Restaurant Service

Where to start? If there is little in this you know – better to hire a specialist and tell him that you wish to see in eventually. In developing the restaurant's menu you can also help professionals, but in most cases, restaurateurs are addressing this issue with particular quiver and make their own choices offered future establishment of dishes. Equipment working space for staff or in other words, equipping the kitchen, it is best to entrust the professionals and specialists. It is they who tell us how to use ergonomics precious square footage and place in a small area all that is necessary for the smooth operation of restaurant equipment. And that's about equipping bathrooms need to talk more, and now you'll understand why. The first impression which is composed of the visitor on the level of service and your institution, is formed precisely in the toilet. After all, here comes the visitor upon entering the restaurant to wash your hands and bring herself up.

Therefore, how is equipped with toilet, now of paramount importance. What do you want the visitor to want you back again and again? In addition to delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and attentive service – a worthy service, an important component of which is to hardware toilet room. Many of you have an idea that instead of the usual lump of soap, towel and a roll of toilet paper, standing on the tank toilet today use liquid soap dispensers, hand, dispensers for dispensing paper towels and toilet paper, as well as convenient to use the urn with push pedals.