The friendship friendship-is something that occurs at any stage of life and in different degree of importance and significance; a friendship is born when common concerns among human beings are. There are friendships that are born a few minutes relate (mainly at the start of classes) on the other hand there are friendships that take years to strengthen; true friendship is for life. Scholars and poets of all times have always exalted friendship. Besides love, friendship is needed. For Greek philosophers, expresses virtue, is a gift from the gods. Aristotle mentions three types of friendship: for interest, pleasure and good; but only which emerges from the well deserves to be called friendship. For Cicero and Seneca, friendship implies harmony, goodwill and affection, love and reject the same.

Modern friendship is distinguished by the high degree of autonomy which is attributed to a person, to the extent that it has in its hands the relationship both to start to break it. Components of friendship-the main component in the friendship is trust also highlights empathy and loyalty. In any friendship is: 1. trust and sincerity: facilitates speaks and acts like he really thinks and is, minimizing the social prejudices that normally have. These values that make up a friendship without a doubt are of the more important that this relationship is lasting.A friend is a person you can think aloud.Ralph W. Emerson 2-understanding and empathy: acceptance of the characteristics of the friend, their values, ideas, fears, hits, errors, in short, his way of being. Empathy is the only thing that separates us and makes us different from animals.A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you despite this.

Elbert Hubbard 3.-fidelity: A faithful friend is a powerful shield and which finds him, finds a treasure. Al amigo faithful is he that always is at your side when you need, which forgives and accepts you as you are. 4.-Respect: don’t need friends who change when I change and settle when I seat. My shadow makes it much better. 5.-Reciprocity: mutually supportive in the good and in the bad times. Don’t let grow the grass on the road of friendship. Demonstration of friendship friendship demonstrates concern for the friend, interested in their welfare, their problems and achievements. For this reason it seeks to meet, communicate, or live with him. A friend is at all times, that you pick up when you are listless. It is embarrassment where friendship gets tested. Cicero says: In danger is known only to the true friend can have friendly relations which involved one person and a being of another species, is the case of the dog; This last is known as a ‘man’s best friend’. Also the friendship even between two or more animals of different species can be given. Conclusion-the human being by nature is intended to relate, and we can relate it to the beginning of our existence there which was created one a woman that would make company man. AND throughout history has always existed certain way friendship is the main way of interacting with people. friendship is one of the most beautiful feelings of love that exist in this world; When it is completely sincere and reciprocal. Because he who has a true friend has it all. Council: tell your friend how much you appreciate it and you want to original author and source of the article.