Disk Chippers

Appointment chippers – wood waste processing and manufacturing of wood chips. The raw material can serve virtually any wood wastes: the branches of trees, forest technology, slabs, cut-off, the marriage of products and etc. Chippers are made in fixed configurations for installation on the premises and Ammunition for processing waste directly on the forest plot. Power chippers vary considerably and can be from 3 to 1000 horsepower. The most common type of chippers are the disc. They have the most simple design, based on – a metal disc, where they got their name.

Diameter disk is usually tens of centimeters. On the drive set the cutting knives. Their number varies, on average, from 2 to 6. The principle of the machines next. Into the input box is supplied raw materials. It falls on the blades, delayed and chopped. Angle grinding chipper knives provides a mechanism . Feeding is carried out either manually or by hydraulic rollers.

When using manual feed timber falls on knives through the title effect. However, when using gidropodachi chips is a more homogeneous fractional composition. It is necessary to consider separately the grain size distribution of wood chips. It will not be fully uniform and will include chips ranging in size from 6-8 to 20 and more, see For more shallow chips to use machine 2 of the series (drum chippers), which are considerably more expensive. There are different options for the drive of these machines. For stationary operation at the production site used cars powered by electric motor. There are mobile versions of chippers. Above all, this machine-PTO tractor. They are mounted on tractor three-point support, they also move. Can be used on forest plots and in the cleaning of parks have public utilities. Occasionally there are cars driven by their own diesel. However, because of their prices are not yet widely available.