Federal Tax Service

The structure and name a permanent executive body may be different, depending on how it is defined in the law and the constituent documents of registered enterprise. For most organizations, this body acts as a sole executive body (joint stock companies, limited liability companies, additional liability, unitary Non-Profit Organizations), which is a director, general manager, manager, acting on a permanent basis and without a warrant. In economic partnerships (general partnerships and limited partnerships), as a general rule (unless otherwise provided by law or contract), it was found that the attorney is entitled to act without all the general partners. The above rule for determining the place of registration is relates principally to the registration of legal entities in connection with its creation. Upon registration of other facts (liquidation, changes in the constituent documents or other information contained in the registry), this rule greatly simplified. The registration authority in these cases is determined by place of registration of legal entities (ie, the place of its creation). As the location may be specified only one IP address.

It is not allowed designation of premises (for example, place of residence of head of legal persons), unless the law provides for such possibility. However, exceptions are cases where the recorded entity does not have a permanent executive body and as the location of a place of location of the person entitled to act on behalf of an entity without a warrant. Place such person (eg, CEO) is a place of residence. Having defined the location of the body or person to choose the right body of the Federal Tax Service which extends its jurisdiction to the territory.