The book of the psychoanalyst Jean Shinoda Bolen is a narrative deposition on its day in search of the understanding and sharing with the reader of its history, living deeply the Graal through the feminine mysteries. The author receives an unexpected invitation from one of its readers to make one peregrinaoem some of the sacred places of the Europe, amongst them Glastonbury, place where the Virgin Maria was constructed to the first church in honor and where she is presumed to exist for the existence of a mrfico field of energy, the old vestibule of Avalon, place where it gives credit that a city existed where the feminine side of God was cultuado. The peregrination was a trip in search of the symbolic Graal, the sacred clice that received the blood from the Christ but that the author also understands to be the symbol of the feminine body; the clice symbolizing the uterus and the wine the menstrual blood. Therefore, to drink of the clice would be to drink of the renaissance, to make a ticket, to die symbolically for a new phase of the existence. The questions of the Graal: ' ' It afflicts what you? ' ' ' ' For who it serves Graal? ' ' they are the keys for all the agreement of the essence of the object. In determined moments of the life we would be as that died in the entrance of a new phase where we need in them to make the certain questions it stops freeing in them of the false perceptions on we ourselves. When making the certain questions we enter in contact with the interior sacred child who provided with espontaneidade makes in them to enter in meeting with the true harmony. ' ' The Graal is a mysterious and abysmal object? it can be a vase, a flat plate, a rock or a jewel? worthy of that somebody renounces to all a life to find it.