LUXeXceL Technology Center

With this symbolic act, she officially opened the new printing platform in the LUXeXceL Technology Center in goes. The first series of LED lens is in the MERA “series of fittings the company RCB used lamps in Bamberg. “This series of elegant LED reading lights was recently for their special lighting design with the red dot design award” award. LUXeXceL recently, succeeded the Printoptical technology”for the market to make available. Now it is possible to produce three-dimensional optics with a digital printing process.

Thus including lenses and light distribution structures can be produced customer-specific. With the introduction of this innovative manufacturing process are the LED lighting industry from now new Growth opportunities available. I am pleased that our team has managed to develop that it is suitable for the LED lighting market this breakthrough technology. “Current problem areas that the successful introduction of high-quality LED lighting in the market now block the development of lenses, can in this way simply and easily out of the way given are”, says Richard van de Vrie, CEO of the LUXeXceL group. Also RZB CEO Reiner Jurgens is reflected by the development thrilled: the manufacture of Optics is now more accessible than ever before. Eliminating annoying obstacles in the areas of design, development and fabrication of optics, new global opportunities provided the lighting industry.

“” We announce with joyful surprise, that the first series of lenses for our Mera “available.” New energy-efficient LED fixtures can be placed from now more flexible, faster and more cheaply on the market. In addition to considerable time savings makes the new Technology a sustainable contribution to the energy friendly led lighting revolution. In addition, these digital printing technology offers new Produktdesignmoglichkeiten the (O) LED lighting manufacturer. It is only a matter of graphic design to insert logos, technical data and design elements in one and the same manufacturing process. In addition, optical or rapid adjustments in the manufacturing process can be made simply and easily. About LUXeXceL the innovative LUXeXceL Group B.V.., developer of the ‘Printoptical ‘technology, makes changes, developed and manufactures optical products through the use of digital 3D-Druckprozessen and offers complementary software and hardware for many different areas. A brand new technology is born from the use of (day) light and a unique combination of techniques from the digital printing, optics and lighting technology. The Printoptical technology”opens the door to new optical structures, light distribution motifs, to develop lenses and prisms and on different media to print. Act LUXeXceL is a leader in the research and development of environmentally-friendly, easy to-use and affordable applications and as a game-changer”for traditional optical products and production methods. In all these aspects, the company unceasingly aims the reduction of energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and eliminate the use of hazardous materials. LUXeXceL has its main location in goes, Netherlands, and also locations in Germany and in the United States.