Web Design

After all, enough to build a high quality, competitive marketing website business not that particularly difficult, but requires some knowledge and skills. That newcomers to the Internet, alas – do not possess. Technology web design does not represent a kind of tricky science, inaccessible to the minds of mere mortals. At the end of all, it's not writing his doctoral dissertation, and it is quite a common way of obtaining knowledge that is available even schoolchildren. By the way, young sculptors create sometimes even very good sites, and oddly enough they manage to earn. With an adult, not technology-related web design, it seems rather strange and surprising. Nothing strange there is not. After all, the students, unlike us adults who used them to learn and the procedure is easier to pick up the textbook and the real meaning of the terminology of technology of web design, rather than us adults, are constantly loaded their own problems in real life.

So: something is a "technology of web design? Web Design (English web-design) – the process of development and creation of intellectual products of the technologies used on the Internet. A bit unusual wording, is not it? In fact, nothing unusual there is no: it simply quite distinctive. Let's try to understand the essence of this definition. As a rule, come to the Internet novices rather vaguely imagine the process that is called "the creation and development of the site. and nothing surprising in this.

The very process of creating a site is a work online, because it is almost entirely done on the local computer (ie the ones that are not connected to the internet). This process (in any case, the most important part of it) is a web design, and the result of this work will be web-project: This should be carefully examined, to analyze the quality of the site and then publish – move files to a web project on server. That's when your web project, in full accordance with the definition of classical terminology the Internet, will become site. Thus, the creation of the site – it is nothing like the creation of Web project with elements of web design and subsequent publication on the Internet.

World Wide Web

And even the absurd and poorly thought-designed navigation is already resentment, not to mention, if any site will open more than a few seconds. Well he has the right, he's your customer. To keep this costly buyer in today's competition, site owners often turn to experts who conducted an audit and analysis of the site and identify its weaknesses. So every vendor in the network is already trying, exceed the benefits of standard stores around the competitors to ensure a profitable trade in itself, and its a good buy to the potential buyer. After creating your site, you are confronted with the idea of how to attract visitors to it, really ready to make a purchase or take advantage of the services offered.

World Wide Web site is an effective tool to attract clients, customers, business partners. Business is online and is – a fact. Some of the factors is the search engine optimization site responsible for the success of the business on the Internet. As in any business is to start with market research, competitive environment and target audience. Namely, to sort and segment the audience requests. Not least important, and the site itself.

Particularly its navigation (the definition of space). First of all, it should be fine – in fact it defines the relationship visitors to you and your site. If navigation is awkward and the person begins to flounder in the subsections and sections, then he get bored and there is anger at the master, who did not care about his comfort. Most do not want to suffer and pick in what they see, and simply go to other sites, which are easier, clearer and more understandable. In fact, because of the awkward use lost more than one million people and more than one billion dollars is lost due to that clients leave with the websites, and not waiting to download. Still, in the promotion of sites is a key position search engine optimization – the measures are aimed at improving the technical and content characteristics of the site, to increase the likelihood of finding users of search engines. After all, they come with 80% of the target audience. Each page of the site should contain keywords and page description. For each Keyword own page. Particular attention should be paid to the home page, namely, the very first article in the section of your site. The effect of the first article makes an impression on all material web – resource. It is also very effective method of attracting clients – contextual advertising and registration in catalogs. In principle, all this above is not a really complex, with what could not handle a true professional!

Google Indexes

Let's first define some basic concepts, and that we consider in this article? Boat (English bot) is part of the software the search engine whose purpose – to find and pass on every page your site, categorize it according to certain characteristics, and place in a MySQL database Google. At the moment, Google is following a well-known bots, you: 1) Adsense Bot 2) Freshbot 3) DeepCrawl Adsense Bot, as you can probably guess, is used for webmasters who have Adsense ad units on their sites. Once the new page appears on your site, you want the script within the Adsense code sends a message to the bot-Adsense Bot, and within 10-20 minutes, it will begin to index page of the site, in order to display the most relevant ads. If you are not interested in the Adsense Bot, proceed to the next, most important bots – DeepCrawl and Freshbot. Freshbot performs the task of scanning the most popular pages on your site. It does not matter, one a page or a few thousand.

These large sites like YouTube.com and digg.com have hundreds of thousands of pages are scanned every five minutes, and all because Google keeps track of sites with a high degree of content change. Without hesitation technology investor explained all about the problem. It is known that These pages have a large number of frequent changes. Whether Google slower page would lose its relevance. Normal site with more or less updated content, can count on the fact that his visit Freshbot up to 14 days, Depending on how popular those pages. What's happening with your site when it visits Freshbot? He scans the pages, starting with the primary and goes deeper into your site. Then he puts found links to MySQL database (the database). So when DeepCrawl visited by your site, he knows what links there are on it. About once a month, DeepCrawl visits your site and clicks on any links that have been found Freshbot.

That is the reason why your site indexed in Google can take up to a month. Not rescues, even adding a site map. In summing up, I want to say be patient and continue to replenish your site interesting and useful information. Work on obtaining valuable and qualitative links from reputable portals and Google, without fail, will reward you for it!

The Site

The disadvantages of the first option can also be attributed the lack of further support for Web project unsatisfactory work with documents. As for freelancing, then additional support is sometimes available for a fee (it cost usually ranges from 500 to 3000 rubles per month) to work with documents in remote work naturally can not speak. Another point to be noted is the work on the principle "and Sweden and the Reaper" is one person makes a soft part of the site and dazayn and very rarely do good is both. Well, the main drawback of this option is, of course, the instability of today does freelance sites, but tomorrow he graduated from high school, changed jobs, married, divorced, in general, there are a large number of life situations in which further support to the site will transfer to another person. At first glance there's nothing complicated, but actually it is not. First, it refers to the software portion of the site, few like to understand the code written by another person. This may be an obstacle when adding new functionality or significantly slow down its development and implementation.

Secondly, if you have not provided fonts used in the logo or graphical navigation, adding new sections may also pose a serious problem, at best, will have to find the font in the worst remake the whole menu. Third, can a problem with the domain name, if God forbid, you have entrusted its registration other party. And if the parties face to register it on their own and not through the host (which happens more often in the first version), then the problem can acquire a distinct character. We now turn to the option of developing the site on their own.