Book Commercial

In December 2007 Martin Scorsese made a commercial for the brand Freixnet, a company that decided to leave the singing offseason to develop a new advertising strategy: inviting renowned filmmakers to submit a personal vision and renewed on your product. The key to reserve was the title of the commercial and even enjoyed some popularity IMDb incorporated it as a short film in the filmography of director. The attention fell on the short-motivated thinking and bordering the intimate relationship between the audiovisual and cinema advertising. Is known that a significant number of advertisers have technical studies related to film or have a broad interest in film.Just as it is important to study and determine how similar or advertising uses techniques from the film, there are close on the procedures used to elicit emotion and meaning of a specific reality, in this case, product, service or idea. In addition, the order of business tasks to artists is not unique to contemporary times, as in history have been seen numerous cases of advertising works were later attributed his aesthetic and artistic (one example here ). Scorsese for his part presented a tribute to Hitchcock, not just personal opinion but to give the product of the clasisidad and elegance with which the director drew his tales of suspense.The commercial here: Freixenet – The Key To Reserva Uploaded by tvspot – PD