The Site

The disadvantages of the first option can also be attributed the lack of further support for Web project unsatisfactory work with documents. As for freelancing, then additional support is sometimes available for a fee (it cost usually ranges from 500 to 3000 rubles per month) to work with documents in remote work naturally can not speak. Another point to be noted is the work on the principle "and Sweden and the Reaper" is one person makes a soft part of the site and dazayn and very rarely do good is both. Well, the main drawback of this option is, of course, the instability of today does freelance sites, but tomorrow he graduated from high school, changed jobs, married, divorced, in general, there are a large number of life situations in which further support to the site will transfer to another person. At first glance there's nothing complicated, but actually it is not. First, it refers to the software portion of the site, few like to understand the code written by another person. This may be an obstacle when adding new functionality or significantly slow down its development and implementation.

Secondly, if you have not provided fonts used in the logo or graphical navigation, adding new sections may also pose a serious problem, at best, will have to find the font in the worst remake the whole menu. Third, can a problem with the domain name, if God forbid, you have entrusted its registration other party. And if the parties face to register it on their own and not through the host (which happens more often in the first version), then the problem can acquire a distinct character. We now turn to the option of developing the site on their own.