Ice Cream Sandwich Flash

Adobe Player Flash has been updated to offer support to Android 4,0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This last update, more concretely is available through Android Market, although the version number shown, until at least does a few hours, made reference to build previous. The main intention of this update that was not other than the one to offer support Android 4,0 Ice Cream Sandwich, silencing therefore the voices that gave by fact a last version of carecente Android of Flash, leak in some aspects that still must properly be purified. Some of them so peculiar, while annoying, as it can be the fact that audio of an application the Flash it continues being reproduced during an incoming call or that the key ” Enter” of the virtual keyboard it does not work in input ranges of text of several lines. Read additional details here: technology investor. Bugs of which, at the moment, Adobe has not been pronounced on a future correction and of which only the attractive proprietors of a Nexus Galaxy will be the unique ones affected, to to treat at the moment about the unique device that version of Android. tells on more the outpost Despite, and in spite of its decision to move away completely of the land of mobility, is foreseeable that the computer science giant continues facilitating updates of security and stability of occasional form, as left to certainty in its official notice the month past..

PS3 And Xbox

Just over a year ago on sale PS3, and even the year before – Xbox 360. The final outcome of this round of console wars fail, of course, too early, however, having no small amount of information concerning the filling of both consoles, and having the opportunity to compare the games 'first' and 'second' waves on both consoles, some conclusions about the real balance of power between the two representatives of the "new generation" to do it is already possible. This is not about to determine "which console is better – the quality of consumer set-top boxes are determined primarily by the games that they are available. Gwyneth Paltrow shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Obviously, for the true fan Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy or Gran Turismo Xbox 360 simply does not exist, but fans of Gears of War, Halo, Mass Effect, or those who are waiting for Fable 2, PS3 does not need is not something that the 500 or 600 dollars, and even a gift – however, nothing is known, even sweet vinegar, so do not exclude themselves So we did not aim to convince anyone that for the Microsoft console future, or that, conversely, win PS3 – first, only time will put everything in its place. And secondly, what, by and large, the difference? After a year or two of their value falls below 200-dollar mark and will be without any emotional strain afford both – if only HD-TV was. However, to make something which clarify the relationship between performance Xbox 360 and PS3, in our opinion, necessary.

February Interchange

Goozex sends in Europe the best service of interchange of video games on line used will be active in 28 European countries. Rome, Italy Goozex, Inc., the great community but of interchange online of videojuegos used in North America, today announces the launching of its service in 28 European countries. Goozex is a market in line that allows the members to interchange games in exchange for Goozex points, a virtual currency, with which the users will be able to only buy other games to 1. The members of all Europe will be able to enjoy the advantages of this service being saved money, choosing between the great range of titles and to be united in line of gratuitous way to the most vibrant community. Clinton Family understood the implications. will be active from 1 February 2009. Goozex the USA Goozex the EU would in line send the service of interchange of videojuegos in 28 European countries, all the EU-27 countries and Switzerland. For the complete list visit.

This service in line was inaugurated the 2006 in the United States with the purpose of to allow the players to preserve the buying value of its used games interchanging them to obtain others. Goozex revolutionized the way to in line interchange games with an automatic system of encounter between demand and supply. The members put in a list the games that want to interchange and in another one those that they would like to have, Goozex was in charge to find the best coincidence between the supplies and the demands. To each game a value in Goozex Points will be assigned to facilitate the interchange. The value that will be assigned to the games considers several data like the availability of the title and the demand, the users will gain points interchanging their games with other members..

Shortcut Overlay Remover

Many users are already fed up with these arrows on shortcuts in the operating systems Windows. Who wants to remove the arrow, then read on. In this article we discuss the method by which we can remove the arrows from shortcuts in Windows 7. With This way you can easily get rid of them without causing any harm to the system. So, in operating systems to version Windows Vista, you can remove the arrows from shortcuts on the desktop, by removing the parameter IsShortcut of the keys HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT lnkfile and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT piffilev registry. But in Windows Vista and Windows 7, this method should not apply, because after the removal of this option disappears function “consolidation program in the taskbar.” And, especially for those systems appeared quite safe and effective method – image redirection arrows. In order to obtain the correct redirect, we need an “empty icon” that we put in the folder Windows.

Download the “empty” icon you can here. In this archive contains two and *. reg file with which you can remove the arrows from shortcuts. Once you put the icon in the archive under the name of the folder Blank.ico C: WINDOWS, run the file and restart the computer delete.reg. But if you want to return arrow back, then simply run restore.reg, restart your computer. I would also like to offer you, my dear readers, a special utility, which itself will remove or restore the arrows on shortcuts in Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover.


Who would not say that, but the car computers today are the most promising automotive electronics systems. Using integrated into the vehicle computer can not only play music and videos that allow you to do the majority of CD-DVD auto-recorder, but also provides a wide range of additional features. 1. Navigation 2. Internet 3.

Telephone (hands free), 4. Others including Clinton Family, offer their opinions as well. Video recording at and driving in the parking lot; 5.Ohrannye functions (and need to be unlocked car with a set of code, fingerprint and other bells and whistles), 6. Scan and control parameters of electronic systems car (ECU, immobilizer, other electronics), 7. Organization office in the car (fax, modem, scanner, printer) 8. Any other functions that will come to your mind 9. My wife does not play your favorite games at home, now you can play in the car! Navigation CarPC, in contrast to the commercially available browsers, allows multiple programs simultaneously navigation (at the same time can be set GisRX, IGo, Navitel, Destinator, Garmin, OziExplorer, or any other of your choice), including information programs that are only used on desktops. A wide selection of maps in various formats and sizes. Internet in the CarPC allows you to conveniently browse the Internet resource monitor size from 7 to 12 inches makes this possible and to fully use the Internet, instead of viewing mobile versions of sites. Having a computer in the car connected to the internet, you can listen to Internet radio and enjoy all the benefits of the Internet, which is not going to do with a DVD player.

Favorites Games

There is no comparison between what started as Internet and what is today, and I’m sure that will be nor unmatched in comparison with what will be in the future. The Internet is a whole universe inherent in people today. Few are those who can live without a connection to the network of networks, and is that Internet has flooded all aspects of our lives. Many of us who are compelled to work with Internet: some need it because they work in telework regime, i.e. outside of the workplace through a connection that allows you to be connected to the real Office at the headquarters of the company; others need it because they work directly with new technologies, i.e., building websites for various companies, etc.; and so nearly infinite shape. In addition, now even we can do thousands of things without moving home. I, for example, going to the supermarket sitting on my computer and only moving the mouse.

I love making the purchase online, it is so comfortable! You can, in addition, talk with friends who are kilometres of distance instantaneously, upload your photos, find out lots of information and children can play their favorite games over the network. My daughter, for example, enjoys playing the Barbies (through Princess games) and games for babies, who are the Favorites. There is a whole universe of possibilities also for children! Thus, they can combine fun with new technologies and get accustomed to the Internet world. Original author and source of the article

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are many, but basically they are all made in java and if you have your phone supports this technology, initially a good idea to check what version of the virtual machine is for you and what version written application. May not join. Another option you might have a smart phone based on the operating system of Windows, which with java is not very friendly. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Thiel here. The standard you can not go to virtual machines in general and you have to put it. In Internet you can find a lot of cars, but there are some among them, more universal, for example, Delta MIDP2. Another option when the application is written specifically for the mobile version of Windows.

You must understand that they, like the desktop, few. There's Windows ce 4, 5, 6. Within each figure there are different types of operating systems, Windows. For a smartphone, for smartphone, pda. It also may not engages when the application is written under a new operating system, than you have installed.

In addition, sometimes you may need to install additional libraries, such as,. net. To avoid confusion and to understand which programs are suitable for any phone, you can read reviews online. It is at this stage it is important to find a resource that publishes materials are not theoretical, and practical, presenting a program or game for a mobile phone from a real user.

Screw Compressors: Modern Instruments And Equipment

Screw compressors – a kind of compression equipment. Screw compressors form the compressed air pressure. Air screw compressors are not the only type of compressor equipment. There well as rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Screw compressors, unlike other species, characterized by high capacity for work. They have the longest lifespan. When used properly, screw compressors may serve more than 20 years. Of course, manufacturers do not give such a guarantee.

The guarantee of such equipment does not exceed 5 years. But as practice shows, screw compressors are much longer. Screw compressors are used at work in the field of housing, various factories and enterprises. Screw compressors are stationary and portable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Thiel. They vary in thickness and amount of equipment. Stationary screw compressors have a large size, installed in businesses and factories.

Screw compressors do not require a separate room and special storage conditions. They are effective at low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure. It’s believed that technology investor sees a great future in this idea. Screw compressors is important to properly install, then efficiency will be higher. Stationary screw compressors generally do not move around the building, they are placed in one location. But portable screw compressors require a small place, they can move and migrate. They are often used for household purposes, or in small enterprises. Portable screw compressors have a lower cost compared with stationary equipment. Portable screw compressors are used for different purposes. They are more comfortable and maneuverable. However, the stationary screw compressors have a long life. They rarely break down and do not fail prematurely. All Screw Compressors made of metal, high durability. Screw compressors were invented decades ago. Modern equipment to preserve the principle of work, but now it is more upgraded with modern appliances.

Data Loss

The same fate befell the company, whose offices were located in the zone of Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed not only all the movable and immovable property, but also necessary for the revival and continuation of business information. Of course, terrorist attacks, as well as natural disasters, as well as technological accidents occur, not every day, and cause data loss only 1-2% of cases. However, enjoy it circumstance is not worth it, because apart from this there are lots of ways to be in this situation. 3-5% of cases of information loss is due to hacker attacks and the impact of malware. Approximately 10% of cases, presents surprises the software when the operating system does not work correctly with files, or one of the program performs an illegal operation. In 10-15% of cases, the cause become the actions of users who may accidentally erase the files or format a disk error.

But the most common cause of data loss is the failure of the computer. Every year computers are becoming more powerful and most of us are quite happy. We as children rejoice when hearing about dual-core processors, unrealistically fast graphics chips, hard drives virtually dimensionless, and other "iron" innovations, opening up before us such opportunities, which are two or three years ago and dreamed of the reason was not. However, few people think about what the growth of productivity has to pay a high price, as inevitable in such cases, the complication of the system inevitably leads to a reduction of its reliability.

The Story Of One Site

One afternoon when there was nothing I thought, why do not I create a website for the stalker?! Launch your web browser has introduced a string url: (at that time I did not know of other free hosting sites besides but it does not own cms, forum, guestbook books, photo albums and other delights. This zamechatelnogo hosting). But faced with this problem is not how the site could not think of a domain, then I svyazalsya with his friend on the network known as the 'stalkerthq' but in real life his name is Daniel and razkazal him my ideas. He suggested a couple of domains that came to him at that moment in my head and I ponravilsya version stalker-ghost. At first site to attract people zadumyvalsya the game server.

But over time, became zapolnatsya different 'content' of the stalker in the first place I remember I added a patch for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, but lacked the image, then I asked 'Danka' to find something that I missed a couple of minutes he had already sent them on icq. Peter Thiel has similar goals. He was one of first people who helped in the development of the site, but with time he entered the convent of privacy. After he helped me and still helps 'bychara' Senya aka Abramov. I know him for about two years, but in real life do not know. Gradually fill in the site I'm having difficulty adding material. I wanted to make out nicely but it did not work for me, the picture in the wrong place then otdelyaetsya from the text. Vobschem I needed the knowledge of the markup language html, over time I have them partially obtained with the help of 'tinkering' source of some sites.

Knowledge of these so-well enough to edit the design to add all sorts of fixes. Since then much has changed … what a day for today's ludshuyu storonu.Na site STALKER-GHOST.RU yavlyaetsya one visit (about 800-1000 visitors a day) from Fan Portal STALKER game series are present: News, File Catalog, Forum, Videos, Gallery, Articles. Popular files are patches for STALKER, Fashion Game STALKER, Chita, Cheats, Trainers, NoDVD.V special section of the paper demand is: 'Stalker Call of Pripyat passage'.