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The final products generated by dust mites create allergic reactions and other breathing problems for humans. Complaint number one of the users who have come to buy foam mattresses viscoelastic is excess heat generated by the use. . Since the material is sensitive to heat and traps him inside their open cells. Manufacturers indicate, however, that the environment, as well as the own body heat contribute to this increase in temperature. Investigations have been made to find solutions to this problem, one of them is by modifying the surface of technology (SMT).

SMT is a patented set of grooves that can be cut into the surface of the foam memory foam to reduce the amount of heat build up, allowing air Enter and circulate underneath the sheets. This method is also known by some as a reduction of channels (CDH) system. In the pursuit of creating a foam visco-elastic high quality for your home, some factories of mattresses furniture make a mixture of formaldehyde and other fasteners in foam to try to sell it as a foam viscoelastic. These chemicals can create serious allergic reactions and a very unpleasant smell. A good quality product should not be seen in flakes or nor should break.

It is important to check if there are inconsistencies in its foam density visco-elastic, since all the manufacturing processes are different. A way of creating a foam mattress memory foam is made by pouring the liquid into trays and then peel out as moulds for biscuits. The problem with this is when gravity causes that foam is denser increasingly towards the bottom. The technology has been advanced this method with a vacuum injection process, East manufacturing process creates a product of foam with uniform density creating quality mattresses.