS. In the further course of event handlers and writing are focuses on your own plugins.

Weighing System

Digitization is revolutionizing marketing process is in the retail fund balance to the multimedia tool Balingen without use of IT long time ago nothing more in retail. Intelligent solutions for the optimization of processes at the point of sale (PoS) and sales support multimedia tools have begun to. Staff and technical equipment present it as an everyday Assistant. Weighing technology is to the shopper. State-of-the-art IT systems support retailers increasingly in process optimization, expansion and customer loyalty. Customers are looking for proximity and intimacy”, says Matthias Harsch, a member of the technology specialists Bizerba business management headquartered in Balingen. The digitalisation will revolutionize the marketing process, as well as hitherto undreamed-of possibilities offer the suppliers and buyers. The CE checkout scales systems by Bizerba customer display shows the name of the seller and purchase offers.

But this is just the beginning: as recommended for each product also nutritional values, additives and allergens, as well as information on origin and the Storage are stored, can inform the seller sovereign also or print additional information. The balance is to the event screen, “Harsch says. In addition to static images in the future more and more dynamic variations of picture and video messages sent over the scale, which offer the customer a variety of suggestions to try new. You can increase the incentive to buy, by depending on the purchased product different coupons are printed from, offered more products at reduced prices to the customers. The innovative information systems in the trading hour has struck. Software and hardware solutions that allow you to add additional functionality and cost effectively replace individual components are called today”, so the market experience of Harsch. Another plus: so far mostly a whole work day was needed for the training of new sales staff.

Reasoning security came only after weeks or months. This effort is now considerably reduced, because after a few days each new sales force is fully in the picture”, Harsch explains the advantages of technology. Also the cash balance could be adjusted according to by Bizerba, matching other products appear to the purchased goods. Also gives the system whole recipe suggestions for a product and immediately provides the necessary ingredients on a printed shopping list, also recorded harmony which wine particularly well to the rump. The software breaks up the client’s head, answers questions, which have not yet been. Speaks harshly of a paradigm shift in the trade: Apple is with his stores, where the journey is headed. Shopping needs good feel worlds and authenticity. Cross selling, Visual Merchandising and sales training for the staff are only the main features of a new generation of load balance.” Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn (see profile)

German Industry Foundation Platform

The platform of ‘KASconnect’ was launched at the annual meetings of the old fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 2009 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the social software specialists of IntrWorlds. The old fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have a new network platform! In the framework of its annual meeting 2009 last weekend in Stuttgart, Germany for KASconnect was launched. With the platform, networking the Alumni should be improved with each other and with the Foundation. It was developed by the social software specialists of IntrWorlds. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Sankt Augustin awards since 1965 it frame its gifted education scholarships. The number of old fellows is now almost 10,000, organized in 46 regional groups.

Stronger together to network, is”the primary goal of KASconnect. The new online platform was presented on May 21, 2009 in Stuttgart by the Chairman of the KAS, Prime Minister a. D. Professor Dr. Bernhard Vogel, and the host of the annual meeting, Minister President Gunther Oettinger. Without volunteering would be the project was not feasible: A good year for a ten-person project team of the old Fellows worked on the organizational, substantive, legal and technical implementation. Register now as many old fellows in KASconnect should be in the next weeks and months”to fill the portal with life.

It can be found old friends again and new contacts, organizes events of regional groups and votes conducted. The existing structures and working methods of the old fellows were depicted by IntrWorlds in the new platform. Our Munich-based company is one of the leading providers of social communities. In addition to the old fellow of KAS, also many other well-known foundations and educational institutions are customers by IntrWorlds, for example, the sdw-alumni e.V. (the German Industry Foundation), the Association of fellows and old scholarship of the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung e.V. and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich or the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. Total round 90 set Customers in Germany and in other European countries a Web-based software by IntrWorlds better exchange and networking among its members.

Datentechnik Gmb

This further increases the efficiency of work processes. As a further innovation contributes to: as of version 5.09, the delivery scanning can be realized: with a Digi pen. This RETECO works together with the tcc products GmbH. The principle: The documents are filled with the digital pen. While oriented”PIN to a barely visible grid. The data is recorded, stored on the Digi pen, and from there transferred to the customer’s system.

The new technology increases the legal certainty for more ease of use and a lower cost than with a conventional scanner. Reader contact: RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-10 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 about RETECO Datentechnik GmbH: RETECO provides software for the areas of transport, logistics and freight forwarding since 1983. The core product is CARGOBASE, a comprehensive functional and at the same time flexible Software solution for freight forwarders. Due to the modular design, the system according to the customer requirements can be put together. In addition users can customize surfaces, masks, search profiles and reports. A detailed master data management including electronic file counts as to the scope of services such as a multi-level rights management and current account-enabled financial accounting, a form generator, log functions and evaluations about the whole dataset including Excel export.

Interfaces allow a deep integration into the existing IT environment. More than 150 companies any size of the Group include reference customers from RETECO up to the medium-sized forwarder. Your editorial contacts RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Michael Reimer Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-31 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 PR agency of good news! GmbH Bianka Boock of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-21 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Intelligent Key Management

The new Keymanagement software Traka.WEB the new Keymanagement software provides a portable key management on the World Wide Web Traka.WEB offers a portable key management on the World Wide Web and can integrate the Traka-touch the intelligent key cabinets series without any hardware changes in existing LAN and WAN structures. Traka.WEB is compatible browserbasierend and with all current Browservarianten Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari. About the Web login Traka.WEB is hardware independent, i.e. user medium all smartphones, can be used as iPADs, Netbooks, laptops and PCs, whose operating system offers one of the browsers above as a Web interface. Traka.WEB supports all Traka-touch systems that are hardware already prepared on the web-based network communication.

The key cabinets and specialized equipment are connected directly with the Traka.WEB server via a standard network cable, a wireless LAN module or a GSM/GPRS modem. Traka.WEB can either on an internal Network server or installed externally in the Traka.CLOUD when installing external programs in a corporate network is not permitted. The 3-layer architecture of Traka.WEB, consisting of data, application and presentation layer, allows a very efficient and scalable use of WEB resources. Traka.WEB has a scalability of 2000 electronic key cabinets and/or specialized equipment per database server, managed a ring memory of 250,000 events per key cabinet, so that in an emergency, a very long independent recording time is guaranteed, and enables the management of 25,000 users per key cabinet or specialized equipment. With this performance, extremely rich applications can easily be realised.

Also with regard to data, communication and Web login security works Traka.WEB at the highest level. The encryption of sensitive data is done using a MD5 + AES256 combination. In addition, the Web portal over SSL can be secured. Supports all the business engine by Traka.WEB commercially available database structures such as E.g. Microsoft SQL 2005 (or higher), MySQL, Oracle etc. Securing the Web logins in following ways: simple authentication over encrypted login information, session time out, Active Directory authentication and optional SSL authentication. Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS version 6 or higher must be installed on the following OS/HW: Windows Server 2003 with IIS6(3GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS7 +(3GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows 7 with IIS7 +(3GHz i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) Windows 8 with IIS7 +(3GHz i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD) 32 or 64-bit support physical or virtual machine support Traka.WEB is a multilingual application, i.e. relative to the corresponding user login the application automatically switches to the desired language. As already the previous software Traka32, also Traka.WEB has a real-time graphical interface. It shows the instantaneous representation of the key Cabinet including all events at a glance and provides In addition, the ability to remotely control the cabinets and specialist equipment with a mouse click, regardless of the installation locations of the systems. More technical details on the associated key cabinets the Traka-touch series online shelter available.

18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology supports 18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology of the University Center information technology on May 17, 2011 is it so far. The University Center Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg commits his 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology and the community supported The participants and interested parties of this day get an exciting program here. Mr. Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor of the Institute of Informatics and Mr. Dr.

Jurgen Andrick Halle-Dessau Chamber of Commerce will accompany moderating them through this day. Open Informatics, Mr. Prof. Dr. Matthias Muller Hannemann is this day the Executive Director of the University Center. An interesting briefing to the areas around IT, software, technologies, and much more is available to all participants. In addition to the contributions is also a small break for initial discussions, the networking and the hungry after the first half in between.

After you go well strengthened into the second round of this day join renowned companies of the region of central Germany, such as the University of first holding GmbH, Q-cells SE, FERNBACH-Software GmbH and also the AG. Let this day with a snack and interesting conversations. Look forward to an informative day with Central University computer science. “” “” Date: May 17, 2011 time: 14:00 19:00 place: Institute for computer science, von Seckendorff Platz 1, 06120 Hall, room 509 short program views: you’ll find the following topics: 14:00: opening of the 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology 14:10 Uhr: open service process platform “14:40 Uhr: big world – small world, a network view” 15:10 Uhr: not afraid of the parallelization of software for multicore architectures “15:40: text mining with probabilistic models of subject” 16:10 Uhr””: Break – small strengthening discussion 17 h 00: Semantic Web technologies and their future relevance of Internet companies “17:30: customized apparel as a service” (CAaS) 18:00: apps4fin -. “Desktop-based applications for banks and financial institutions” 18:30: IT architecture management merits of a long-term platform strategy “19:00: invitation to the snack bar and talks more information can be found under: hocke/UZI/Programm18IT.pdf registration at: the community and the Institute of Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor, cooperate and pursue the common goal to tie good specialists and executives in our region and to point out perspectives.