Ceviche Cooking Techniques

In the recipe for ceviche fish cooks in cold, or that never receives heat (oven or stovetop,) for example. This makes a cooking mode quite particular. It can serve as an input or as a main dish. Ingredients: 800 g grouper (a filet. Other white firm meat fish can be used.

Pollock, for example) limes 5 units ginger 14 g (once crushed will be approximately two tablespoons) (a bunch of leaves) 20 g coriander pepper 2 units 1/2 red onion unit preparation cut the ginger and the pepper brunoise (small cubes of 2 mm of side) and mix with the juice of limes. This juice may be prepared using a juicer or simply cutting limes to the middle and then flowing with the help of a fork. Adicionarl chopped cilantro and set aside. Cut the grouper bites of about 1 or 2 cm thick. If prepared with larger pieces the central part will be crude, and is not what is being sought. Mix the fish with the game previously prepared and add salt. This preparation Let stand at least 20 minutes before serving.

Meanwhile, ciselar onions and wash with water and salt. This involves placing it in a container, salt and cover with water. Let it stand for a few minutes, drain and repeat the procedure two or three times. In this way the onion will remain tasty but much less strong. Add onion to the rest of the preparation just before serving. Traditionally, this dish can be accompanied with corn or boiled sweet potato, sweet potato, salt field (Andean corn) or weeds (algae).