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Let the buildings in our time, not that strong, such as medieval castles, but still look pretty impressive too. As the world's fairy tale about reeds and 3 sons, strong structure by combining building materials. All the basic structure of buildings require additional protection. Let's see what it represents waterproofing. In order to protect the facilities needed waterproofing. Waterproofing is needed for ensure that water does not spoil the concrete. Secure building materials – guarantee of strength of your facility. There are many types of waterproofing.

Not necessarily produce waterproofing the entire house – depending on the conditions actually isolate only a reference or any other part. Is waterproofing the floor – using penetration of materials that will protect even the floor in the basement. Basements, often in need of a complete waterproofing. Before her begin, consider how you will use the underground room, and as active on the basement foundation is poured liquid. In addition, there is a hydro bath, garage waterproofing, waterproofing of the roof and all other species – it all depends on your specific needs. Waterproofing – the process laborious. There are a large variety of technologies waterproofing works. In many cases, a penetrating waterproofing. One of the most frequently used compounds for such technology – Penetron. Penetron is used for both concrete and for reinforced concrete structures.