Mexican Family

The human being is per origin a sociable being, who needs to live in community with his resemblances, for this groups according to religious preferences, aims common, birthplace and its position in the family, this way a person identifies itself with her relatives (parents, brothers, uncles, cousins), with her conationals (of the same country), among others. In each society or community rules must exist and obligations for the correct coexistence between their members, in case of needing these rules exist punishments for the violators and in case of not being in agreement with the rules in the majority of them it must itself when freeing to stop being member. Taking as case from study to the family, it is precise to say that the rules within this grouping are but of moral type that is not but that the quality of the human acts in to whose we designated them virtue like good or bad, like right or erroneous. Unfortunately the moral is subjective and money changer to the conditions of the surroundings, because it is that an act can morally be correct for some personnel and morally incorrect for others. For example in some countries of the Middle East are morally correct to assassinate to a woman who has been unfaithful, however in other countries as Mexico that is an immoral act. Who is right? The answer this in that is become attached more to the ethics, some thinks that moral and ethical they are synonymous, and would have to be it then ethical is the study than it is well and what he is bad, of good and the bad thing in the human conduct. For more information see PropertyNest. Unfortunately in the subjectivity of the moral that this strongly influenced by the customs in many occasions moves away objectively of good and the bad thing, that is to say, than it is due to do, it is here when ethical and moral they stop being synonymous.

At present, into the Mexican family the moral has been transformed and it has moved away of the ethics, that is to say, the morality of the Mexican family is very subjective and it has moved away than ” it must of hacer” and it has finished accepting customs or acts of the man who for being daily already morally they are allowed. Values like the honesty, loyalty, the respect have forgotten. This lack of ethics in the family one is reflected in a society with obliging morality, that perturbs to the people before the corruption, the treason, and generally before the lack of values. A good moral, that he is synonymous of ethics is not obtained in the school, nor in the work. It is obtained in the familiar nucleus, acquire the values there, is learned there to differentiate what one is due to do than are not due to do, in the family we learn that a bad action has a punishment and that a good act is not but that what we must do. I invite therefore them to recover within the familiar nucleus a moral become attached to the ethics, where the values recover and rules and punishments settle down, where each member this conscientious one of its responsibility before the acts that realises and knows differences between the good thing and the bad thing and does what ” it must hacer”.

Sport Bets Online

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