Manfred Pakusius

Advisor for clubs and event agencies on over 50 pages in the editorial section discusses the following topics: overview of large public-viewing events for the World Cup 2010, mobile video walls, advertising technology, event modules, temporary construction (tents and containers), event catering, mobile platforms and stage, sound and light. Interviews with leading organizers give insight into the practice of event organization as well as their professional design and planning. The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is the number one issue this summer. All over Germany and Europe organisers ordered a video wall. But even more on infrastructure and framework programme belongs to the successful event. And about the World Cup and the public viewing 2010 also, countless clubs plan large or small events, where tents or other room solutions, action devices, advertising space and stage and bleachers for a show program are hired. The latest topic special explains important aspects of planning a public viewing, a summer festival or a season opening and are a concrete assistance in many points with views on safety issues and regulatory approvals. In the annex to the editorial part manufacturers, service providers and distributors from the events industry with their offers, references and contact data present themselves, so that prospective customers quickly find the way to appropriate solutions for your successful event. The stadium world theme special public viewing event “is available as a PDF in the free download and provides guidance in all points important to the success of the public viewing. The content in the overview: Sites the public viewing map in the World Cup and summer 2010 videowalls mobile rental advertising technology sponsors and program present solutions / digital printing and materials / regulations / mobile displays / inflatables-event modules added value through additional attractions/prices and World Cup packages/product overview temporary buildings the diversity of the temporary construction/tents: Accessories, prices, check-list/container as a mobile space / product overview tents and containers catering event catering ideas “for every occasion interview Manfred Pakusius, uba gmbh: it’s all about, that the fan feel comfortable!” “Winfried Nass, DFB: A conceptual planning is essential!” Regulations the FIFA regulations questions the official license sound good sound good atmosphere: technical packages including sound, stage and lighting stands temporary seats for events provider directory cover systems / barriers / fencing/stage / catering / catering facilities / event modules / soccer courts / media communication technology / human resources services – programme / sanitary – infrastructure / sound – PA / stands / video walls / advertising technology / tents room solutions – screen – lower leg buildings – manufacturers of tent fabrics + membranes – container – accessories / access / ticketing – cards – card systems – software – access control to the download of the “public viewing/event” topic specials contact: Stefan servant Stadium world Schlossstrasse 23 D-50321 Bruhl Tel.