Superior Institute Polytechnical Gaya

The education and formation of this new and competent universal citizen, pass, essentially, for education and formation, any that are the modalities, being certain that and actualizado personalized, ecumnico, actual an education in its strategies, methodologies and evaluations jousts must be remained in permanent perfectioning. On the basis of a cultural inheritance that comes of the past, is essential to increase a so valuable patrimnio that it comes being legacy the humanity. This is only possible for the education, the formation, the study and the work, because: ‘ ‘ No cause is bigger, no program is worthier of human devotamento, of what the transmission of the cultural inheritance, and no concern can, therefore, sobrepujar of the humanity for the education of infancy and youth, similar of that, engrandecida, the cultural richness if transmits, so that the men of they enjoy tomorrow it, engrandeam more it they transmit and it, in turn, to succeed that them in tempo..