David Freedom

In chapter two of the Ethics the Nicmaco, it says: the moral excellency is a disposal of the soul related with the choice, and the choice is the deliberated desire, is followed that, so that the choice is good, as much the reason must be true how much the desire must be correct, and this must search accurately what that one determines. (ARISTOTLE, 2001, P. 114) Therefore, in accordance with Bayle, is the convenience that makes of the man an obedient individual to the moral laws, finishing for defending, also, atesmo against accusations of Espinosa, that affirms that atesmo was an illness or a mental extravagrancy and also against Locke, that did not tolerate the atheist. FINAL CONSIDERAES With the civil tolerance, the religious freedom if become possible, however, will only have centralization of the belief in a religion, then, it will have a species of religious tyranny, with this, such freedom is predestinold to the failure, therefore, the tolerance is important, but it is not necessary if it will not have plurality religious. The religion, based on Bayle is concluded then that, although to be a sociabilizadora and moralista being, it possesss concepts that do not make responsible it as a formadora of sociability and moralismo.

From the moment that the people if to disentail of the fears and the superstition, them will become less dangerous the society, therefore, are acting in accordance with reason, thus, will make of its conscience, optimum half to act in accordance with its necessities and without infringing in the other people’s, becoming a person joust and morally correct freedom..