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First interactive consultation with SPD politician Monika Griefahn MdB on the debate to PC games as possible causes of violence through the Federal Government’s new Bill again on explosiveness won: the indexing of computer and video games, even stricter criteria should be used. Click Adroll Marketing Platform for additional related pages. So media depictions of violence with especially realistic and cruel scenes proposed in December last year,”basically as a heavy media operation of law to index flat. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Thiel here. This corresponds to almost a censorship of content that already today exclusively for adults. Against this background, Computec media in life already called the online initiative in February 2007. “The gamers are absolutely agreed on three points: the passion for electronic entertainment”, in the rejection of violence and the respect for the protection of minors.

Now Computec gamer and politicians in an online clinic brings”together. The first round starts on April 07, 2008 at 13: 00 with the renowned SPD Bundestag members Monika Griefahn. A spokesperson for culture and media, it represents its position on the proposed ban on so-called killer games”: computer games are part of our time and our culture. They are highly innovative and give technical impetus for audiovisual developments overall. Our existing law is sufficient. Before you attack to ban claims, the existing regulations should on the protection of minors to the application first effectively come and be improved. That means, for example, more clearly to identify the age-limited games in the shops, the obligation to take the staff to pay attention to the protection of minors and to enlighten especially parents and grandparents.” To Anke Moldenhauer, Director of marketing and PR at Computec media: We are pleased to launch our discussion series with a so competent and high-profile politician like Monika Griefahn. The social tendency to condemn what it does not know or does not understand, is reflected in the General Discussion on games down.

We want to meet our information order as a media company, that apart mainly sits with the heritage of PC and video games and electronic entertainment. “Just because we know games and love, we condemn violence and respect the legal requirements of the protection of minors.” The Furth-based media company reached an audience of millions every month Computec media with its magazines, digital media (DVD) and online portals around the world of electronic entertainment. Computec media provides its readers and users competent information on the topics of digital lifestyle, PC and video games, hardware, software, cinema/DVD and kids. The company employs approximately 180 people.


Perhaps you do not know it, the infinites are almost equal, your you are sun and DAS life, I am moon and give Romance, my sparrows are brown, the yours grays, but perhaps, is not sparrows. – I am the melancholy of behind schedule of rain, your you are the sluggish fog of the autumn, your you are noise of cars in the avenue, I I am the echo of passages in the solitary street, but perhaps, .no we are city. – Your you are the gem of a jewel, I I am stone that rolls in the hill, but perhaps, . .no we are hard. – We are so different and so equal, that your you are sea and I am I laugh, but perhaps, we are not water.

– You speak like the wild hurricane, and slow I like the breeze, but perhaps, . .no we are wind. – Perhaps We are connected bodies, tell me, we are not the love. –

Stay Relegated

After reading the title, perhaps something enigmatic, this article may have a question mark and arising out of the two questions that go through your head at this time and that led you to enter to see what it was. These two questions may be: 1) to which deals exactly with this assertion? (2) it is not a phrase somewhat exaggerated? The second question I answer that: is never exaggerated the mention, because the technology has been responsible, in this case Internet, set a limit point, which determined a marked and significant difference between companies, businesses, professionals, or people who use this technology, and which not. This new technology have come not only to stay, but to perpetuate itself, and to change our habits, customs and habits, well you can not take them into account, ignoring them or also judge that they are here but dispense with them, anything is possible; But what can not is avoid its clear, remarkable, outstanding and increasingly more continuous presence. So, responding to the first question, the title of this article is nothing more and nothing less than a tangible and consistent reality and who does not reach to understand him, unfortunately, will be relegated, or to not be so alarming, will have fewer tools or possibilities that who has at his disposal the network of networks to communicate with the world, and this last isn’t an exaggeration. There is a saying out there that the train passes just once, I don’t think it is as well, but aside from this, what I think, is that in the train of the internet we must raise us all, and if you’ve not yet done so I have a question for you what are you waiting for?. If you look at some little kid, children, grandchildren, nephews or similar, that you see near you, you’ll be watching a person who will be in constant contact with others in the very near future, naturally interacting with peers in a daily, constant practice, and for them, normal.