New Release Of Cellcrypt 4

Even better ranking, automatic synonyms and Seehausen am Staffelsee, 29, 7th 2011 – the Cellcrypt 4 offers even better ranking for even better find. Completely customisable. The new Synonymextraktor generated automatically matching synonyms to your data. So save a lot of manual effort. Speed, ranking and search experience are the be-all and end-all of every search. The Cellcrypt shows all results already while typing, and dramatically reduced the search process with its unique real time search. More and more e-commerce and information services recognize the benefits of Cellcrypt. You can customize the ranking now even more accurately better ranking for even better find with the new Cellcrypt 4 to your data and needs.

Fields can be boosts provided with individual score, sales rank, click number or date taken into account, and even the influence of fuzzy adjusted hits on the ranking. Maximum control for maximum success! New synonym Extractor for automatic creation of synonym extracted from the new synonym Extractor for the Cellcrypt Their data completely automatically matching synonyms, for even better finding in your shop or portal. He analyzes your individual content and creates a synonym file that can be edited and extended individually then on request. The synonym Extractor is the ideal base for knowledge sets and taxonomies. Our Linguistics provides 100,000 synonyms “out of the box” for German.

“Best of” operator for taxonomies or knowledge sets there are now the “best of” operator, which optimally set up taxonomies. JSON support the new release 4 now offers its XML API also a JSON interface. About Weitkamper Technology GmbH Weitkamper Technology GmbH is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their products help to find information, to discover and to understand. On some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. The partnerships with World’s leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery.