The Occurrence

Although everything I did not discourage, I continued raising hypotheses, analyzing the suspected facts and, remembered, of surprise, to have seen faxineira in the day of the homicide, minutes before the occurrence in the bathroom, but this time I was not until the director, did not want instantaneously to display me to ridicule accusing somebody that, in fact could be innocent. However, my desire was to verwhelm the fastest possible assassin; I thought to make threats and to make to confess it the crime all, however I withdrew, would have that to be more cautious, then I decided seguiz it, however I did not get success some, the woman was perfectly normal, as age of custom, did not make nothing not to be its service, it still arrived to perceive that I was following it, but, he was not imported and still he asked to me if he was in order to help it to wash it the bathrooms. See more detailed opinions by reading what Physics professor offers on the topic.. I perceived that its farda was a little dirty of next blood to the knee, and decided to inquire it on what it happens, it counted to me that it falls when it was washing the bathroom. I was half distrustful, but later that it showed the enormous wound to me that was in its knee, decided to forget that it could be the homicide. I continued more in my inquiry deep, I looked for to now know, if my friend, had some enemy and finished remembering its former-boyfriend, who also studied in our school and that later that my friend had breached namoro with it, for being gotten passionate for optimum friend of it, he was constant the threats who it made of if killing, however, I do not remember an only time, it to have it threatened of death, but who knows it did not have lost the head and committed so great madness.