Vacuum Solutions From Research For The Series Production

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers experimental coating systems and shows the new MAGiNTEGRA high vacuum pump series, as well as the dry pumping systems DRYVAC on the Hannover Messe COMVAC. The vacuum total range offered by Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum supports all coating processes in the coarse vacuum, medium vacuum, high – and Ultrahochvakuumbereich. Pump technologies, systems and services include components, standardized systems and complete customised vacuum solutions. The product range includes oil-sealed rotary vane and piston pumps, oil-free and dry-running pumps, roots pumps, Turbomolecular, oil diffusion and cryogenic vacuum pumps as well as standard and custom coating systems for the research. The vacuum services in repair and modernization of vacuum pumps of all manufacturers complete the range of vacuum products. In the field of coating and nano technology research, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers its customers optimized vacuum solutions, to reduced operating costs and increased production reliability and Help the economy. One of the essential requirements provided by industry, analysis or research applications on the equipment of the vacuum system today, is the full system integrity of the components used in optimization of the piping and wiring. The DRYVAC pump combine the dry screw technology with a very compact design and additional customer benefits.

In the vertical standard arrangement with a RUVAC roots piston pump, the floor space in the production is minimized. However, this pump combination can be arranged vertically and then fits under the production systems. Also the new, magnetic bearing Turbomolecular pumps from Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum are characterized by compact design, excellent vacuum performance data and a standard range of accessories. The new TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA offers maintenance-free operation in the most applications in industrial processes, such as for example in the display -, solar -, coating – and research market. Robust and reliable the MAGiNTEGRA is resistant to process particles and Dusts.

May be process-related bumper vents be tolerated as far as possible, as well as a montage of the pumps in every position and in every corner of the installation. The Rotationally symmetrical and space-saving housing, as well as a flexible frequency converter Assembly position offer other advantages. The magnetically levitated TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA is largely maintenance-free due to the non-contact and wear-free storage. Also, this storage offers high protection against hydrocarbons, if sensitive processes even minimal residual amounts are not tolerable greases of ball bearings. The MAGiNTEGRA vibration-sensitive applications is a further benefit by their extremely vibration-free running. Of course the TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA has state of the art communication interface with intelligent monitoring of process parameters including a self-protection function operating problems. The UNIVEX experimental-PVD vacuum coating systems for applications in the field of research and development, as well as for pilot production applications are with different configurations and Vacuum chamber size using Bell, stainless steel rectangular Chambers, as well as cluster tool configurations available. The UNIVEX offer as standard many features and options, including high vacuum pumping systems, power supplies, PLCs, a variety of substrate holders, layer thickness and Vakuummess – as well as cooling and heating systems, bushings, insight window and gas supply systems. The different types of thermal and electron beam evaporators, DC and RF sputtering sources, evaporator for organic materials, as well as lock chamber versions are available. The customers can purchase their research and development or pilot production coating systems from a single source. You can choose from a wide range of standard and multi purpose configurations according to their specific requirements. Reliable support for the entire project, starting with a consulting engineering, installation and training to maintenance is of course.

Smoke Detector Day

Continue to safety gap between the provinces regarding smoke detectors mandatory Dusseldorf, June 12th, 2008 it is the most beautiful but also most dangerous home. A glance on the fire statistics: most fire victims die mostly at night in the home. The installation of smoke detectors demonstrably contributes to the protection of human life. Nevertheless, there is no uniform fire safety regulations for domestic use in Germany. The smoke detector manufacturer EI Electronics is a member of the campaign smoke detectors save lives and hence initiators of Friday, June 13, held smoke alarm tags. The company is committed in this context for the awareness of the population regarding the necessity of function-ready smoke detectors. Despite smoke detector introduction duty within the next 3-6 have years in seven federal States one third of German households today smoke detectors only installed.

This number is in international comparison far behind other industrialized nations as Germany United Kingdom (80 per cent) or the United States (93 per cent in 40 States). The effectiveness of the small life rescuer evident in the example of Norway (90 per cent coverage)\”: since 1990, they are there duty, causing about 70 lives per year. Although smoke detectors be used since the 1970s, the spread in many neighbouring countries of Germany like France, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium is also still very low. The chance of survival in a fire with functional detectors is three times higher than without. Currently is a safety gap between the 16 federal States in Germany, since only seven countries consider this issue in their building codes. Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Hesse, and since 2008, regulations for the installation of smoke detectors in new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings have already prompted also Thuringia. Thus but less than a quarter of the total population are affected. The population raise awareness of private housing is due to the many flammable plastics in furnishings brand at risk.