And Who Has A Friend ?

Why people are so angry? Even very close to you people, deep down, reluctantly, to you may be experiencing feelings of envy and malice. " I can not believe in what I am surrounded by such people, whom I consider friends or friends, sincerely wishing them nothing but good and happiness! Always eager to help them, but often stumble onto a rigid ingratitude, while in principle I do not expect it, this gratitude. Just infuriates the fact that all starting to take all granted, after I begin to realize the true cause of our communication or unreal friendship. How can that be? I do not want to think that people whom I love, I just simply used, or something like that Sometimes I want to share your feelings with someone. For example, if I'm good or I'm happy, many friends, or friends or relatives, to celebrate the like is not happy! If it's happiness or success or luck, you're taken away from them, not just earned or done something for this itself. Often hear from people such phrase; Why she (or he) was so lucky! And I'm worse than her (or him)! Are people so selfish? that can not be sincere, without envy, just be glad for others. Thank God There is a small percentage of those people who truly love you and appreciate your friendship, but unfortunately you can not always be there


Performance of this device is not more than 1000 labels per hour. The second step in automating the process labeling – semi-automatic labeling machines. The principle of operation of this machine is that the operator manually puts the product in a special cradle, push the pedal and an automatic gluing labels. Semi-automatic labeling machine operated by one operator, its performance does not exceed 1500 labels per hour. This machine limited in use, may cause the label on the cylindrical and flat packaging, as well as in the groove. And finally, the automatic labeling machines, allow to apply self-adhesive labels for products that moving on the conveyor. Labeler is made and completed on the basis of the problem, which is formulated as follows: the configuration container, the number of stamps affixed. Also need to know multiple answers to the questions of how product gets on the conveyor (previous operation), which will come out with labeling (subsequent operation), whether you want to embed an existing line, or separate standing machine is needed, etc.

The principle of the automatic applicator simple sticker label is due to the inflection carrying base label on the knife, moving packaging captures the sticky edge labels and drags, Next labels are in special units. The machine works from the sensors, one sensor records the flow of packages on the conveyor, another sensor, gathering labels. The software is formed in such a way that the labels are applied, like a certain place on the package with an error of 1 mm. Automatic applicator works for stepper motor at up to 50 m / minute. The principle of the automatic applicator, we considered, then we need them ready labeling machine, as one applicator all the work on the sticker label can not do. Proceed to the acquisition machine, I already wrote that you need to know what perform the task, the machine comes with a designer, there are special nodes that are needed for different types of packaging.

For cylindrical containers used block scroll container, in which bottles, cans, tuba commits rotational motion and thus, there is a complete label on the side surface, and used a block of packaging division, to enforce the separation package, if it comes from a previous surgery groups. For the oval packaging is a block positioning, and clamping the upper conveyor to align the containers on the conveyor belt and fix it before the labeling is necessary when there is a label of two or more labels. Model line labeling machines is enormous, it depends on the problem, by sticking labels on flat containers, prior to the application of two, three, four labels on containers of various configurations. Many labeling machines equipped with printers for printing the most diverse additional information on self-adhesive labels, as well as on the packaging. Of the variety of labeling equipment can always choose a model which will be best suited for your task, but also reasonable to combine price and quality.