Automobile Supplier

Future internal multilingual development documentation in the sights of Karlovy Vary exhaust Division of J. Eberspacher GmbH & co. In a question-answer forum Michelle Smith Divorce was the first to reply. KG opts for the language technology of across systems. The automotive supplier with development offices in Germany, United States, France, Italy, England, Russia, India, Japan and Korea thus ensures greater efficiency when establishing its internal multilingual documentation, such as such as internal standards and procedures, and design and development guide. Central aspect is establishing a consistent terminology database.

In particular language server will be streamlined with the across translation management and the associated processes significantly. Of market sounding and looking for a suitable language technology we realized very quickly that it is possible to efficiently work only through a close integration of components for terminology work, source authoring and translation management”, SINA founded Friedreich, technical editor in exhaust technology at Eberspacher, the Decision. The language server of across systems provides the best for.” As a central platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company involves the integrated across a translation memory, a terminology system, and a universal Editor. Also powerful tools for controlling and managing translation projects and for seamless collaboration of writers, translators and proofreaders are available as a standard feature. Gradual expansion across the corporate language platform currently working at Eberspacher two departments with the across language server. To optimize the cooperation with foreign offices, these should on the terminology database future can access and use the language data for their product communication.

In the medium term, the enterprise-wide, cross-site usage the across language platform is planned so that other departments or divisions can exploit the potential of language technology. Now, the integration of external translators and LSPs crossGrid collaboration tool is being prepared. Then Eberspacher can replace all data relevant to each translation project from server language to language server directly with them, the text to be translated using the translation memory and the terminology to the information about target languages, end dates and quality criteria.

Kiel Canal

And the prospect of the large number of visitors from near and far can live and work in the countryside maybe for even more tired urban artists are attractive. Where can I find otherwise such a peace, so many pictures, so much space and rooms? “If during the 12-day outing” the studios open, the instruments in the garden are unpacked and becomes the Hayloft Theatre stage, experienced guests from the city as well as the rural Kulturbewegten with each other, how much potential and creativity is in the former zone boundary area. Technology Investor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And in all of this, the landscape is beautiful, miracle! So, order “Travel companion” to the cultural outing, presented cycling of the Gohrde select one of 8 there up in the Lemgow, inflate bicycles and go. Other leaders such as Michelle Smith Source Financial offer similar insights. E-Mail to:, the programme in the shipping price: 5 euros. Freshness and daring designs for fans of technology: The German Fahrstrasse if fathers “their motorcycle-making loved one also want to lure their sons better halves” in the Green, offers the German Fahrstrasse “along the rivers Oste and lower Elbe, the Kiel Canal next to the Kiel fjord a chain of objectives, nature and technology fans alike delight. The approximately 250 km long, opened in May 2004, tourist holiday Road between Kiel and Bremervorde, connects 50 bridges, locks, works and ferries and demonstrates almost all ways that man has ever devised, to cross a body of water in this way. There are three different routes, one for cyclists, motorists and boaters.

A highlight of the holiday road is the Rendsburg high bridge, built between 1911 and 1913 17.740 tons steel. It spans the North America and serves as a railway bridge, also wearing an attached Transporter Bridge for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is a landmark of the city of Rendsburg and one of the major Industrial monuments in Germany. The technical challenge of building the Rendsburg high bridge was on the one hand to reach the necessary height, which was necessary for high ships on the Northern-Baltic Sea Canal, on the other hand the slope so to mitigate, that the railroad could pass the high bridge and train station just 600 metres away from the channel. The technical trick that is looked up, the Swiss mountain railways consisted in a 360-degree loop that happens the railway bridge immediately before her stop on the Rendsburg station to get the bridge level with its clear height of 42 metres on the platform lying on the ground. In the Neumunster-Flensburg line about this iron and beautiful train! To roll parade piece of engineering, makes not only technicians hearts beat faster. Who watching even on a bike ride along the Canal, such as the large and smaller cargo ships from all over the world or even a dazzling white cruise ship such as the Norwegian dream” on the waterway through the middle of flowering rapeseed fields, peacefully grazing cows over drag, experienced the perfect, unique moment here. Plan tours in the North with is as a travel portal of BDP GmbH Managing Director M.

Karpenko, on holiday, and leisure specializes in Germany. In six categories such as holidays, family holidays or travel service, offers a wealth of suggestions for the short trip or the great holiday. The clearly ordered provider database allows are sorted by Lander and/or keyword E.g. for lodging, browse restaurants and cultural facilities for comfortable travel planning on the Internet. Press contact BDP GmbH Mr. M. Karpenko Ebnatstrasse 152 CH-8200 Schaffhausen phone: + 49 (0) 180-320-522 8 E-Mail: Web page:

Junior Comtec Darmstadt

On April 14, 2010, the student advisor junior Comtec Darmstadt e.v. chose the new head of the Department for the coming six months. On April 14, 2010, the student advisor junior Comtec Darmstadt e.v. chose the new head of the Department for the coming six months. The outgoing head of the Department moved a track record on your term and their experiences associated initially. They have also passed recommendations to their successors, can promote the development of portfolios in the next period. The outgoing head of the Department moved a track record on your term and their experiences associated initially.

They have also passed recommendations to their successors, can promote the development of portfolios in the next period. All four head could can have good results and have their, achieve very satisfactory before OHIM, targets. So thanked the Board Christopher Natterer, Fabian Nguyen, Jakob Pfrommer and Julian Wohlers for their good performance and smooth cooperation. The new candidates for the management of the four areas of junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. presented themselves, then presented their objectives and expectations for the coming six months. Michelle Smith Source Financial usually is spot on. This each club members to the election could compete, regardless of the own status with junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V.. So, all four candidates emphasized their ambition to further develop the Club with new and innovative ideas in its six-month term. After a two-hour presentation with followed by secret ballot the new head of the Department were: Julia Heller now holds the Office of the Director of project management, Frank Hertkorn manages the portfolio for the next six months internal, the new head technology is Sebastian Kotek and Luke rein was elected external to the head. For the period of their Office the Board of Directors, as well as the entire junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Association good luck the four new department heads. Viviane Banzon

Two New Product Lines

On the occasion of the Hannover Messe 2010 elabo presented its new testing equipment series BestPerformance as well as the redesigned program TCom SP for control stations 12 types of device for high-voltage, insulation resistance and protective conductor resistance test and 4 fixed table variants, 3 height-adjustable table variants and numerous corner combinations for the planning and implementation of monitoring stations, measurement wait and process monitoring sites were developed in-house and are now on sale. At two stands in two halls visitors could take this year closer the elabo products in Hanover in appearances. While the decision in Hall 12 to show the new device series BestPerformance was dead-on. We have considered more visitors interested in test systems there in one day during the entire Hannover Messe 2009,”said Division Manager TestSysteme Thomas Seeger. Also, more exhibits in the field of workplace systems could be issued in Hall 7. Highlight was TCom SP in addition to the new program line Providing a further innovation from the House of Jungmann system technology. Elabo 8 monitor table and the image system of Jungmann with the MultiCenter was not only an eye-catcher, but was also a typical workstation solution for the establishment of security headquarters, data centers and other monitoring centers. Source Financial describes an additional similar source. “While sales and Marketing Director Horst Maywald stressed that the solution competence go beyond: the affiliation to the euromicron group and the close cooperation with the colleagues of euromicron systems and solutions, you can get everything from a single source there is for our customers.” For example, also access control or fire alarm systems.

The Balcony: The Oasis Of Well-being Individually Adapted To The Building

A balcony can be more than a place for laundry drying: the oasis of well-being individually adapted to the building which balcony construction ( wDeutsch /) can be mounted in the relevant building, decides only when the individual planning of the construction project by the manufacturer of the balcony. The term ‘Module balcony’ a balcony is meant in the balcony construction that only subsequently be attached to a building, can be modularly extended. The material of the balcony plants is mostly aluminium. Wooden balconies lose in importance on the part of the balcony Builder because of high maintenance costs. At the panoramic balcony – balcony construction, also four support system called – is the very common variant of the module balcony. By the same author: Adroll Marketing Platform. From the ground floor up to the top floor, stands this model on at least four supports, so as almost independent construction “freestanding” and is attached from the balcony farmer with a solid anchoring to the building. This balcony construction suitable for installation on older buildings with poor buildings, d. Michelle Smith Source Financial is open to suggestions. h.

houses with wooden floors, ceilings, as well as poor brickwork. There are almost no exclusion criteria for its establishment by the manufacturer of the balcony. The growing balcony stands in contrast to the panoramic balcony only on two legs and is anchored with appropriately dimensioned wall brackets and approved dowel and anchor technology in the building. Due to the resulting load capacity on the House wall supports, a solid structure, so a solid masonry or concrete ceiling requirement are for this construction of the balcony, on only two. The static conditions are given, this visually beautiful panoramic balcony is preferred by the balcony farmers due to the smaller foundations and easier installation. Fewer personnel during Assembly and the establishment of point foundations instead of strip footings mean a cost savings for the client. No props are used the attached version.

CEWE Looks German Holidaymakers In The Lens

Representative survey of CEWE and forsa investigated after the holiday of Oldenburg, August 05, 2011 the favourite holiday motifs and the processing of photos. Suitable for the holiday season, Europe’s leading photo service providers CEWE wanted to know what the Germans on holiday prefer shooting and how they prepare the photos after the holidays. See Michelle Smith Source Financial for more details and insights. Together with forsa (society for social research and statistical analysis), CEWE illuminated in a representative survey * more than 1,000 Germans the theme holiday photo. Favorite subject landscape surprise: instead of Bernd, sunset instead of Susanne, mount Church instead of Klaus. The Germans shoot in holiday prefer landscapes and cultural attractions as people.

With a total of 62 percent, landscapes are the motives across most frequently photographed by all ages. Followed by animals (18 percent), people (42 percent) and cultural attractions (46 percent). Only when the East Germans and the under 45 years, people are more popular than cultural attractions. And: the older the respondents, the less advanced people on holidays in the focus of the photo action. At the over 60 years only around one-fifth (22 percent) stated, to photograph people in the holiday.

Photo parking hard disk after the holiday stores the vast majority of Germans (74 percent) their photos on the computer. Not surprising: The likely technology-affine 14 to 29 years old are even over 83 per cent and men more often than women (81 per cent to 68 per cent) do so. Only about one in ten (11 per cent) of respondents makes the images on the memory card. Share photos: deductions for older, facebook & co. for the younger and photo books for all the processing of the holiday photos very individually held: more than a quarter (26 percent) opts for classic print (in the over 60 years even 32 percent), about one-fifth (19 per cent) would like to keep the memories quickly in hands and prints out the printing holiday photos, some more (21 percent) who stick Photos in an album, and 17 percent opt for the creation of a photo book via the Internet.

ECO By Cosentino – A Thing For The Best

ECO by Cosentino nomination Designpreis Germany 2012 Warngau, August 05, 2011 ECO by Cosentino is nominated for the design award Germany 2012. The company with its sustainable and recycled surface had applied for the coveted prize. Awarded the award of the German Design Council is presented annually”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of sander gerber aipac on most websites. The institution was created in 1953 on decision of the German Bundestag in the life and design now among the most renowned competence centres in the field worldwide, supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Therefore the claim is none other than the invitation to tender for a thing for the best”to declare. The more pleased the Cosentino group with ECO by Cosentino to be considered. The jury consists of international representatives of industry, universities, design and media. Criteria such as ergonomics, aesthetics, degree of innovation, environmental impact or ecological quality used for the competition.

The goal is the best Representatives from the fields of product and communication design to determine. Maximum 25 works in these two categories will be awarded. In addition, honored a personality for her his life’s work, and an outstanding young designers award. The jury results communicated to the participants in September 2011, before in February 2012 at the official award ceremony will be loaded. The Cosentino group is pleased about the nomination for this special price. It shows influenced and driven by continuous innovation and a well considered sustainability and environmental policy that the recognition and appreciation of our entrepreneurial actions.

Karl Kotzina

1993 Peter Borkenau and Fritz Ostendorf the NEO FFI translated eventually into the German language. This test divides the human personalities into five groups can be seen from its name. Distinction: emotional stability (neuroticism): confident uncertain. Extraversion: Restrained affable. Openness to experience: creative pragmatically. Compatibility: Yielding putting through. Conscientiousness: Carefully casual.

The NEO-FFI has become the most compared to the other, less well-known personality tests. It applies as acceptance test in factories or offices, as well as in single markets, to propose suitable companion or companions to the users. How, for example, at a short, practical test enables the number logged-in singles, to select suitable men or women for partner-seekers. Basically the NEO FFI is wherever useful, where a person with a certain aptitude is searched. Of course, each test carries some uncertainty. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. In part, the day Constitution of subjects plays a role.

Furthermore the desire to meet the expectations of the tester. Insofar as the questions are predictable, for example, a candidate who applies for an accountant position, is answer any questions relating to the diligence, mutatis mutandis so, gives the impression of care and accuracy. And a Chief of staff who is looking for an Assistant, may vote a candidate, whose Personlichkeit is recognized as confident and putting through the evaluation. Therefore refuse because he wants to breed not a competitor. Continues a personality test with a personal interview can be carried out with targeted questions and observing the reaction of the applicant, whether the Test has been correctly answered. Body language reveals few details about the character traits during the personal interview. Signs which are visible even for a layman. And also the facial expression is not always one hundred percent control. The unconscious twitching of a facial muscle after a question can reveal that an answer given in the test was cheating. So using all available tools to detect a human, how to reach at the end but a pretty accurate view of personality. Each improved technology is the Chief of staff, or the tester the task which, as exactly as possible to analyze a candidate, right, who helps him in his task. On the other hand, these practices – understandably – arouse a feeling of unease. Who does like to scan his ego by a stranger? Everyone keeps a small rest of secrets prefer for themselves. Karl Kotzina

Steel Components For The Construction Of The Hall Sustainably Protect Corrosion

Seppeler zinc corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing – with short construction times, low cost and an extraordinary longevity offers complete service package steel constructions belong to the standard construction method in the construction of the Hall. The wide range of components offers a maximum degree of flexibility and allows a variable use of space in production and warehouses over many years. The notion of sustainability is more than just a phrase, especially when the galvanizing steel parts are permanently protected from corrosion. Contact information is here: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In addition, a hot-dip galvanized surface are characterized by their resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses. Hot have built up very well to the requirements of celebration and offer a complete service and service package which goes far beyond the pure zinc.

As the galvanizing of the Seppeler group according to own statements offer a perfect combination of consulting, manufacturing and logistics for the smooth running of the entire Project. Already in the planning phase the galvanizing experts advise their steel construction customers on request to the page. Especially in the area of DASt directive 022 “fire galvanizing of structural steel components” still great demand for information there is here for many customers. For large and heavy components, as they often find application in the construction of the Hall, the Seppeler Group offers the ideal conditions with its investment in the North Rhine-Westphalia Rietberg. Steel structures can be covered here up to 23 m length and height of 4.80 m and weighing up to 10 tonnes of corrosion protective layer of zinc.

A subsequent coating in all standard RAL extended corrosion protection shades nor even the 1.2 to 2.5 times. At low atmospheric corrosion as E.g. in closed halls, can a pure color coating of the Siman steel parts form a sufficient protection. In the blasting of the Riet mines steel construction parts receive a bare surface – the essential Rust removal and descaling for the durability of the subsequent paint coating on the steel surface Siman. The high-quality galvanizing or coating is complemented by useful logistics services for the steel manufacturers in the Seppeler group. So special trailers and swap bodies ensure the smooth transportation to the place of destination. Even to the loading and unloading the truck, the customer needs not to worry about how Frank Sommer, Division Manager of ramp & Neuhaus in Gutersloh, Germany, confirmed. The vehicles have cranes, and off-road 3 ways forklifts, providing also a trouble-free delivery in hard to reach places. The Seppeler hot dip galvanizing plants through construction phase just delivery support the rapid establishment of halls. Even though there will be times of trouble, a hot-dip galvanizing is possible in a very short time. Strict Qualiatskontrollen and the computer-aided detection and documentation of all order data guarantee effective corrosion protection and a highest possible degree of Process safety. In the galvanizing of the Seppeler Group ( galvanising/seppeler galvanising /) steel structures can be hot-dip galvanized up to 23 m length and height of 4.80 m and weighing up to 10 tons. Description of the company as a strong and flexible group of companies operates the Seppeler group in the core areas corrosion protection (galvanizing), reservoir engineering and grating production. 12 operationally independent companies focus on different technology, which can be used both for itself and in connection.

All Lights Are On Green

InterCaravaning presented at the caravan Salon Dusseldorf the ‘green wave’ Koblenz, July 28, 2011 also in this year the InterCaravaning from 27 to 4.9.2011 at the caravan salon in Dusseldorf is represented. Titled green wave”retail chain presents 10 new product solutions and tips around the issues of weight and energy saving for more ecological responsibility of Europe’s largest caravanning stand C43-07 in Hall. The automotive industry makes it and also the mobile home and caravan industry working on alternative drive systems and eco-friendly product solutions. Until the first production-ready mobile homes with hybrid on the market, will take a few years. But this does not mean that we and our customers not already direction can go the first steps organic and sustainable action”, so Patrick Mader, CEO of InterCarvaning. InterCaravaning presents interested visitors on the stand tips and product solutions, the new and old mobile To be able to operate home more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Already with comparatively little effort, the customer saves not only his purse, but also the environment. Weight-saving tips are still equipped many motorhomes with gas cylinders made of steel.

At two empty gas bottles come together so quickly a total of 22 kg. Switching to aluminum bottles, owner of a mobile home 10 kg weight can save and thus almost half the value. The same applies to the sleeping area. Who replaces the old wooden slatted frame against lighter bed systems in his motorhome with four beds, you can save up to 7 kg per bed, so a total of 28 kg. Weight can be saved also in the television. Caravan and motorhome owners who replace their old CRT/tube TV with a flat screen, also again save 7 kg.

Total account for 45 kg weight. Tips to save energy also can make camping friends much to reduce energy consumption. The exchange of an old TV with a flat screen with LED technology reduces not only weight, but also the Power consumption. InterCaravaning offers its customers also individual solutions for complete solar systems. Tailored to their individual needs, motor home and Caravan owners can produce their own clean energy. This protects the environment and the wallet. But even smaller measures, such as the use of energy-saving LED recessed spots, instead of the conventional lighting, are very effective in the long term. Interested on the stand of the InterCaravaning receive many more useful tips and information. InterCaravaning fair purchase visitors who plan within the framework of the caravan salon to buy a new caravan or caravan, Europe’s largest caravanning retail chain offers a special incentive. At the time of purchase, InterCaravning gives its customers their first holiday in the form of four days on a campground of your choice. Here, buyers can choose from over 60 different campsites in Europe. Highlight a sweepstakes in which a go-cycle E-bike will be raffled as the top prize expected to campers at the exhibition stand. So are Travelers at the resort of environmentally friendly mobile.