Water Purification Equipment

The installation of water treatment is used for cleaning water surface and underground water sources. This is done before submitting it to the centralized water supply system of settlements, as a local treatment facilities in water supply systems of individual houses, public buildings, industrial plants or their complexes. Installation of water purification eliminate clear water of the following impurities: turbidity, organic substances, heavy metals, hardness, iron, manganese, sulfide, odor and hydrogen sulfide to the requirements SanPiN (Drinking water hygienic requirements for water quality of centralized drinking water supply systems. Quality control) or the requirements of eu directives “The quality of drinking water intended for human consumption” 98/83/EC. Depending on the installation of pollution for water treatment may include a different composition treatment facilities. When water intake from surface water sources include the installation of first unit coarse: grids, grids, etc., which serves to arrest debris. Then, sedimentation and filtration units. If the water the presence of iron, before filtering the water undergoes aeration to convert iron from the divalent to the trivalent form, as well as to remove hydrogen sulfide and various odors. If you need deep cleaned of organic matter, hardness and heavy metals, water purification installation includes sorption and ion exchange filters.

The next step in the technological scheme of the installation is a node decontamination. Depending on the purpose of installing and operating conditions of its disinfection produce one of the following methods: – chlorination, ozonation, using sodium hypochlorite or ultraviolet irradiation. For more “subtle” removal of impurities purifies water may be sent to the back-osmotic setup. Before serving the consumer mineralized water is recommended. Due to this saturation of water necessary minerals, salts and trace elements. Water purification plants are not only for individual water treatment processes, but also in the role of treatment facilities for consumption drinking and industrial water treatment facilities or local sewage plants. Water treatment plants can be used for industrial wastewater treatment enterprises of oil refining, petrochemical, oil and metallurgical industries, energy, machine-building complexes, light industry, as well as for treatment of surface runoff from the territories of enterprises and urban areas. These Free installation wastewater enterprises of suspended or dissolved solids, suspended and soluble organics, petroleum products, heavy metals and other contaminants to the quality required for discharge to water fish for household purposes, or reuse in manufacturing processes of enterprises.