The Desconstruo of the modern citizen Inaugurador of a new was Metaphysical, the philosopher in the truth advanced more, helping to convert this idea into principle of moral behavior that, today, is desired to reduce to the technological injunction, when claiming, has one hundred years more than, that, ' ' although it is a necessary start, it is not only enough to be to be an only man: this would be to exortar to restrict you it you. We must pass of a diverse individuality to others and to live deeply the existence of a multitude of beings! ' ' (VP 1935, P. 389). The convergence of this idea with some teses of the main theoreticians of the cibercultura is notable, given that, according to same we recentssimos, them progressos technological verified with the appearance of the generating machines of virtual reality (simulation) and the telemticas nets of interaction try the creation of a responsible culture for the erosion of the modern subjectivity. More info: Peter Thiel. ' ' In this scope the old dualismos and the safe borders that characterized ideologically our cultural tradition is ranks in check. Radical separations as I-other, body-mind, creator-creature, truth-illusion, Real-unreal, among others – they are not more so clear and operational in the world of the relation man-mquina.' ' For the spokesmen of the thesis, the communication technologies would be, really and in special, promoting a multiplication of contacts knowledge whose resulted main, socially speaking, it is the gradual change in the effective conceptions on as if structure and functions ours I. The development of mechanisms of virtual interaction would be exceeding the opposition between sender and receiver, making us using interagentes of open nets and without center, in which ' ' the unstabler, multiple citizens if become each time and difusos' '. Through the machine, we start to live situations where not only cited I became multiple, fluid and opened but, moreover, he is having a rupture of the beginning of identity.

Education Philosophy

Academics: *FRANCISNEY WARLIKE *MARCELO *Acadmicos GOMESES GONZLEZ of the course of Licenciatura in Physical Education for the University Valley of the Acara – Amap (UVA-AP) Pablo Ghiraldelli Jr is philosopher and writer. Doctor and master in philosophy for the University of So Paulo. Doctor and master in philosophy and history of the education for the PUC-SP. He exempts professor and bearer for the Unesp. He took off its after-doutorado in the UERJ, the Social Medicine. Director of the Center of Studies in American Philosophy.

Professorda Agricultural Federal University of Rio De Janeiro (UFRRJ). RESEARCH LINE Professor PHD Pablo Ghiraldelli Jnior writes its texts with subjects of the social sort, politician, educational and philosophical. Its field of performance is come back to the Philosophy, Philosophy of the Education and History of the Education. Its line of initial study was come back toward the analytical philosophy. He is a writer nothing conventional. In its texts it writes with criticidade to the system of effective education, that in many points still is militarized. Where the most shaken she is disciplines it physical education.

He was known for its original way to filosofar. It in such a way innovated in the field of the studies more technician in philosophy, how much on the body and its relations with the philosophy and the society. It passed to be read and to be looked as philosopher of great innovative capacity and of he says comprehensive didactics and. Thus, one of the main characteristics of its books is the innovative thought, of always wanting more, of wanting an education full joust and for all. Pablo Ghiraldelli if has kept as one of the read and more controversial philosophers more of all Brazil. INFLUENCES Ghiraldelli was influenced by the philosophers Scrates and Plato, for its right thoughts, critical and innovative. However, its initial formation if gave in the scope of the marxism, for being, Marx, a revolutionary critic.

Class Hypertension

In addition, the health worker should give the characteristic symptoms of disease and measures to be taken by the teacher in the case their detection. In essence, this work should make the class teacher, who shall instruct the teacher. But if this is not done, the teacher must himself to worry about it mandatory. 2. Mental map of each child psychologist compiled with the class teacher. Again, if this map is not drawn up, the teacher should require or make it myself. The card must include: the volume memory channels of perception, concentration, etc., ie all that is needed to maintain optimum efficiency of educational process. 3.

Seven of the future student. I've been thinking whether to include this item as one of the principal, in preliminary work is teacher. Genetic relationships in something we have taken into account, and what-not. When it comes to hypertension, the doctor always asks about someone from the family was such a disease. And not only hypertension, there a list of genetic diseases.

Then there is a fair question: "If a genetically transmitted disease, unless everything else is not transmitted genetically?" Then why the teacher does not ask questions like: "As my father was studying, mother, grandfather, etc "," How is the period from 11 to 15 years? ". Reade Griffith contains valuable tech resources. Such links are tracked poorly, taxonomy does not exist. 4. All information is collected together and analyzed. Only after that the teacher can begin to determine the level of knowledge of students, teachers usually start from this point, losing all that is written above.

Educational Techniques In Hospitals

It is perceived that the attendance in hospital classroom is of utmost importance ahead of the circumstances for which passes these children and adolescents, not only in the direction to offer chance to them to give continuity to it to the studies, but also in the direction to brighten up or to prevent the possible consequences that these difficult moments of internment could cause, for example, tdio, revolt and even though the loss of the interest in returning later to the studies. To know this work in complete or the other workmanships of the author it sends email stops: . .

Superior Institute Polytechnical Gaya

The education and formation of this new and competent universal citizen, pass, essentially, for education and formation, any that are the modalities, being certain that and actualizado personalized, ecumnico, actual an education in its strategies, methodologies and evaluations jousts must be remained in permanent perfectioning. On the basis of a cultural inheritance that comes of the past, is essential to increase a so valuable patrimnio that it comes being legacy the humanity. This is only possible for the education, the formation, the study and the work, because: ‘ ‘ No cause is bigger, no program is worthier of human devotamento, of what the transmission of the cultural inheritance, and no concern can, therefore, sobrepujar of the humanity for the education of infancy and youth, similar of that, engrandecida, the cultural richness if transmits, so that the men of they enjoy tomorrow it, engrandeam more it they transmit and it, in turn, to succeed that them in tempo..

Journalists School

What today is a branch of a Russian education. We all went to school and almost all of us it ended. For someone school influenced positively by someone not quite, but no one will argue that, even something selected, it gave something and return. Largely due to the school the vast majority of us can read, write and know in general terms, the device of our world. Rather, the ideal model of the device in our world. On Indeed our world is far from ideal and, in particular, from the world that we see on tv. The real world is shown on television very often.

Only the professional news and some private investigations Journalists reveal a velvet curtain, closing our eyes. Stop! It seems we're a little distracted from the main idea of this article. While returning to the subject of our discussion, we can say that now, as is the case with our education. If the sector of higher education and high school business is not very bad, then in school education things worse. Today, the media shape the image of a successful creative teachers and teacher, who can earn decent. But is it all really? Let's look at the situation from the perspective of someone who has, say, a couple of years twirled in this area and has some idea about it. The fact in reality, things are in our Russian school education in terms of attitudes towards people and in terms of wages you are likely to not tell anybody.

Channel STS

More recently, in the 'Infomania' on channel STS was a story about that with age the mental power of man, contrary to earlier notions prevailed, only increases – this conclusion was reached by American scientists, studied this problem for half a century. For more on this -. What this means in terms of mastering a foreign language? And this means, in my opinion, is that with age the opportunity to learn new languages is not reduced, and rather the contrary. The older the person, the more sensible motivation for him to master languages, and so productively may be his work with the annex effort required. What I would advise people aged for more effective language acquisition: active, use the Internet with its free resources for language acquisition. The Internet gives us the opportunity to communicate with the world through icq, and skype – learn them is not difficult, but the effect is simply great! Spend more time working with texts and memorizing new words – this job is very develops and trains the brain, and without it is unthinkable normal language acquisition. In the first stage of language acquisition to give increased attention to working out the pronunciation of a foreign language – the study of language from scratch at the age of people is particularly difficult ottrenirovat pronunciation, but systematic work in this direction will help you overcome the challenges barriers in front of you. To do this, I advise listening to it more than the carrier of a foreign language (radio, TV, videos) through the Internet.

And most importantly – believe in yourself, be engaged foreign language systematically, and you are out, I'm sure! My course is' Generic methods improved foreign languages! " focuses on the systematic testing of the above skills – provides specific methods of development of new words, with Text mining and listening comprehension. I will be glad to help you learn a foreign language, no matter how complex it is to you at first glance may seem. Road by walking! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign Languages: – resource, which presents lessons, including audio and video, from 119 languages. Lessons, tests, language communities, dictionaries, phrasebooks, and lots and lots of other useful information. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! " – Master the language independently and effectively

Euclidean Subjects

In unit 8 we find one brief citation of as Archimedes obtained to make with that the troops of its city won the Romans by means of mirrors and finally in unit 10 we find the history of the mathematics applied to the trigonometrical relations with the Greeks to decide problems of Astronomy and of the Navigation. 2.2 – Collection B New collection suggested for our person who orientates. The book of the sixth year is very well illustrated with figures of places and objects that serve to illustrate the respective subjects of each chapter, also the history of the mathematics is very property in possession at the beginning of the book, in the two first chapters can only see the mathematics not being used to give introduction of the subjects, but during the presentation of the subjects. Where we can find with more frequency the history of the mathematics is before the end of the chapters in Exploring the subject. ' ' Exploring tema' ' it is a topic created by authors to help the reader to better understand the respect on what he is boarded during the chapter or to give considered tips important, using history of the mathematics, curiosidades and orientaes that can very be useful for the reader, mainly the pupils. Penalty that nor all the chapters it is present, moreover, nor all use history of the mathematics. In the first chapter in ' ' exploring tema' ' we have a text speaking on Escher, a mathematician who uses some geometric forms in the art, and that with its drawings he inhaled in not Euclidean geometry to explore the approach to the infinite. In as the chapter, that speaks on the numbers, we see the history of the used mathematics to show the necessity of the sprouting of the numbers, also we find on the system of Egyptian numeration and the Roman system of numeration; in as the chapter we do not have ' ' exploring tema' ' , also the history did not have necessity therefore in this chapter of mathematics well is used for presentation of the subjects.

For Morgan

Thus, whenever will be themselves to speak in learning have necessity to need regarding the agreement in relation it and the focus that if she intends to give. One very says in pertaining to school pedagogia, failure, inclusion, exclusion and seems that it is little mentioned to learn and the learning processes. Of – much lesson, extends horria load, remains more time the learning ' ' ocupados' ' , but this nor always means greater learning. What it would be really to learn? A first idea met in Antunes (2002) on learning. It means to reorganize the thought system with which we understand the things, people and, of course, the world. For Morgan (1977), learning is any relatively permanent change in the behavior, and that it results of practical experience or. In accordance with Senge (2003), is not only people who learn, the organizations also learns, however … difficulty in speaking in ' ' organizations aprendentes' ' nowadays it is that the term ' ' aprendizagem' ' it lost its meaning central in the use that today becomes of it.

Most of the people turns the eyes impatiently when it hears to speak in ' ' organizations aprendentes' ' ' ' aprendizagem' '. This is not to admire, because in the language of day-by-day learning if it became synonymous of ' ' to absorb informao' '. … Through the learning, us we recriamos in them to we ourselves. … we become in them capable to make something who never we had been capable to make before. …

we perceive the world and our relation stops with it. … we extend our capacity to create, of being gerativo party to suit of the life. (SENGE, 2003, P. 13-14). In the optics of Grossi (2004, P. 33), to learn it is not to obtain to remember teachings transmitted ready in lesson, but to make use of thought projects that allow to face problems.