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The risk of not fulfilling the LOPD can seem nonexistent in a company small median or, the problem arrives when an employee, an ex- employee, an annoying client or even any competitor, denounces that breach. The Spanish Agency of Protection of Data would realise the pertinent inspection in its company and would arrive the problems. The procedures of inspection on the part of the Agency of Protection of Data can begin of two forms: 1. First via of action it is the own Agency that acts of office to inspect those sectors that internamente determine. The SMEs can be calm because at the moment they are not going to be inspected by this route.

2. Second via of action it is through Denuncias of the own ones interested or Associations that defend concrete interests of their associates. This second way is the one that can affect completely the SMEs and the one that the true Risk supposes that the cycle of inspection-sanction by breach of the LOPD or the LSSI begins. The size of the company does not matter at the time of being sanctioned, the sanctioning amounts are equal for a multinational company that stops a small company. The difference is, that the multinational probably it can pay for that sanction, but, the small one surely cannot confront it. Why to adapt? It is obligatory. In order to avoid errors and to prevent its serious consequences.

The bottom of more important commerce of the company is protected: The clients. The more conscious consumers are every day of their rights. To avoid inspection and sanctions, for example, coming from: 1. Inadequately to deal with the data (listed commercial in the sweepings) or robbery data of the company (commercial department). 2. Lack of protection by an external organization to the company. 3. Denunciations of clients or competitors. 4. Pressure of groups and workers. Not to adapt itself can suppose 600,000 fines from 600 to. If it does not want to run the risk of paying unnecessary fines (from 600 to 601,012 ) by the breach of LOPD in its company it takes advantage of the supply that Institute of Leadership, Management & Technology Innovations makes its available! In I.L.M& T.I we were in charge to assure that its company fulfills all the necessary requirements for the LOPD fulfillment of a very simple way and to a unique price. It is arranged to run the risk of having to pay those so high sanctions? It creates confidence with its clients.Our control will allow him to know basic and the most important thing to guarantee the protection of data in its organization. Institute of Leadership, Management and Technology Innovations.