Domain Technical Aspects

To register a domain for a future site to a few simple steps. One of them, by the way the most important thing is to choose a hosting site which will be located. Before proceeding, let us agree that we will not rely on a free hosting option. The reasons for this are many. In order not to list everything, just take my word that any free hosting – it's not just cheese in a mousetrap, but a lot of all sorts of problems that are seriously straining and consuming personal time. And while we know costs money, so all that is free is just a convention. In the real world must pay for everything with money, whether their time, or else something that's particular.

If you decide to create your own website then you need to just get used to the idea that for him to pay. This very small fee, and pays a few months alone, Google's targeted advertising or other similar. In any case, paid hosting and domain is reliable and ultimately profitable. So, before you register your domain, you must select and pay for hosting. All procedures are easily performed by means of payment system WebMoney, details of which can be found online or on the website the primary source of this article. So if you do not have a purse with money WebMoney then create it and fill up – this is the simplest operation. In order to pay for hosting and a new domain 1 of one year only need simply no more than 650 Russian rubles, which at the current rate is less than $ 20. This board is possible on many hosting Runet.

When buying hosting (minimum package) for 1 year is usually a hosting company provides a free domain in the zone. ru and the ability to keep on hosting 3 other three sites, which, incidentally, can be placed on any domain, including free, for example in the areas., etc. In further one year domain name must be will be extended. Renewal pay 300 rubles. But in any case, the total fee for hosting with domain 1 of one year and will not exceed $ 30. Well, then. In one fell swoop, for a very small fee you can get hosting and domain for 1 a year. A small correction. Before you buy hosting with domain must come before your domain name (website) and no employment check whether it. You can check this on the main page to choose a hosting company. When choosing domain name does not aspire to be too original, the domain name must be easy to remember, as a consonant (although not necessarily) with the main theme of the site to be determined in advance, and preferably short. That's all. More on this subject in the primary source of this note.