Vibrating Screen

MVS Series high-frequency electromagnetic vibration Vibrating Screen depending on the application is divided into dry method and wet screening these two large screening series. (1) dry screening series is mainly used for fine grading. For avoiding the dust produced operation pollute the operating environment, people often adopted the form of whole seal, it is mainly used in building materials in brick-making and chemical fertilizer industry, which can be designed for single and double these two types. (2) Wet screening X is divided into two series dehydration and grading these two types. Sieve dehydration series are generally longer screen surface length (more than 3 000 mm), the large inclination angle (32 3), usually single is, mainly for the dehydration of quartz sand and slime. Graded series screening length of the screen surface is generally around 2 000 mm, the inclination is smaller (25 2), the concentrator is mainly used for grinding and classification process, which can be designed for single-layer and laminated.

After Chinese iron ore beneficiation plant use MVS high frequency vibrating screen instead of the original grading equipment, we mainly get the following remarkable results: (l) the classification efficiency improves evidently, a significant reduction in cyclic loading and material sieve in the fine-coarse-grained level content, reducing wear. (2) control the particle size after passing the products strictly screen. In the screen life cycle, does not appear the run rough, avoid the contamination of the coarse concentrate is not monomer dissociation. (3) can improve the screening machine items bit.under the fineness of same case, the high-frequency vibrating sieve under items bit higher than other grading equipment, different concentrator margin of increase is not the same, generally is 1 to 2.5 percentage points. This is because the pulp, the role of density stratification in the high frequency and small amplitude oscillations under the action of the diameter of the particle swarm, high-density particle contact opportunities through chance sieve sieve. (4), depending on the fineness and concentration of human material and the fineness of the screen, the dealing with ability is different.

Under normal circumstances, it can up to 4.6 U (?.) (H). (5) The screen does not block the hole. The Screen Machine has the instant strong vibrating function, you can clean up the screen at any time. (6) use a unique device and the computer control arousal. High-tech and energy-saving operation, stable and reliable. Stone jaw crusher: mill: