18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology

ITmitte.de supports 18 IndustrieTag InformationTechnology of the University Center information technology on May 17, 2011 is it so far. The University Center Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg commits his 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology and the community supported ITmitte.de. The participants and interested parties of this day get an exciting program here. Mr. Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor of the Institute of Informatics and Mr. Dr.

Jurgen Andrick Halle-Dessau Chamber of Commerce will accompany moderating them through this day. Open Informatics, Mr. Prof. Dr. Matthias Muller Hannemann is this day the Executive Director of the University Center. An interesting briefing to the areas around IT, software, technologies, and much more is available to all participants. In addition to the contributions is also a small break for initial discussions, the networking and the hungry after the first half in between.

After you go well strengthened into the second round of this day join renowned companies of the region of central Germany, such as the University of first holding GmbH, Q-cells SE, FERNBACH-Software GmbH and also the sprd.net AG. Let this day with a snack and interesting conversations. Look forward to an informative day with Central University computer science. “” “” Date: May 17, 2011 time: 14:00 19:00 place: Institute for computer science, von Seckendorff Platz 1, 06120 Hall, room 509 short program views: you’ll find the following topics: 14:00: opening of the 18th IndustrieTag InformationTechnology 14:10 Uhr: open service process platform “14:40 Uhr: big world – small world, a network view” 15:10 Uhr: not afraid of the parallelization of software for multicore architectures “15:40: text mining with probabilistic models of subject” 16:10 Uhr””: Break – small strengthening discussion 17 h 00: Semantic Web technologies and their future relevance of Internet companies “17:30: customized apparel as a service” (CAaS) 18:00: apps4fin -. “Desktop-based applications for banks and financial institutions” 18:30: IT architecture management merits of a long-term platform strategy “19:00: invitation to the snack bar and talks more information can be found under: hocke/UZI/Programm18IT.pdf registration at: uzi.uni-halle.de/Verwaltung/industrietag.php the community ITmitte.de and the Institute of Informatics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Paul Molitor, cooperate and pursue the common goal to tie good specialists and executives in our region and to point out perspectives.