Technology Champagne At Ultra-high Concentration Of Yeast

Considerable scientific and practical interest in problems of physiology and metabolism of cultural distribution of yeast from secondary fermentation, and subsequent exposure of sparkling wines that are the based in biotechnological processes. Particular attention is given to the theory and practice of using immobilized yeast cells in champagne wine. Results of theoretical and experimental studies used for scientific substantiation of new technology fermentation of champagne wines at super high concentrations of yeast. This technology is widely implemented in the factories of sparkling wines, as Russia and other countries. Developed by scientists and production flow chart of production of sparkling wines in the ultra-high concentrations of yeast is shown in Fig. Application of technology this scheme will allow to obtain homogeneous batches of high quality aged champagne and sparkling wine, a standard in terms of organoleptic characteristics, as well as color and other physical-chemical indicators. According to the scheme of champagne wine materials siphon pump 1 in the apparatus 2, filled with a sorbent made of oak, there is fed yeast wiring at the rate of 3 5 million kletok/sm3. In the same apparatus at a constant reduction temperature up to 3 4 C passes deaeration of wine with their subsequent treatment with cold.

For 5 7 days. after the separation of oxygen from the wine stock is its enrichment of biologically active substances. Wine becomes stable to crystal and protein haze. Then the wine material from the apparatus 2 into two streams: one directed to the apparatus 17 for preparing the tank liquor, which is kept for 10 days.