Kiel Canal

And the prospect of the large number of visitors from near and far can live and work in the countryside maybe for even more tired urban artists are attractive. Where can I find otherwise such a peace, so many pictures, so much space and rooms? “If during the 12-day outing” the studios open, the instruments in the garden are unpacked and becomes the Hayloft Theatre stage, experienced guests from the city as well as the rural Kulturbewegten with each other, how much potential and creativity is in the former zone boundary area. Technology Investor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And in all of this, the landscape is beautiful, miracle! So, order “Travel companion” to the cultural outing, presented cycling of the Gohrde select one of 8 there up in the Lemgow, inflate bicycles and go. Other leaders such as Michelle Smith Source Financial offer similar insights. E-Mail to:, the programme in the shipping price: 5 euros. Freshness and daring designs for fans of technology: The German Fahrstrasse if fathers “their motorcycle-making loved one also want to lure their sons better halves” in the Green, offers the German Fahrstrasse “along the rivers Oste and lower Elbe, the Kiel Canal next to the Kiel fjord a chain of objectives, nature and technology fans alike delight. The approximately 250 km long, opened in May 2004, tourist holiday Road between Kiel and Bremervorde, connects 50 bridges, locks, works and ferries and demonstrates almost all ways that man has ever devised, to cross a body of water in this way. There are three different routes, one for cyclists, motorists and boaters.

A highlight of the holiday road is the Rendsburg high bridge, built between 1911 and 1913 17.740 tons steel. It spans the North America and serves as a railway bridge, also wearing an attached Transporter Bridge for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is a landmark of the city of Rendsburg and one of the major Industrial monuments in Germany. The technical challenge of building the Rendsburg high bridge was on the one hand to reach the necessary height, which was necessary for high ships on the Northern-Baltic Sea Canal, on the other hand the slope so to mitigate, that the railroad could pass the high bridge and train station just 600 metres away from the channel. The technical trick that is looked up, the Swiss mountain railways consisted in a 360-degree loop that happens the railway bridge immediately before her stop on the Rendsburg station to get the bridge level with its clear height of 42 metres on the platform lying on the ground. In the Neumunster-Flensburg line about this iron and beautiful train! To roll parade piece of engineering, makes not only technicians hearts beat faster. Who watching even on a bike ride along the Canal, such as the large and smaller cargo ships from all over the world or even a dazzling white cruise ship such as the Norwegian dream” on the waterway through the middle of flowering rapeseed fields, peacefully grazing cows over drag, experienced the perfect, unique moment here. Plan tours in the North with is as a travel portal of BDP GmbH Managing Director M.

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